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CS2 (CSGO) Best Molotovs on Vertigo

Vertigo is an interesting CS2 (CSGO) map that has started to gain popularity. Check out some useful molotovs that will help you make your way around this map!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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CS2 (CSGO) Best Molotovs on Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the newer additions to the Competitive Map Pool, and players are still trying to get used to the map. The best way to maximize your knowledge on the map Vertigo is to have some handy grenade lineups up your sleeve, and molotovs are definitely ones that you should prepare yourself with. This article will teach you the best molotovs on Vertigo that you can use on both the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist side!

Terrorist Side Molotovs

Though Vertigo is a rather balanced map, knowing some molotovs that can force CTs out of common positions can really help boost your chances of picking up rounds on the Terrorist side. Here are the best molotovs that you should know.

A Site Molotovs

The A Site can be quite tricky to attack sometimes, so use these effective molotovs to clear our specific common angles!

Sandbag Molotov

Sandbag is probably the most used position that CTs often abuse in all of Vertigo, so it won't hurt to throw a molotov and force any player playing there to run away out in the open.

While standing on the bottom of A Ramp, look for this particular line in between these two tubes. The first step to this lineup is locate the top right corner of this lone stone plank on the floor. The second step is to look for the top right corner of the second stone plank on the left. Find the midpoint of these two corners and aim your crosshair there.

When you're finally aiming at the correct position, throw your molotov normally, and this molotov will land perfectly on the Sandbags area.

Boost Spot Molotov

The Boost Spot on the A site is a very common angle that Counter-Terrorists love to hold, as it allows them to see a lot of area and provides them with decent cover.

To throw this molotov, you'll first need firm control over the A Ramp area where the previous molotov comes in handy. In the A Ramp area, look for the part where the bottom of the wooden ramp meets this brick, and push yourself until you're touching the wall. Next, look for the two corners shown in the video, then look for the middle point of where these two corners meet.

The grenade crosshair bind can be very useful for this particular lineup, so make sure to use it for a high success rate. Once everything is lined up correctly, throw your molotov normally.

Middle Molotovs

The Middle area is quite important to find round wins on Vertigo. Check out some molotovs that will help you out!

Mid Aggression Molotov

One of the best ways to control mid on the CT side is to show early aggression by pushing. Prevent any early pushes or aggression using this molotov.

Outside of mid, look for this dot on the right side of this wall and stand right next to it. Next, you will need to aim at the general area of this line that can be seen outside of the unfinished roof directly in front of you. 

The last step is to simply throw your molotov normally. This molotov will prevent CTs from rushing into you in the early phases of the round.

Mid Sandbags Molotov

The Sandbags in mid is yet another common position that CTs will often hold, especially with the AWP. Use this molotov to get them out of that angle.

Once you've made it out Mid as a Terrorist, look for the corner with this large pole, and bump yourself all the way into this particular corner. Look towards the direction of Sandbags, and face upwards. You'll notice a diagonal line which acts as the roof support. In this roof support, a vertical line is noticable.

Aim your crosshair on this vertical line, and do a normal throw of your molotov. The molotov will perfectly cover the entire Mid Sandbags area.

B Site Molotovs

Now we'll be showing you some of the best molotovs that you can use for the B bomb site. 

Default Molotov

This molotov will help you clear out the Default plant position on the B site, which can be used to both taking the site or defending the bomb.

At B Stairs, look for this large box and line yourself in front of the arrow that is drawn on the box. Next, look up towards the unfinished roof. There, you'll be able to see the text "GL" written on it. Aim on the area between the two letters, then throw your molotov normally. 

This molotov will land right next to the B Default plant position where CTs love to hold with AWPs. 

Corner Molotov

This particular corner on the B Site is a risky angle, but still a common one that CTs love to use. 

To molly out this angle, find yourself under the B Stairs, where you'll climb up the rope barrier as shown in the video. Once you've stood in the correct position, face the B bomb site, where you'll notice a small gap between the white box and the railing

Aim your crosshair on this specific gap, then throw your molotov normally. This molotov lands perfectly in the corner and forces anyone playing there to leave.

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

Now we'll get into the molotovs that you can use on the Counter-Terrorist side that will help you prevent rushes from the T side easily. 

A Site Molotovs

The A Site can be quite tricky to hold, as Terrorists can quickly rush you from two sides. Here are some molotovs that will help you out. 

Ramp Molotov 

Check out this molotov that will help you slow down early A Ramp aggression!

First, bump yourself into this corner that is under the big crane. Next, look upwards, where you'll notice that there is a floor surrounding the ladder. We will be focusing on the right hand side of this floor.

Aim for the middle of this area, and throw your molotov normally. The molotov will bounce all the way down to A Ramp and do the job.

Lane Molotov

This molotov will cover the entire Lane area, slowing down any rushes from the T side.

Near the Elevator area, look for this stain on the wall, and line yourself up with it. Next, when you look towards the Lane area, you'll notice a square hole on the top of the wall. Aim your crosshair in the middle of the square.

Once you have aimed correctly, you will once again throw your molotov normally. This molotov entirely covers the tight area that is A Lane. 

Mid Molotovs

Check out these molotovs for middle that will help you control Mid early into the round!

Default Mid Molotov

Here is a molotov that you can immediately throw when the round starts.

From CT Spawn, remember this particular tube shown in the video, as you will need to aim on this line. When you're running out Middle, keep your crosshair aimed at this line and keep running forward.

Once you feel like you're close enough, throw your molotov while running. The molotov will bounce off of the wall and land on Default Mid.

Deeper Mid Molotov

Though the previous molotov works well, you can also throw an even deeper one if you feel like you have the time to do so.

If you are able to stand deeper into the Middle of the map, then look for this diagonal part of the wall. You won't need to stand and aim at any precise location, as you just need to be standing and aiming at the general area

Once you think you've got it, run and throw your molotov. The molotov will bounce off the wall and land deep into T Mid.

B Site Molotovs

Since throwing molotovs on B site will not require any complicated or specific lineups, we will only show you one molotov that will be worth your time. 

Default Retake Molotov

This molotov can be really helpful in retake situations, especially if you're trying to delay the plant on Default. 

At CT Spawn, look for this pillar and line yourself up with the left side of it. Next, face towards the bomb site. You'll notice lots of lines poking out, and you'll need to aim at the tip of this specific line shown in the video. This lineup may require some practice before applying in a real competitive match.

When you think you've aimed correctly, throw your molotov normally. This molotov will cover the entire Default plant area on the B site. 

And there you have it! These are the most useful and easy molotov lineups that you can learn for the map Vertigo! If you're looking to learn more molotovs on other Active Duty maps, consider checking out our articles on Mirage, Inferno, and Overpass!

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