Top 10 MP7 Skins in CS2 [Ranked]

Discover the best MP7 skins in CS2, perfect for players who value versatility and style, with live pricing updates.


MP7 | Fade

More About Fade

The MP7 | Fade is like a burst of sunset in your hands—blending hot pinks and warm oranges on a sleek, shiny surface. This SMG is not just about high-impact in close-quarter battles, it's about making a vibrant splash on the battlefield. It's no surprise this skin makes our list of top MP7 picks; its eye-catching fade effect stands out, ensuring your style is as lethal as your aim. A true showstopper from The 2018 Inferno Collection, the Fade demands attention and respect.

Factory New

MP7 | Abyssal Apparition

More About Abyssal Apparition

Dive into the depths of despair with the MP7 | Abyssal Apparition, a skin that paints a chilling picture of lost souls plunging into darkness. It’s no surprise this eerie and boldly colored SMG has fought its way onto our list of must-haves. Its ghostly design with splashes of fiery oranges and haunting blues is a hit for those who want their firepower wrapped in a tale of terror.


MP7 | Skulls

More About Skulls

The MP7 | Skulls is a bone-chilling design that splashes a pattern of skulls across the body of this killer SMG. The black and red accents pop against a backdrop of terror, giving the weapon a vibe that's both morbid and stylish. It stands out as a must-have for collectors who value designs that pack a visual punch. That's why it's clawed its way into our roundup of top MP7 skins – because sometimes, the best offense is a good horror show in your hands.


MP7 | Nemesis

More About Nemesis

When you equip the MP7 | Nemesis, you're not just holding a run-of-the-mill SMG, you're unleashing a metallic beast onto the battlefield. The mix of slick black and striking yellow gives it a fearsome look, topped off with a monster that seems ready to jump out at your foes. It's no surprise this skin is a top pick for our list of most badass MP7 skins in CS2.


MP7 | Whiteout

More About Whiteout

The MP7 | Whiteout cuts through the noise with its clean, crisp all-white coating. Its simplicity makes it an absolute eye-catcher on the battlefield. It's no wonder this clean look has landed it on our list of top MP7 skins. The Whiteout is a fan favorite for players who appreciate a minimalist yet bold aesthetic.

Factory New

MP7 | Neon Ply

More About Neon Ply

The MP7 | Neon Ply brings a wild pop of color to the fray with its laminated neon design. It's like a rave on a gun, mixing every shade under the sun to make your SMG stand out. Its place on our list of top MP7 skins is a no-brainer; the vibrant, eye-catching pattern makes it a favorite among players looking to make a splash in CS2's style game.

Factory New

MP7 | Full Stop

More About Full Stop

When you take the MP7 | Full Stop into the fray, you're not just carrying a reliable SMG — you're flashing a piece of art. Its bold VariCamo pattern mixes shades of red and brown, giving it a gritty, urban look that screams street combat readiness. There's no questioning why it's among the coolest skins for the MP7; it's got style and an aesthetic that can make a statement in any match. It's not just a skin, it's a warrior's choice from The Chop Shop Collection.


MP7 | Teal Blossom

More About Teal Blossom

The MP7 | Teal Blossom brings a bit of nature's touch to the battlefield with its cool teal and vivid green color combo. Featuring a pattern of rose buds in shades of green and orange, this skin adds a unique and fresh look to your SMG lineup. It's no wonder this piece from The St. Marc Collection has made our list of top MP7 skins. It's not just a weapon skin, it's a statement of style that'll make your opponents envious as you rack up the frags in CS2.

Factory New

MP7 | Gunsmoke

More About Gunsmoke

The MP7 | Gunsmoke brings an old-school vibe that's hard to ignore. Its hydrographic of a gel pen doodle plays with a mix of smoky gray tones, giving your SMG a mysterious and gritty look on the battlefield. Landing on our list of top MP7 skins, Gunsmoke's unique pattern offers a stark contrast to the usual flashy skins, making it a standout choice for players who appreciate a more understated cool.

Factory New

MP7 | Scorched

More About Scorched

The MP7 | Scorched brings a raw, burnt vibe to your firefight with its sun-dappled spray-paint pattern. Its design mimics the unpredictable nature of fire, making it stand out amongst peers. This skin heats up our list of top MP7 designs because it embodies a certain roughness and survivalist flair. It's for players who appreciate a weapon with a story, looking like it's been through the heat and back.