3 Different Ways to Check Float Values in CS:GO

Checking float values is not very difficult and there are more than a few methods that we will discuss in this article.

For players of CS:GO, float values are a fact of life when you’re dealing with weapon skins. Not only do they determine the quality of the custom skin in question, but also how much it can fetch on the open market.

How to Check Float Values in CS:GO for Skins You Own - Check Your Inventory

This is a simple method to check the value of the skins you already own but not those on the marketplace. 

  1. Obviously, you will need to launch your CS:GO application as the first step. 
  2. Then proceed to your inventory. 
  3. Once in your inventory, find the skin that you want to value and then inspect it. 
  4. On the bottom right side of the screen should be a certificate that will give you that particular skin’s rating. 
  5. The wear rating displayed here is the skin’s float value. 

How to Check Float Values in CS:GO for Skins on the Marketplace

Use a Third-Party Website

To check the float value for skins on the marketplace, you will probably need to make use of a third-party service. We will tell you how to do that. 

  1. First, you will need to find the skin that you want to value on the Steam marketplace. 
  2. Once you have located it, click on a listing that interests you. 
  3. Now you will want to right-click and choose “Inspect in Game” then “Copy link address.” This link address is what the third-party website will use to find the item’s float value. 
  4. Paste this link in the area requested by the third-party website and the item’s information will show the float value for the skin.

NOTE: For users of iOS and Android smartphones, the process is much the same with in-browser navigation to the Steam Marketplace, selecting the item you want to review, inspecting it, copying the link address, and then pasting it in the required link box on one of the third-party websites below.

Here are three popular third-party websites you can use: 

Check the Steam Marketplace with a Browser Extension

An awesomely powerful tool for checking float values and other information about skins in CS:GO is to use a Chrome browser extension like Steam Inventory Helper

  1. To use this, download the extension, activate it on your Chrome browser.
  2. Locate the inventory containing the item you want to Inspect then check it out as if it were your own. 

Steam Inventory Helper comes with many other useful features such as displaying item prices in inventory, selling items in bulk using auto-accept and auto-adjust price and show desktop notifications of trade activity, among other things. 

What Do All of Those Numbers Mean?

Here’s a brief rundown on float values in relation to the condition of the custom skin you want to sell or purchase. 

Ranging from 0 to 1 with the lower number being the best and the upper the worst, skins in CS:GO are rated along a gradient between these two that determines their quality and maximum value. 

These number ranges are also assigned descriptive identifiers to help better describe them from a condition and valuation standpoint.

These identifiers are:

  • Factory New (FN) - Float Values Between 0 - 0.07
    Representing the most pristine condition and highest valuation of all skins, Factory New skins are the best of the best and their prices show it.
  • Minimal Wear (MW) - Float Values Between 0.07 - 0.15
    Just a notch below Factory New, Minimal Wear is the most popular category for buying skins as they represent a high quality to price ratio for most players, giving them all of the advantages of a FN skin without the prices associated with that. 
  • Field-Tested (FT) - Float Values Between 0.15 - 0.38
    While not as good as MW skins, Field-Tested tends to be considered “value” skins by players depending on the price. 
  • Well-Worn (WW) - Float Values Between 0.38 - 0.45
    Well-Worn skins are a good starting place for new players that are just beginning to trade in CS:GO because they are universally accessible and cheap. 

Battle-Scarred (BS) - Float Values Between 0.45 - 1
Just because something is Battle-Scarred doesn’t mean it is cheap. There are some exceptions. Typically, however, BS weapons are the lower-priced skin variants and consumers of these tend to be those gamers that want a certain look no matter the condition.