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Best FPS Performance Commands CS2 (CSGO)

Want to improve your computer’s performance in CS2 (CSGO) to make your game look much smoother? Have a quick read of this article to find out how!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Best FPS Performance Commands CS2 (CSGO)

In order to get lots of kills and improve your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skills in general, players will need to be able to play the game smoothly without having performance drops. The amount of FPS that players get is incredibly crucial, as more FPS equals higher computer performance. This article will teach you some quick methods to increase your FPS performance in CS2 (CSGO)!

Best Performance Commands CS2 (CSGO)

Here are the best performance console commands that can give you a much needed FPS boost. Keep in mind that these commands need to be placed into the console. If you are unfamiliar with how to enable the developer console, check out our article on our guide to the console.

net_graph 1

Net_graph is a command that will display your FPS. This can be a very useful command to track performance increases or drops so that you can be aware of which commands are helpful or not.


fps_max 0

This FPS command allows you to set the maximum FPS for your game. Setting the value to "0" will mean that you are setting the maximum FPS to "unlimited", so that you are able to get the maximum number of FPS possible. However, some players might set it to a fixed number to avoid FPS drops, jumps, and inconsistency.

r_drawparticles 0

This command is used to disable engine particles in CS2 (CSGO). Particles are small details that make the game look more detailed and realistic, but they take up performance at the same time. Since particles aren’t incredibly important gameplay-wise, turning particles off in exchange for a slight FPS boost could be a really good choice.

func_break_max_pieces 0

This command is used to remove very small objects from the screen. Most players don’t even recognize this detail, as it is really small. Turning off this command will take some load off of the computer and can result in a slight FPS boost on most computers.

cl_disable_ragdolls 1

This command will disable ragdolls in your game. Ragdolls are replacements for the player model’s static death animations. Ragdolls are really not important in CS2 (CSGO), so it is recommended to disable them in order to get more FPS.


cl_downloadfilter nosounds

The downloading of sound files such as music kits can cause performance problems and freeze your game. This command will disable downloads of sound files, which can make your game smoother. However, if you are a fan of music kits and such, keeping the command on can still be a good option, as there is only a small FPS difference between having the command on or off.

r_drawtracers_firstperson 0

Light tracers come out of weapons when players spray their weapons. These tracers can be incredibly annoying and can be a distraction for many players as well. This is why most players enable this command as it also gives them a good FPS boost.

muzzleflash_light 0

In CS2 (CSGO), muzzles emit flashing lights. This can be a bothersome visual feature for most players, since unnecessary flashes of light can hurt certain players' eyes or simply be disruptive. It is recommended to turn it off as it can result in a boost in FPS.

r_eyemove 0

This command is used to remove some unnecessary movements from player models in the game. These movements can include things such as breathing and the movement of muscles of the player models, which do not really affect your gameplay. By removing some of these movements, players can gain a small FPS boost.


r_dynamic 0

This command is used to disable dynamic lighting in CS2 (CSGO). Dynamic lighting has to do with minor lighting details from bullets and effects from flashbangs. Though dynamic lighting can be a good detail, players still prefer to turn it off in exchange for more FPS.

mat_disable_bloom 1

CS2 (CSGO) includes some bloom effects from time to time. Some players enjoy the bloom detail, but it isn’t essential for actual gameplay. Turning off bloom effects can be a good option since it will make the game look simpler and help you gain more FPS.

cl_disablehtmlmotd 1

This command is useful to players who play on community servers. Community servers will tend to have a “Message of the Day”, which isn’t something that is that important, but may take up some of your computer's performance to display. Enabling this command will ensure that the “Message of the Day” will not be loaded and may result in a slight FPS boost.

cl_forcepreload 1

This command is used to preload the entire map and the sounds that are present on it. Though enabling this command may make you load into the game longer, it will boost your performance and FPS. An increase in performance happens since you won’t need to load the map and sounds anymore while you are in the game as they have been preloaded already.

mat_queue_mode 2

This console command will force your CPU to run CS2 (CSGO) in multi-threaded mode. The use of this console command is to adjust the threading mode that the CPU uses, and it is recommended to set the value of the command to “2” for performance increases.


Enabling this command can result in a huge boost in FPS for some CPUs only. This means that the command may not work for some CPUs. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always revert the command to default by typing the command: mat_queue_mode -1

For more useful commands such as these ones, we have an article on the most useful console commands that you can learn from.

How many FPS is good for CS2 (CSGO)?

Have you ever wondered how many FPS (Frames Per Second) players are playing on and what FPS you should aim for? Here is the answer to your question. If you’re having trouble seeing your FPS, check out our guide on how to show FPS.

Different FPS Ranges

0 to 30 FPS
This range of FPS is incredibly low and is not a suitable FPS range for playing CS2 (CSGO). The quality of the game will look extremely bad and lots of performance drops will occur.
30 to 60 FPS
Although this FPS range is not ideal, players can still play CS2 (CSGO) properly in it. The quality of the game won’t be amazing but will suffice. Performance drops may occur from time to time.
60 to 120 FPS
This range of FPS is great. The quality of the game will look decent and graphics settings can be turned up. FPS drops rarely occur, and players can play the game smoothly.
120 FPS and above
This range of FPS allows for incredibly good performance. Players can play CS2 (CSGO) with high graphics settings and experience no performance drops by doing so. The game will look incredibly smooth and clean.

How many FPS should I aim for?

Though players can play at different FPS levels, 60 to 120 FPS is considered a really good amount of FPS for playing CS2 (CSGO), as players can have decent video settings and play CS2 (CSGO) at a smooth level. Anything above 120 FPS will give you a huge advantage and will allow you to turn on higher graphics as well with almost no performance drops.

That concludes it for the best performance commands in CS2 (CSGO). Hopefully, these commands will help you get more FPS! There are more ways to increase your CS2 (CSGO) performance, such as lowering all of your video settings to the lowest options or using useful launch options that can help you increase your FPS. If you are interested in learning about these launch options, you can head over and have a read of it in our article!

If some of the commands featured in the article were not helpful or not to your liking, don’t worry, as the good thing about them is that they can easily be reverted. Simply re-type the commands with opposite values to reset them back to what they were before!

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