CS:GO SV_Cheats: the best commands and how to use them

While SV Cheats might sound like a bad thing, these are very useful tools for testing purposes and are developer tools. They're just called "cheats" and "hacks" by players but they are intended for use as a developer tool during testing. As a result, they do not work in standard official matches and are for single-player or servers with these permissions turned on. They will not get you VAC banned for this reason.

What are CSGO SV Cheats commands?

While they are in the game for use by developers such as Valve or map creators, anyone can use these as long as they enable the Developer Console first and then turn on the SV Cheats. They are known by this name because this is what they’re called in the game files and you activate them through this name as well. However, these are not illegal cheats and hacks as they cannot be used on official servers.

There are a lot of different SV Cheats commands that can be used such as god mode, infinite ammo, noclip, third person, and more. Most players will find only a handful of these to be useful in terms of experimenting and exploring maps fully. These are especially useful for when attempting to learn new maps that enter the rotation, give yourself weapons to test and to learn more in-depth about the game.

Whether starting to play more competitively or working on training, using SV Cheat Commands gives you the edge that’s needed to see how you’re playing properly. These can often be seen in use on Youtube where players upload mini-guides on different gameplay aspects.

How to use SV Cheats commands in Counter-Strike?

To use SV Cheats you do need to enable the Developer Console first. If you already have this enabled then just open the console with the tilde button (~) and type “sv_cheats 1” to enable them.

After the SV Cheat Commands have been activated, you’ll need to open the Developer Console again to enter a line of code. This means pressing the tilde button (~ or sometimes `) to open the Developer Console box. After entering the code you press Enter like with normal console commands and you may need to press the tilde button (~ or sometimes `) again to close the console.

Here is a full guide if you don’t have the Developer Console enabled already:

  1. Launch CSGO from Steam
  2. Go to Options
  3. Game Settings
  4. Find the “Enable Developer Console” option
  5. Change it to Yes (if it already says “Yes” then the console is already enabled)
  6. Press the tilde (~) button to open the console
  7. Type “sv_cheats 1” to turn the option to use them on

Without first entering the sv_cheats 1 command, you will be unable to use the commands. This is the command line that activates the Developer Tools so you could try to input some of the listed commands but they won’t work yet.

sv_cheats 1

To turn this mode off all you need to type into the Developer Console is this: sv_cheats 0

sv_cheats 0

This is the default for CSGO so adding that code into the Developer Console will change your game back to the normal gameplay mode. Some of the commands below can be used without being in this mode but it is not advised you try them on official Valve servers as this will put you at a VAC ban risk.

What are the best CSGO SV Cheats Commands?

All SV Cheat Commands have their use and while many of them will be very useful to different players, you might find they aren’t what you need at the moment. It’s still a good idea to keep in mind that these developer tools are here to help you as and when you need them. The ones we have listed here are the SV Cheats that you’ll find the most useful in general though you might find that some do not apply to you yet.

These are some of the commands and what they do. To activate any of them, just type the name into the command console once sv_cheats 1 is activated.


This is for standard god mode which will make you invincible while it’s turned on.


Using this may be useful against bots for training or learning movements such as BunnyHopping. While this might sound fun to use, there are limited used for god mode in CSGO when it comes to training.

sv_infinite_ammo 1

This is the value that changes how much ammo you have and can be set so you have infinite ammo, limited ammo, or no infinite ammo. The default level is “0” which means no infinite ammo.

Setting this to “1” gives infinite ammo with infinite magazine size so no reloading while the “2” setting is infinite ammo but still needs reloading.

sv_infinite ammo 1

The command is the same but the number at the end if changed depending on what you’re looking for here.


This is the “no clipping” command which lets you fly and move through solid objects.


Type this again to turn it off. Using this mode is perfect for checking where a throwable landed on the other side of a wall and as part of training to get used to certain throwing angles. There are other reasons to use this tool as well and exploring the maps can be entertaining as well.

r_drawothermodels 2

In short, this turns on wallhacks so you can see other players through walls.

r_drawothermodels 2

It does not tell you if it is an enemy or an ally. There are three commands for this. Using the “0” value is unuseful but might be fun for a bit with friends. The “1” value is for no wireframe wallhack while “2” turns this on. The wallhack works by rendering player models as wireframe so it can also be known as the Wireframe Wallhack.


Entering this command will change your camera angle from first-person to third-person instead.


It can be useful for when exploring and testing positioning alone so you can get a wide view to see how good a cover is. To change back you would need to type “firstperson” into the command console.

mp_startmoney 10000

The command “mp_startmoney” allows you to select how much money you want to start the round with.

mp_startmoney 10000

This is good for if you want to set a specific amount at the start of a game. You would then add whatever number you like such as 10000.


This command is less used but sometimes useful.

It lets players set the amount of money that will be awarded to players on both teams at the end of each round.

mp_afterroundmoney 10000

This doesn’t depend on win/loss as that is based on a different command. With this one, players can set whatever money amount they wish which is good for players who are training.


Players can also change the maximum amount of money that any player can have in this game.


This allows players to keep stacking money if they wish. Once the assigned limit is reached, it will go no higher. The default value for this is 16000 which is the standard CSGO money limit.

However, there is a technical limitation placing the maximum possible amount of money at 65,535 for what any player can hold at once. This number cannot go higher if you try to set it higher so this is the CSGO money limit.


This spawns a bot to the T side.


If they spawn dead then it will respawn at the start of the next round. If you wish then you can customize this further with [Difficulty] and even [Name] the bot. If you want to immediately start playing with bots then it’s advised that you use the command line to restart the game.


