Ultimate CS:GO Wingman Guide [Ranks & Maps]

Want to find out what CS:GO wingman mode is, what maps are applicable and how CS:GO Wingman ranks work? Well, look no further!

csgo wingman guide
csgo wingman guide

The Wingman game mode in CS:GO was added as one of the three Hydra events, the other two being War Games and Weapons Expert. However, Wingman was made a permanent addition to CSGO in November 2017 due to it being extremely popular.

What is CSGO Wingman?

CSGO Wingman is a -2-versus-2 competitive match which is set on maps with one bombsite and uses a best-of-16 round format. If the total rounds end with a draw at the end then there is no extra round, the game just ends with a draw. These matches have similar rules to a standard competitive game but Wingman matches take place on smaller versions of most maps with invisible walls, spawns closer to the bombsite and the round time is only 1 minute and 30 seconds.

CSGO Wingman Gameplay

It results in games that are much faster than normal CSGO matches which can also make them more emotional as a result. Wingman is a bit of a stress test for most players though when playing with a friend as a duo, it can be played more relaxed. Some players may like to use this mode to test some things out with a friend on their team instead of going into a full 5-versus-5 match.

What maps are available on Wingman?

While there were more maps in the pool for Wingman, some of them were exclusive to the Hydra event at launch. Currently, there is a good variety of maps for this mode. Changes could be made in the future but these are the currently supported maps for Wingman:

CS GO Wingman Maps

As the list above shows, CS:GO Wingman does have more maps available to play than the active-duty pool for the full Competitive Mode. The Shortdust and Shortnuke maps are smaller versions of two currently available and popular maps Dust 2 and Nuke. Some maps also have invisible walls to restrict players to just one bombsite and to give them a smaller area to work with.

Wingman Mode Ranks

While this is not the classic Competitive Mode, Wingman also has a competitive ranking system for players. It's separate from the regular ranking system in the game so CSGO Wingman Ranks do not affect the normal ranking system nor the Danger Zone Ranking System. The CSGO Wingman rankings starts with Silver 1 and goes up to Global Elite as the highest rank. There are 18 different ranks to go through to reach the top rank for this mode. It uses the same rank titles and positioning as the standard CSGO competitive mode.

Wingman Ranks

Typically, Wingman has a smaller player base than the main Competitive Mode. Fewer players regularly play this mode which also means that most players will find they have higher CSGO Wingman Ranks than in the Competitive Mode. Here are all the 18 current CS:GO Wingman Ranks:

The rank increases are a reflection of the lower player count available for this mode which is due to various reasons. Keep in mind however that the Wingman rank does not count towards the overall Competitive rank or wins.

How does the Wingman ELO Ranking System work?

Valve has been keeping the ELO system for Wingman locked uptight over the years so it's hard to know how CSGO Wingman Ranks works exactly. Until Valve releases the full information, some assumptions can be made about how this mode works. These assumptions are based on things that are commonly seen in the game and ranking system itself. Keep in mind that Valve might one day announce how the ELO system works for CSGO Wingman Ranks which might be slightly different to what we have here. There seems to be more going on under the surface than the simple win/loss ratio that we know Wingman uses. Here are some of the key factors which are determining your CSGO Wingman Rank:

  • Region of the Player
  • Your CS:GO Rank
  • Rank of the opponent
  • Rank of the Teammates
  • Your score (Kills, Deaths & Assists)
  • Number of rounds won

It looks as though Wingman also uses performance when associating ranks with players which means, the better you perform against high ranking players then the better your rank will be in this mode. The Wingman Mode having a lower player base means that players end up playing against others with completely different CSGO Wingman Ranks. This is why you might see rank fluctuations sometimes in addition to a higher rank than in the main Competitive Mode. Winning more matches and getting kills against high ranking players will increase your ranking and ELO points overall.

Wingman might not be a popular mode but it's still loved by many. The fact that this ranking is different from the main Competitive Mode also makes Wingman a great place to test different things and to learn about Counter Strike Global Offensive somewhat safely.

CSGO Wingman Score

If your rank isn't increasing like you're expecting then keep an eye on the ranks of your opponents as well since it could just be they have a much lower rank than you. Keep an eye on your overall progress in the Wingman game mode and that will help you work out the reason behind why your rank isn't increasing here. It's best to assume that getting a higher kill rate and better performance against high ranked players is the best way to progress. While it is less forgiving with only two players per team, the fast-paced rounds let players explore different options for each map.

It can also feel more 'safe' to learn things such as Bunnyhopping and aiming without the added pressure of a full team or a full game. Wingman presents as something more 'casual' when this isn't the case at all. All in All, the CSGO Wingman mode is a great, less stressing game mode for more casual Counter Strike Global Offensive players.