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CS2 (CSGO) Best Molotovs on Mirage

Mirage is one of the CS2 (CSGO) maps that remain unchanged, so here are some molotovs that you can make use of in your matchmaking games!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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CS2 (CSGO) Best Molotovs on Mirage

Mirage is a Competitive Map in CS2 (CSGO) that is yet to receive a rework, so there's no excuse for you to not know any molotov lineups. Utility usage in the map Mirage is essential, so in this article, we'll be showcasing ten very useful molotovs that you can use on both the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist side.

Terrorist Side Molotovs

The Terrorist side on Mirage can be quite tricky to play, as Counter-Terrorists have lots of room to find good positions on both bomb sites. Here are five molotov lineups you can use to clear common angles.

A Site Molotovs

First off, we'll be showing you molotov lineups for the A bomb site on Mirage.

Sandwich Molotov

Here's a molotov you can throw from T Spawn all the way to Sandwich. It is preferred that you have a teammate in Palace ready to peek off of this molotov.

First off, climb up to this spot in front of A Ramp, then line yourself up with this line in between the two tiles, under the shadow of the building. Next, face toward the Sandwich area. 

You'll notice a visible dot on the top of this wall. Aim your crosshair on this dot, then move slightly to the left, following the diagonal line that the wall has. Then, throw your molotov normally.

Stairs Molotov

Stairs is a very common position for CTs to play in. Make sure you have a teammate covering for you while you set up this molotov. 

In A Ramp, look for this line in between these two tiles, shown in the video. Throughout this entire molotov lineup, you will have to stay crouched. The next step is to look up, facing the direction of Stairs.

You will notice a small wooden line poking out on the top of the wall. Aim for the first wooden line, then move your crosshair slightly to the left. Finally, throw your molotov normally while remaining crouched.

Under Palace Molotov

Under Palace is a really tough angle to clear out with your own body, so using a molotov to help you out will help a bunch. Make sure you have a teammate playing Ramp to peek off of this molotov.

In Palace, head over to the middle pillar, then line yourself up with this line on the floor. Then, look toward the corner of the wall in front of you.

Aim for the top right corner, as shown in the video. Next, prepare to run and throw your molotov. Run up until you've passed the right side wall, then finally throw your molotov.

B Site Molotovs

Up next, we'll be showing you two molotovs to help you delay CTs from the Market area. For both molotovs, you will need to be positioned in Van, so make sure you apply any means necessary to get there safely.

Market Door Molotov

Market Door is a common angle where CTs like to push in order to prevent any B Site executes. Throw this molotov to delay any pushes and get the bomb down.

First, bump yourself into this corner next to the blue barrel. Then, face forward, where you'll see leaves of a tree right on top of the Van. 

Aim your crosshair at the point where the two leaves on the right meet, forming a right angle. Finally, all you have to do is to throw your molotov normally. This molotov will buy your teammates some time to pick good post plant positions.

Market Window Molotov

On the same exact position of the previous molotov lineup, you can also decide to throw a molotov onto Market Window instead. 

Like the previous lineup, you will have to make your way to Van and bump yourself into the corner by the blue barrel. This time, look more to the left toward the Market Window area.

On top of the pink building, you'll notice a dish antenna sticking out. Aim your crosshair at the tip of the dish antenna, then throw your molotov normally. The molotov completely covers the Market Window angle, allowing your teammates to have a few seconds to position themselves correctly and get the plant.

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

The Counter-Terrorist side on Mirage is arguably easier to play than the Terrorist side, but some molotov lineups will definitely make your life much easier.

A Site Molotovs

Here are three awesome molotvs you can use to hold down the A bomb site and prevent early aggression.

Ramp Molotov

Terrorist players often like to rush out Ramp and catch CTs by surprise, so here's a molotov that can slow the A Ramp push down. 

At Jungle, look for this corner of the wall, then bump yourself into the corner. Once you face toward A Ramp, you'll notice wooden lines sticking out of the wall on your left hand side, similar to the Stairs Molotov we covered earlier.

Since there are a few wooden lines, we will be focusing on the furthest one. Aim your crosshair directly in the middle of this wooden line, then throw your molotov normally.

Tetris Molotov

Using the same exact position of the previous Ramp molotov, we can also throw a molotov that will land on Tetris. 

If you're too late to molotov A Ramp and the Terrorists have already made it to Tetris, throw this molotov instead. We will be using the exact same wooden line for the previous lineup, but instead, we will move our crosshair slightly downwards.

Once you have aimed your crosshair lower, all you have to do is to throw your molotov normally. This lineup position is very flexible as it allows you to have two options of molotovs to throw.

Default Retake Molotov

If the Terrorists make it to the site, here's a molotov that you can throw from Middle that will land on Default. You can cancel out the plant or force any Terrorist off from the angle if the bomb has been planted already.

In Connector, stand in front of this line on the right side. The first step of this lineup is to look for this vertical line on the wall. Next, you will use this line and move your crosshair upwards until it has reached the top of the entrance.

The grenade crosshair bind can be really useful to line it up precisely. Once you have gotten the lineup correctly, you will have to run and throw your molotov.

B Site Molotovs

Our last section for this article will cover CT side molotovs that you can throw on the B bomb site.

Apartments Molotov

Here's a safe molotov you can throw from Market Door all the way to Apartments. Very useful to delay any fast B rushes.

Right in front of Market Door, you will be able to spot a trash bin. Bump yourself into the corner of the trash bin with the wall. Then, make sure to stay crouched for the entire lineup.

Next, look at the top of the wall in front of you. You'll notice a small vertical line next to the green blanket on the top. Aim your crosshair in the area between the line and the green blanket, then throw your molotov while staying crouched.

Default Plant Molotov

Our last molotov will be a lineup for the Default plant position on the B bomb site. You can use this to delay the plant if Terrorists have made it in to the site.

For this lineup, you will need to be positioned in Market. Look for this white line, and the left corner of the shelf. You will stand on the position where these two points meet. 

Next, aim your crosshair on the green blanket which is visible on top of the shelf. Finally, you will need to run and throw your molotov. The molotov bounces off of the wall and lands perfectly on Default.

That concludes it for ten useful molotovs on Mirage! If you're looking to add in Mirage to your map pool, consider checking out our article on the best smokes on Mirage. For other molotov articles on different maps, have a read of our articles on the best molotovs on Vertigo and Overpass!

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