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CS2 (CSGO) Best Molotovs on Overpass

Overpass has been out in CS2 (CSGO) for a very long time, so as a CS2 (CSGO) player, it's important to know some of the most useful molotov lineups on the map!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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CS2 (CSGO) Best Molotovs on Overpass

Overpass has remained in the Competitive Map Pool for an extended period of time already, so this map is definitely a map that any aspiring player should master. In order to master the map, a handful of useful molotov lineups will certainly help any player add Overpass to their map pool. Here are some of the best molotovs you can use on Overpass!

Terrorist Side Molotovs

The T side on Overpass is known to be relatively weak, so here are some molotovs that can make your Terrorist side gameplay more favorable than before.

A Site Molotovs

Check out some cool molotov lineups you can use on the A site, including useful post-plant molotovs.

Truck Molotov

For this Truck molotov, you'll have to clear out A Long so you won't get shot while you're performing the lineup for this molotov. Once you've cleared out Long, you can begin the lineup.

Look for the sheet of paper in the middle of the board, then look downwards and line yourself up in between these two small tiles shown in the video. Next, look right, then upwards where you'll notice railings on the top of the wall next to you.

Aim your crosshair on the tip of this railing post, then prepare to walk and throw your molotov. Start shift walking with your molotov out, then throw it when you've walked halfway through the post. 

Post-Plant Molotov

For this molotov lineup, you'll have to plant the bomb on the Default position, which is right behind the two boxes in the middle of the site. After planting, play in the Toilets area as that's where you'll throw the molotov from.

Stand on the right side behind the exit as shown in the video. When playing on this specific angle, you'll notice a small vertical line poking out of the top of the white building. Aim at the tip of the line and move your crosshair to the right, along the horizontal line that the electrical wires make.

Once you've found the correct location, run and throw your molotov. The molotov will bounce off of the left wall and land directly on Default. Be sure to practice this molotov in a private server before taking it into matchmaking.

A Short Molotov

Here's a cool molotov that you can throw from fountain to A Short. A Short is a common angle for AWPers to hold in, so throwing this molotov can help you get out to A Short safely.

Jump on to the fountain, then face toward the A Short area. There, you'll notice a lot of leaves directly in front of you. Aim for the tip of these leaves shown in the video. 

Once you've aimed at the correct position, all you have to do is to throw your molotov normally. This molotov can be thrown from a really safe angle, but make sure one of your teammates are holding the angle so you don't get pushed by any CTs while throwing the molotov.

B Site Molotovs

Here are some useful molotovs that can help Terrorists take the B site and defend the plant with some post-plant molotovs.

Barrels Molotov

The Barrels position is an incredibly common angle that CTs play in, so throwing a molotov directly on the position can only do good for the Terrorist side. Here's how you can do it.

From Connector, open the squeaky door as you'll be throwing the molotov from inside Connector. Bump yourself into this corner next to the stairway, then face forward and look at the "EXIT" sign on top of the door. 

Aim your crosshair on the bottom of the letter "I" and prepare to run and throw your molotov. Run until your crosshair is about to go below the top of the doorway, then throw your molotov.

Post-Plant Molotov

Just like the A site, a post-plant molotov can also be thrown for the B site. This means that your team should plant the bomb on the Default plant position on B site.

For this molotov, you'll need to make sure that you have good control over Water, as you'll be throwing the molotov from there. Jump on top of the wooden planks as shown in the video, and bump yourself into the corner.

Look for this bottom left corner under the train track, then prepare to slightly run and throw your molotov. Do a short run and throw your molotov after. The molotov will land on the plant position, preventing any defuses.

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

Now that we've covered five awesome molotovs on the T side, we'll move on to the CT side now. Here are some more useful molotovs that you can bring into your matchmaking games.

A Site Molotovs

Here is an excellent molotov lineup that you can use to deny the Default plant on A site.

Default Plant Molotov

The default plant molotov for the A site can be thrown from a really safe position, so make sure you learn this molotov as it'll help you out greatly in your games.

From the back of A, look for this railing at the top of the staircase. Line yourself up with this vertical railing post. Next, look toward the A bomb site, where you'll notice a white and gray building with a crane on top of it. 

Using the building, aim for the top right corner of the building's roof. Once everything is set up correctly, simply throw your molotov normally. The molotov will force the planter to get off the bomb, assuming that they are planting on Default.

Middle Molotovs

Terrorists like to apply early aggression early into rounds by going out to the Playground and Fountain area. Here's a molotov that can help you slow down the push and maybe get some early damage.

Early Round Molotov

For this molotov, make your way onto the bench that is right next to the "WC" sign. You'll have to jump on top of the bench for this molotov lineup, as shown in the video. 

Next, look for this particular dot and line on the wall. You will be aiming your crosshair in between the dot and line. This lineup will require some precision, so you will have to aim your crosshair carefully. 

Now, you will need to prepare to run and jump throw. Perform a short run and then proceed to jump throw the molotov. This is a difficult lineup, so make sure to practice it a few times in a private server.

B Site Molotovs

Last but not least, here are some easy, yet effective molotovs that you can use to defend the B site from Terrorists.

B Tunnel Molotov

Terrorists love showing early aggression on the Water area, and one of the ways to get there is through the B Tunnels. Use this molotov to slow down any early aggression and defend map control.

You'll have to be positioned at the back of B site for this molotov. Look for the area where the shadow and light meets, and stand on top of the corner of this tile.

Next, face toward Water, where you'll see floors of an apartment building. Look for the balcony of the second floor visible to you. Aim for the top right corner of the balcony, then throw your molotov normally.

Default Plant Molotov

From the same area of the previous molotov, you can actually cancel out any Default plants using this quick and easy molotov. Let's check out how you can do it.

In between the A site sign and the door, you'll notice a gray line. Line yourself up with the middle of this gray line, then face toward the B bomb site and move your crosshair upwards.

Look for this little corner under the train track, as shown in the video. When everything is ready, the final step is to simply throw your molotov normally. This is a very useful molotov that can help you deny Default plants from the Terrorist side.

That concludes it for the best molotovs that you can use on the map Overpass. If you're looking to learn more molotovs and increase your map pool, check out our articles on the best molotovs on Dust 2, Cache, and Inferno!

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