This is the same as the above bot command. It spawns a bot for the CT side and can also be customized.


To customize either bot the command like would be: bot_add_TEAM [DIFFICULTY] [NAME]

There is no need to add a Name for the bots if you don’t need or want to. It can be helpful however if you use bots with different difficulty levels. These are the difficult levels in the game that can be used for bots: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert.

sv_showimpacts 1

This is for impact markers when you shoot.

sv_showimpacts 1

Having the value set to “0” is the default and disables this but setting it to “1” enables it and allows you to see impact markers.

mp_restartgame 1

This command will restart the game almost instantly.

mp_restartgame 1

However, you can change the “1” value since this is for the number of seconds until the game restarts. For example, you could change it to “5” or “10” or longer if you wish. Setting to a value of “1” is the standard for this however if you wish to have more time left on the map then you can set the value higher.

mp_roundtime_defuse 60

This command sets the round timer for that Bomb Defusal game and using “60” essentially gives you unlimited time.

mp_roundtime_defuse 60

You can change this to other values and can also do it in seconds instead by using decimals instead. For example, you could use “0.75” for a 45 second round.

give weapon_NAME

If you want to test different weapons including grenades, gear, and knives then this is how you do it using a command.

The game will spawn and give you whatever weapon you request as long as you know the command name for it. Such as “give weapon_ak47” or “give weapons_glock”.

give weapon_NAME

Spawning a weapon will make you drop the other weapon that is/was currently in that weapon slot. To spawn in a knife you may need to enable knife dropping first. Entering the following command will enable this: mp_drop_knife_enable 1

Other Useful CSGO SV Cheats Commands

There are many other CSGO SV Cheats Commands than the ones listed above. We have some other ones listed for you here which are the ones most useful ones for general use. However, these are a bit more complex so they aren’t used as often except for specific circumstances. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to use these very often and some might never find a use for them.

This handful of commands aren’t used often but are still important to know. Keep in mind that there are more SV Cheats Commands that can be used but we’ve only covered the best ones for most  CSGO players.

cl_righthand 0

This is one that Valve has released before in their guide for swapping between right-handed and left-handed models.

cl_righthand 0

The default for this is “cl_righthand 1” which means the game will put the gun in the right-hand. To move this into the left-hand then just put “cl_righthand 0” into the console. You can test what side you prefer to have a gun on first before making it permanent. To make it permanent then you’ll need to make a change to the user config.


r_drawparticles 0

This is for the “no smoke” command to hide all particles. This includes smokes, grenades and molotovs unless you are standing in them and do not apply to flashes.

r_drawparticles 0

There are different reasons why someone would want to use this such as to see what area the smoke grenade is covering. For this, the default is value “1” which makes the smoke particles visible, and changing this to “0” will hide them.

cl_leveloverview 2

This will let you see the whole map from above for a bird’s eye view of the map.

cl_leveloverview 2

Using this can be useful for various reasons such as watching the positioning of other players to give advice. However, this command does not always work. It can be very buggy and will only work sometimes which it’s not broken if you try this and it doesn’t work the first time. It can take multiple attempts to work. While the overview can be useful, the bugs do stop a lot of players from using it.

The default value for this is “cl_leveloverview 0” which is the normal ground level. Using No Clip mode will help with most issues when increasing the number value.

cl_predictweapons 0

This controls the client-side prediction of weapon effects and cannot be used while playing.

cl_predictweapons 0

It can only be used on the main menu. The default value for this is “1” and setting it to “0” will stop the game predicting things for you according to lag. Leaving this at default enables the Client Prediction which concerns things like physics, movement, shooting and target hits are controlled by the server and leaving this turned on lets your client simulate the movement itself. So it compensates for lag and might mean your game view is slightly different to the server.

Changing this to “cl_predictweapons 0” turns the above Client Prediction feature off. So this changes how your client reacts to the server so that you see closer to what the server is showing.

sv_gravity 300

This controls the gravity of the game in that world. The default for this is “sv_gravity 800” and increasing this value will make the gravity more powerful while lowering makes it weaker.

sv_gravity 300

A lower gravity allows players to jump higher and fall slower. Whereas the higher gravity will have the opposite result. Setting the game to “sv_gravity 300” swaps the Earth’s gravity for Mars gravity. This allows players to jump higher and also come back down safely whereas setting the value to “0” for zero gravity leaves players stranded in the sky.

Whether it be for training or fun, using SV Cheat Commands gives players a lot more freedom to enhance their gameplay experience. These developer tool commands are powerful in so many ways but not all of them are useful to players. The CSGO SV Cheat Commands listed above are the most commonly used ones but do remember there are a lot more than just this small group of command lines. Feel free to explore with different commands in a single-player game to see how many of them would be useful to you.

Remember that while these are called “cheats” they are nothing of the sort. These are developer tools that Valve and map creators use for editing or working on CSGO. This means these can only be used in single-player games and on player-hosted servers where the option is enabled. SV Cheat Commands cannot be used on official servers which also means, no VAC bans!

There are some here that might be able to be used on official servers but it’s not advised to use console commands when on an official Valve server. The exceptions are ones that Valve has publicly posted instructions for such as permanently changing to left-handed mode.

SV Cheat Commands are a good way to legally explore the maps without risking a VAC ban which is something that players would need to do otherwise. Certain commands are more useful than others. Even if you only find yourself using one or two of these, they are very useful to know about as they can help boost your gameplay.

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