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The Best Red Loadout For CSGO

Red is an incredibly popular color, so it's logical that CSGO has a handful of awesome red skins. Here are the best red skins you should use for your loadout!
The Best Red Loadout For CSGO

The color red is one of the most used colors, so it's no surprise that Valve Corporation has released a lot of red colored skins. If red is your favorite color, then you can easily craft a sick red themed loadout with ease. If you're looking for a red loadout, then we'll make it easier for you. Here are fifteen amazing red skins you can use for your Counter Strike inventory!


AK-47 Bloodsport

The best red AK-47 skin is quite an easy choice. The AK-47 Bloodsport will be the first skin on this list. The weapon features a red-colored hydrographic color scheme, with black and white decals filling up the skin. Overall a super good-looking red skin.

AK-47 Bloodsport

The AK-47 Bloodsport currently ranges from $60.44-$88.24 on the Steam market.

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M4A4 Howl

Up next is the M4A4 Howl. Nothing much to be said about this skin, as its price tag on this expensive skin speaks for its own value. However, since the price tag on this skin is too expensive, consider checking out the M4A4 Hellfire for a more affordable alternative.


The M4A4 Howl currently ranges from $2,999.00-$4,500.00 on the Steam market.

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M4A1-S Hot Rod

For the M4A1-S, the easy choice for a red skin would be the M4A1-S Hot Rod. The skin has a plain design, but the color of the Hot Rod looks extremely glossy and eye-appealing. Definitely a great choice for people who prefer minimalistic skins. 

Hot Rod

The M4A1-S Hot Rod currently ranges from $632.33-$672.63 on the Steam market.

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AWP Wildfire

It's a tough choice when it comes to picking the best red AWP skin, but we've decided to feature the AWP Wildfire on this list. The skin has the Operation Wildfire logo hand painted on the weapon, and overall offers a really cool red design.


The AWP Wildfire currently ranges from $31.99-$126.31 on the Steam market.

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SG 553 Cyrex

Moving on, our favorite red skin for the SG 553 is the SG 553 Cyrex. The Cyrex skin has been out for a very long time and has maintained its popularity due to it's high tech design. A red, black and white color combo always offers a clean looking skin.


The SG 553 Cyrex currently ranges from $3.51-$13.25 on the Steam market.

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AUG Hot Rod

The Hot Rod will be making a second appearance on this list, this time on the AUG weapon. The Hot Rod is painted with a chrome base coat and finished off with a red anodized paint job. Definitely the best red AUG skin out there.

AUG Hot Rod

The AUG Hot Rod currently ranges from $207.38-$273.04 on the Steam market.

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SSG 08 Dragonfire

For our last rifle, we'll be showcasing the SSG 08 Dragonfire. The Dragonfire features a hydrographic of a dragon, and the skin has lots of red on it. It's hands down one of the best-looking Scout skins, and is an amazing choice for a red skin.


The SSG 08 Dragonfire currently ranges from $10.38-$21.40 on the Steam market.

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P250 Muertos

Moving on to the pistols, we have the P250 Muertos to start it off. The skin is fully red, and has circular motifs painted all around the skin as it's central concept. If you're looking for a full-red skin, then this is definitely something you should grab.


The P250 Muertos currently ranges from $3.68-$8.00 on the Steam market.

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USP-S Kill Confirmed

Up next is the USP-S Kill Confirmed. The skin is chaotic and has lots of stuff going on on it, with the image being a bullet shattering a skull. There are lots of red colors on the skin, so that's something that'll definitely catch your eyes. 

Kill Confirmed

The USP-S Kill Confirmed currently ranges from $35.65-$165.50 on the Steam market.

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Glock-18 Water Elemental

For the Glock-18, we've had the easy choice of the Glock-18 Water Elemental, a skin that comes all the way from the Operation Breakout Collection. This is a classic skin that has been out for a long time, and does the job well of being a red skin. 

Water Elemental

The Glock-18 Water Elemental currently ranges from $3.45-$10.54 on the Steam market.

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Five-SeveN Candy Apple

Our Five-SeveN of choice will be the Candy Apple. The skin has a very plain and simple design, as its just a Five-SeveN spray painted with an apple red color on the top. A completely red clean skin that you minimalists out there will really enjoy.

Candy Apple

The Five-SeveN Candy Apple currently ranges from $48.30-$54.00 on the Steam market.

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Desert Eagle Code Red

A best skins list isn't complete without a Deagle skin. The Desert Eagle Code Red joins the list. The skin has a red colored base, with white details applied on top of it. A simple design that has a striking design. 

Code Red

The Desert Eagle Code Red currently ranges from $16.92-$64.12 on the Steam market.

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PP-Bizon High Roller

Starting the SMGs section, we have the PP-Bizon High Roller. A gambling themed skin with poker chips and cards in front of a dark-red background. Definitely get this skin if you're into CSGO gambling or gambling in general.

High Roller

The PP-Bizon High Roller currently ranges from $1.95-$9.90 on the Steam market.

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MP7 Bloodsport

The second appearance of the Bloodsport will be taken by the MP7 Bloodsport. The skin comes from the Clutch Collection and has lots of red colors accompanied by black and white colors. 


The MP7 Bloodsport currently ranges from $2.09-$4.68 on the Steam market.

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P90 Cold Blooded

Last but not least, the P90 Cold Blooded will close off the list. The Cold Blooded has a red based chrome coating, with a slithering snake laser-etched onto the weapon. A simple, yet interesting design for a skin. 

Cold Blooded

The P90 Cold Blooded currently ranges from $46.82-$54.99 on the Steam market.

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That concludes it for some of the best red colored Counter Strike Global Offensive skins you can use for a full, red loadout! If you're looking to base off your inventory with other colors, check out our articles on the best purple loadout, or the best blue loadout

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