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Ways to Level Up Fast CSGO

Counter Strike has a fully functional profile ranking system aimed at less-competitive players. Check out how you can level up quickly by reading this article!

Updated on Sep 26, 2022
Ways to Level Up Fast CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is mostly known for its Competitive aspect of the game, with high achievable skill groups. However, there are different game modes and a separate rank system that is aimed towards more casual players as well. A “Profile Rank” system was introduced to CSGO, which involved players having to earn experience points to level up. Let’s find out the different modes that people can try in order to level up their profile ranks quickly!

How Does the Profile Ranking System Work?

To make sure that there is no confusion, Counter Strike Global Offensive currently has two distinguished matchmaking system and rank systems, which are Competitive skill groups and profile ranks. In this article, we will only be focusing on profile ranks.

Every player starts off as a Rank 0, with the highest level being Rank 40. Players can reach Rank 40 by simply playing the game, as every CSGO game mode will reward players with experience points for every match they finish. 

Rank 40

These experience points are either based on individual performance, or by the rounds that the player has won in the match.

Best Game Mode to Level Up Fast

The following list will tell you how much XP you can earn from each of the game modes. Check out to see which game modes are the perfect fit for you to help increase your profile ranking system!

Competitive Matches

The first method of leveling up fast in CSGO is to join Competitive matches and earn XP by playing until the end. All players are able to unlock Competitive matchmaking once their account has reached Level 2, and Competitive mode in Counter Strike Global Offensive is the most consistent way that players enjoy playing CSGO. 

Not only is Competitive matches the most popular game mode in the game, but they give a hefty chunk of XP as well. The total XP earned from playing Competitive games is as follows:

Competitive30 * Rounds Won

You will receive XP depending on the number of rounds you won, meaning that even if your personal performance wasn’t great or if you lost the game, you will still be getting a decent amount of experience points from completing Competitive matches.

Casual Matches

The next way of earning XP and leveling up quickly is through playing Casual. Though the Casual mode is similar to the Competitive game mode in which players will play out rounds by planting the bomb, players earn XP in Casual matches depending on the score of their personal performance.

Rifle Image

Casual games are a great way to relax and have a chill game of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and these matches will still reward you with some good XP points! The XP earned from playing Casual matches is as follows:

Casual4 * Your Score

If you’re looking to grind out this game mode to earn XP, consider bringing a friend or two along with you so that you can help each other out. Dead players are able to spectate both teams, so you and your friends can give each other information on where the enemies are once one of you has died!

Wingman Matches

Another preferred method of collecting XP points is by finishing Wingman matches. Wingman is another mode that requires players to plant the bomb and defuse, except that its two versus two. 

This is the perfect mode to gain XP if you’re with one of your friends. The XP earned from playing Wingman matches is as follows:

Wingman15 * Rounds Won

Since the map will only have a total of four players in Wingman, you will be playing in shrinked versions of Competitive maps. This makes matches end quicker so that you won’t have to waste lots of time. With matches ending quickly, Wingman becomes a very time-effective method to earn XP.

Deathmatch Matches

If you’re looking to earn XP depending on your individual and personal performance, then Deathmatch is, without a doubt, the best option for you. In Deathmatch mode, all you will need to do is run around and kill other players. The objective is really simple, and you won’t even need to think for the most part.

Deathmatch can be a good way to warm up before Competitive, and will earn you XP at the same time! The total XP earned from playing Deathmatch matches is as follows:

Deathmatch 0.2 * Your Score

These matches will last exactly ten minutes, meaning that you will be able to earn a decent amount of XP in the span of every ten minutes. Obviously, the better you do, the more experience you will get, so you’ll have to try your best if you want to level up quickly!

Arms Race Matches

The Arms Race mode will require you to get kills with the different Counter Strike Global Offensive weapons. This mode is definitely not as efficient as the other methods mentioned above, but can be a good experience for newer players to learn how to use the different weapons and get your weekly bonus in.

Some players also use Arms Race as a warmup before hopping in a Casual or Competitive match. The XP earned from playing Arms Race matches is as follows:

Arms Race1.0 * Your Score

Arms Race matches tend to also be really short, so it may be a viable option if you’re looking to get some quick matches in when playing for normal XP points! Make sure you look out for the bonus weapon!

Operation Events 

“Operations” in Counter Strike Global Offensive refers to events that happen once in a long period of time. Lots of fun features, game modes, a weekly bonus, and different side missions will show up in the arrival of an Operation, which will grant players the opportunity to gain a large sum of experience points as well.

broken fang

Essentially, Counter Strike Global Offensive Operations give players loads of new content, and is something that Counter Strike Global Offensive players often look forward to.

Why should I level up fast?

The reason why players aim to reach high skill groups such as The Global Elite can be quite obvious, as those players will be recognized as amazing players, but the same can’t be said for players with high profile ranks. 

As a result, the question of “Do profile ranks actually matter?” often show up. Here are some reasons why you may want to level up your profile ranking system:

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