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5 Best Stats Trackers For CS2 (CSGO) To Help You Improve [Ranked]

Leetify and are popular websites to track your CS2 (CSGO) statistics, but 3 more sites might be better for you!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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5 Best Stats Trackers For CS2 (CSGO) To Help You Improve [Ranked]

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We’ll have to give the title of the best CS2 (CSGO) advanced stats tracker to Leetify. The website is free to use, but for $5.99 a month, you can access premium features on the platform. Setting up your profile on Leetify will only take a few minutes, but you’ll have to add their Bot’s Steam account to your Steam friend list.

Leetify Stats

Right off the bat, you can compare your Aim, Utility, Positioning, Opening Duels, and Clutching to a Global Elite or FACEIT Level 10 player to see where you stand compared to the best. Leetify also has its rating system to give you an idea of your average impact in game.

You can also get a compact yet informative preview of your previous matches. Clicking on a match will give you complete information and breakdowns of your performance ratings. The coolest part is their “Map Zones” section, where you can review which areas of the map you had the most success or failure at.

Map Zones

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Upon opening your profile on the stat tracker, you will be greeted with relevant information like your win rate, KD, friends, etc. However, one of the most incredible things about the website is that it tracks your Highlights and Mistakes in all matches. provides all the statistics you need, and they also help you improve. Highlights and Mistakes

When opening your match history, will visualize your Aim and Grenade rank by displaying one of the eighteen skill groups. This rank rating can help you understand what aspect of gameplay you need to work on.

Clicking on a match will present you with a lot of information. Though it may look very cramped at first glance, you’ll notice that all the statistics provided are helpful and informative. You can also filter indicators by aim to see how long it takes you to kill people, along with your bullet accuracy.

Aim Indicator

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Right off the bat, opening your profile on CSStats will flood you with applicable statistics that help you visualize your performance statistics on their stats trackers. One cool thing about the website is that it shows you your entry frags and calculated HLTV rating, which is used to measure a professional player’s average performance.

CSStats Profile

You will love the Match History section if you’re a big fan of simplicity. All the data is visually appealing, with simple information such as headshot percentage and Average Damage Per Round (ADR). The most significant part about their match section is you can track your rank change in CS2 (CSGO)’s Premier mode!

CSStats Match History

If basic stats doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can always click on a match to receive detailed statistics on each player’s performance. A cool statistic on the site is KAST, which stands for Kill, Assist, Survived, Traded, which is a good measurement of your impact every round.

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Other websites tend to focus on stat trackers in a time frame, for example, two weeks or a month. However, is an excellent choice to reminisce about your lifetime stats. Your profile page shows your lifetime overview and how your statistics fare against all CS2 (CSGO) players. Lifetime Overview is also a helpful tool to check out weapon statistics to see which of the best CS2 (CSGO) weapons you find the most success with. You will see your shot accuracy on each weapon to determine which weapons you need to work on and which ones you should keep using.

Finally, also provides players with Maps statistics that other websites don’t offer. Following its central concept, the website focuses on your lifetime map statistics, showing you the maps you have won the most games on. This section of their website is perfect to help you find the best competitive CS2 (CSGO) maps in your arsenal. Maps

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Last but not least, we have CSGORankings. They get the job done when it comes to giving simple Lifetime Stats with helpful information on your headshot percentage and accuracy. CSGORankings also gives you a brief overview of your best weapons.

CSGORankings Stats

However, one of the best parts about CSGORankings is checking your country’s player rankings to see where you stand amongst your fellow countrymen. Unfortunately, the rankings aren’t measured by your skill group but rather by your overall stats. There could easily be CS2 (CSGO) smurfs that are stat padding by farming Silver IV CS2 (CSGO) players.

Country Rankings

CSGORankings also does a great job with the Top Maps section. Here, you can review your highest win rate maps and how many rounds you’ve played and won on them. Overall, the website is straightforward and does the job if you want quick statistics without diving in too deep.

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