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How to Fly in CS2 (CSGO)

This article will teach you how you can fly in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive using cheats, console commands and the Flying Scoutsman game mode.

Updated on Nov 03, 2023
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How to Fly in CS2 (CSGO)

Though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t a sandbox type of game, the game still offers ways to have a lot of fun! CS2 (CSGO) also has commands and gamemodes that allow you to fly around the map. Flying around the map can be useful to practice smoke and flashbang lineups in custom games, or can be used to have fun shooting people from mid-air!

How do I Fly Using Cheats?

The first and most popular method on how to fly CS2 (CSGO), is the cheat command called “noclip” which can only be used in custom lobbies with sv_cheats enabled. This hack command will require you to be able to open the console, so let’s first figure out how to enable the console.

Using the fly command noclip

To enable “noclip”, you will need to go into a custom lobby and turn on sv_cheats. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the console
  2. Type sv_cheats 1
  3. Type noclip

Doing this will allow you to fly around the map, while also going through walls. To turn off “noclip”, simply re-type the command into the console to toggle it off. This can be very helpful when trying out smoke lineups, so you can immediately fly to where the smoke lands and check out the results.

How to bind noclip

Since “noclip” is a toggle command, it may be a good idea to bind “noclip” to a key to be able to quickly turn it on and off. Here are the steps on how to bind a key:

  1. Open the console
  2. Type bind <key> noclip

The <key> can be replaced with any asson you want, for example if you want to set it to “K”, simply type bind K noclip.

How to open the console

The way to open the console in CS2 (CSGO) is simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Launch CS2 (CSGO), then go to Settings
  2. Head over to Game
  3. Look for Enable Developer Console and change it to Yes
  4. Click the “~” key to open the console


Flying in the Flying Scoutsman Game Mode

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has provided the player base with different game modes in the War Games section. Here in the War Games section, there is the Flying Scoutsman game mode, which will allow players to fly around and try to snipe each other using the SSG 08.

How to fly in the Flying Scoutsman Game Mode

In the Flying Scoutsman game mode, everyone can automatically fly around without using sv_cheats. All you have to do is jump around and you’ll be able to fly everywhere!


While mastering the art of flight in CS2 (CSGO) is an interesting way to surprise your enemies, sometimes the weapon you are using can be just as unpredictable. That said, if you checked out this guide to learn how to score the most random kill possible while also flying, try out our Counter Strike weapon randomizer with Counter Strike skin randomizer, and use whatever your fate decides!

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