Top 10 MP9 Skins in CS2 [Ranked]

Check out the best MP9 skins in CS2, where agility meets eye-catching designs, along with real-time pricing!

Factory New

MP9 | Hypnotic

More About Hypnotic

The MP9 | Hypnotic shines with an almost mesmerizing pearl base and crisp black patterns that could make you stare all day. No wonder it scores a spot on our list of gotta-have MP9 skins. It's not just about looking cool; this skin is a trophy for any loadout, boasting a sleek design that's recognizable in the hands of those who value style.

Factory New

MP9 | Starlight Protector

More About Starlight Protector

The MP9 | Starlight Protector is like a fantasy battle cry in the palm of your hand with its rainbow-maned unicorn charging into the fray. It's all about the white base and golden details that make this skin pop. Landing a spot on our top list, it's not just for show – gamers love the splash of color and dreamy vibes. Highly sought after, it's the perfect mix of whimsy and warfare.

Factory New

MP9 | Mount Fuji

More About Mount Fuji

The MP9 | Mount Fuji bursts onto the scene with a mix of cool pinks and blues, bringing a breath of fresh air to your SMG game. Its serene depiction of the iconic mountain gives a vibe of calm amid the chaos. It's scooped a spot on our top list of MP9 skins for its eye-catching design that pairs well with any player's style. This skin is all about turning heads and keeping your loadout looking sharp.


MP9 | Hydra

More About Hydra

The MP9 | Hydra makes quite the impact with its sharp green and black design, bursting onto the scene with style that's both slick and deadly. Recalling the intensity of Operation Hydra, this Swiss masterpiece hits high on our best MP9 skins list for its standout look. Its custom Hydra-themed paint job commands attention on the battlefield, making it a hot pick for players who like their SMGs to scream flair and intimidation. No wonder it's earned a top spot among the favorites!

Factory New

MP9 | Hot Rod

More About Hot Rod

The MP9 | Hot Rod is all about that slick, shiny vibe with its mirror-like chrome base coated in a vivid candy apple red. It's a head-turner that brings some serious flair to the SMG scene. It punches its way into our top MP9 skins list because it stands out with that clean, race-car aesthetic—making it a top pick for gamers who want to add some hot style to their arsenal.

Factory New

MP9 | Food Chain

More About Food Chain

Dive into the wild side with the MP9 | Food Chain, a skin that shouts survival of the fittest in the most vibrant way possible. Its kaleidoscope of fearsome creatures makes it fierce and funky all at once. From the The Snakebite Collection, this SMG's design is why it's a must-have. It's not just a skin, it's a bold statement piece in the hands of any player looking to dominate and dazzle.

Factory New

MP9 | Setting Sun

More About Setting Sun

The MP9 | Setting Sun wraps up apocalypse vibes on a compact SMG. Its fiery orange and black design scream danger with those nuclear hazard symbols. It's a popular pick among our lineup for its bold, standout look in the heat of battle – truly a skin that can hold its own in any MP9 showdown.

Factory New

MP9 | Airlock

More About Airlock

With its sleek white finish and eye-catching red magazine, the MP9 | Airlock is a favorite for those who like their SMGs clean yet bold. The contrast makes it instantly recognizable in the heat of battle. Its spot on our top list is no fluke; that striking design straight from The Gamma 2 Collection makes it a go-to for players looking to add a touch of class to their loadout in CS2.


MP9 | Bulldozer

More About Bulldozer

The MP9 | Bulldozer is one hard-hitter that stands out with its bold yellow finish that looks like it just rolled out of a construction site. This SMG from The Assault Collection packs a visual punch with its spray-painted yellow parts that scream 'danger'. With colors that pop and a design that feels as if it means business, there’s no wonder this skin is a favorite for those who like their gear to make an impact. It's a true show-stopper among the best MP9 skins, proving that sometimes simple really is better.


MP9 | Rose Iron

More About Rose Iron

The MP9 | Rose Iron ain't just another gun; it's a statement piece with its slick metallic roses wrapped in badass thorns. With a dark backdrop, those pops of orange and red stand out in any firefight, making it a fan-fave and an easy pick for our top MP9 skins list.