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Best Molotovs on Dust 2

Dust II is undoubtedly Counter-Strike's most popular map. Learn some of the best molotovs on this map so Dust II won't be a stranger to you!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Best Molotovs on Dust 2

Dust II is the most iconic map in the entire Counter-Strike franchise, and for good reason. That makes it important for CS2 (CSGO) players to know the ins-and-outs of this particular map. One way to start is to learn a handful of useful molotovs that you can use on both the Terrorist, and Counter-Terrorist side. In this article, we'll teach you the best molotovs you can use on the map Dust II!

Terrorist Side Molotovs

Dust II is known to be slightly Terrorist sided, but using molotovs to clear out common angles can definitely help you out. Make sure to memorize some of these T-side molotovs to boost your win rate on the offensive side! 

A Site Molotovs

Here are two molotovs that Terrorists can make use of if they're trying to hit the A bomb site.

Car Molotov

The car at A Long is a common position that Counter Terrorists like to hold from, as it provides decent cover and offers an element of surprise. So, throwing a molotov there for good measure won't hurt.

Once you're out A Long, jump on top of the barrel next to the Long Doors, and bump yourself into the corner shown in the video. Next face towards the Car area, then look towards the door directly in front of you. Aim slightly above the door knob

Once you've aimed at the correct location, jump throw your molotov, and the grenade will land perfectly on the right side of Car, which is the most common angle CTs play in.

Site Molotov

This next molotov can be thrown for A Short, and will land on the Default A Site position. This molotov will help you force any CT playing from the A site, forcing them to reposition or take an aim fight under fire.

First off, you'll need control over the A Short area, as you will be standing on the stairway for this particular lineup. Hug the left side of the wall, then look at the leaves on top of this tree shown in the video. Aim below the general area of where the two tallest leaves meet.

To throw this molotov, you will need to run and throw. When you're running, throw the molotov when your crosshair is about to reach the tip of the leaves. The molotov bounces off the wall and lands perfectly on the A Site.

Mid Molotovs

The Middle area in Dust II is quite important, so here's a molotov that will definitely help you out with controlling the area.

Mid Doors Molotov

Check out this molotov that will help you clear out the right side of Mid Doors, which is a common position for enemy players to play in.

To throw the Mid Doors molotov, you will need to bump yourself into this corner of X Box. Then, face upwards, then slightly to the left. You will immediately notice a line on the wall, which can be seen right on top of X Box. Aim your crosshair to the lowest point of this line on the wall.

Once you have aimed at the correct position, all you need to do is throw your molotov normally. The molotov will bounce off of the left wall and land directly on the right side of Mid Doors.

B Site Molotovs

The infamous B Site on Dust II is actually quite difficult to hit, as Terrorists only have narrow pathways into the site. Here are some molotovs to help you enter the site with ease.

Platform Molotov

The Platform at the back of the B Site is an incredibly popular angle for CTs to play in, especially when they're using the AWP. Clear out this angle for an easier time on the B Site.

For the Platform molotov, you will need to do a Mid to B execute. Make your way onto the corner on top of the B Boxes outside of the bomb site, and make sure you're bumped all the way in. Next, look for this bottom right corner from the lines on the door. 

Finally, you'll need to execute a jump throw for this molotov. The molotov will land perfectly on Platform and force anyone there to smoke it off or reposition. Make sure to strike during the molotov's bloom.

Fence Molotov

If you're a classis "Rush B No Stop" type of guy, then this molotov will definitely help you out if you're looking to run out of B Tunnels quickly, as this molotov will be used to burn the Fence area.

 For this lineup, make your way towards this corner inside Upper Tunnels. Next, face forward and aim on the general area of this lighter side of the wall, and make sure you are aiming somewhere around head level.

Next, you will be running and throwing this molotov, so be ready for that.  Once you hold W, your crosshair will be slightly repositioned, but that's alright. Just keep your crosshair still, then throw your molotov while you're still running. 

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

Now that we've learned some useful molotovs on the Terrorist side, it wont hurt to learn some good ones on the Counter-Terrorist side too! Here are some of the best molotovs for your CT side.

A Site Molotovs

The A Site can be quite tricky to defend if Terrorists are swarming you from two sides, so here are some lineups that can help you slow down pushes and prepare for a hold.

Long Molotov

Terrorists love to rush out A Long early into the rounds, so throwing a molotov to slow it down can be ideal in most situations.

For this molotov, aim your crosshair below this blue circle with a picture of a telephone on top of it. To throw this particular lineup, you'll have to look at the wall, run to the left without moving your crosshair, then throw it.

You will throw this molotov when you have just passed the wall, and as soon as the blue box in front of you is finally visible. This molotov will take lots of practice but is an incredibly effective one.

Short Molotov

This next molotov can be used to slow down A Short pushes, and will be thrown all the way from A Ramp.

At A Ramp, bump yourself into this corner by the boxes. Next, look towards the direction of A Short. You'll notice a small corner of the building. Aim your crosshair slightly outside of this corner.

Once everything is set up, simply throw your molotov normally. This molotov will bounce off the wall and land directly at A Short.

Mid Molotovs

Here's a useful X Box molotov lineup that you can use to control Mid as a Counter-Terrorist.

X Box Molotov

Since there is usually a lot of activity going around near the X Box area, throwing a molotov on the box itself could be a good thing to do.

For this lineup, go to this corner on the left side of Mid Doors, this lineup can be thrown from a very safe position. Next, look upwards all the way above the Mid Doors. You will notice a little dot on the wall above the doors. Aim your crosshair there.

Finally, do a normal throw of your molotov. The grenade will bounce off the right wall and land on top of X Box, slowing down any Terrorists there.

B Site Molotovs

Finally, we'll cover B Site molotovs for the CT side. Since throwing molotovs on the site itself is pretty straightforward, we'll be showing you some useful molotovs for stalling and retaking the site.

Tunnel Molotov

Here's a cool Tunnel Molotov that you can throw early into the round to prevent B rushes, or you can also use it to retake the site in some situations.

First off, position yourself in the corner of the scaffolding in front of B Window, then look towards the direction of Tunnels. Next, aim for the tip on top of this particular stone detail on top of the wall

The last step is to throw your molotov normally. The molotov will land perfectly on the Tunnel's entrance to the B bomb site. 

Under Window Retake Molotov

The last molotov will be an interesting Under Window molotov that you can make use of when retaking the B site. 

To do this lineup, bump yourself into this corner next to B Window. Then, look behind you where the scaffolding is located. The plank on top will make a horizontal line, and we'll be using the right half of this line.

Aim for the middle of the right half, then perform a jump throw with your molotov. This molotov will force out a common spot that Terrorists like to play in. 

That will be it for the best molotov lineups on Dust II. For more molotov lineup articles, check out our ones on Overpass, Cache, and Nuke!

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