How to see your Behavior Score in Dota 2 in a few clicks

Find out how to easily check Your Behavior Score in Dota 2!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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How to see your Behavior Score in Dota 2 in a few clicks

Valve has been working for years to improve their multiplayer games with gameplay updates and also by working to reduce toxicity online. When it comes to MOBA's like Dota 2, they're known for having a negative community with toxicity fuelled by the competitive atmosphere. Despite this, Valve implemented the behaviour score to help encourage players to behave well during their time in the game. The behavior score system in Dota 2 is also used by Valve during ban waves when finding what users to ban from the game.


What is the Behavior Score?

The Dota 2 behavior score keeps track of the performance/behavior of a player across a large number of games. This is something that can fluctuate a lot according to how players perceive them in matches. While leaving a match early costs points, players in the game can report or commend each other which affects the behavior score of the individual they're reporting/commending. Three things affect the behavior score in Dota 2:

  • Abandoning games – 1000 points
  • Commendations from other players + 100 points
  • Reports from other players -500 points


It's designed so that a lower-ranked player would be considered toxic and it would take a lot of consistent bad behavior to end up on the bottom of the list.

Valve uses the behavior score system to coordinate groups of players during matchmaking similar to the Dota 2 MMR. The Dota 2 behavior score system is used to put similarly ranked players together in games which means toxic players will be grouped with other toxic level players. The scoring system here runs from 1 – 10,000 points while the "Average" rating is in the 6000-6999 range (talking about average: what’s the average rank in Dota 2?). When a player falls under 5000 then they're considered toxic and could be on the chopping block during the next ban wave.

Easy Methods that make you see your Behaviour Score in DOTA 2

If you want to check your Dota 2 score to either monitor it or just out of curiosity then you'll need to enable the console first. If it's already enabled then skip to the second set of instructions.


How to activate your Steam Console for Dota 2

  1. Go to the Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Dota 2 then left-click on Properties
  3. Click the “Set Launch Options” to bring up a mini box
  4. Either type or paste the following into the box:-console. Don't include any spaces and make sure the “-” is included
  5. Click Ok


That will enable the console which can be used for other things as well. Checking the Dota 2 behavior score is just one of the ways the console can be used.


How to check Your Behavior Score in Dota 2 through the Steam Console

Once this is enabled, you'll need to follow these steps exactly to ensure you've gotten all of the commands correct to bring up the list which includes the Dota 2 behavior score. These commands are correct and can be copy-pasted across instead if you wish but make sure there are no unnecessary spaces and no quotation marks (“”) included when you do.

  1. Start the game
  2. Open the console which is usually with the “ / ” key on default. It might be different for you and other common console command buttons are the “ ` “ and the “ ~ ” keys.
  3. With the console open, type “developer 1” and press Enter
  4. This will do some things then you need to type the following: “dota_game_account_debug”
  5. Once you've pressed Enter, look down the list to find “behavior_score:####”


What is the meaning behind the value of the behavior score?

The number after the “behavior score” is your score for Dota 2. This doesn't always show a number and is commonly only a grade.

If this says “Normal” then it means you're either clbutted as A+, A, B+ or B. It's only possible to see a grab if you're below a B rank. What you don't want to be is either D+, D or F as this means your ranking is low. While being a D rank probably means a low ban risk, it does mean you'll only be placed with similarly scored players. So if you see a lot of toxic players or bad behavior in-game, this can explain why. Having a Dota 2 behavior score of F means you're scored as toxic.

How to Raise the behavior score in Dota 2

There is no quick way to raise your Dota 2 behavior score. Other players essentially vote based on how they see you perform though it's wise to keep in mind some aggressive players will want to vote you down no matter what. This is where it starts to get tricky.

Improving the behavior score requires you to treat people with respect consistently, even on bad days or in the middle of a bad losing streak. This means knowing how to control any negative emotions is important to prevent them from leaking during the game and upsetting others in the game.


A great way to avoid saying negative things is to limit how much you speak. This means only speaking to give information and callouts during the game but not to have a casual conversation which could get derailed somehow. When teammates are tense and serious then this is a great way to avoid annoying anyone but when the rest of the team is talkative and joking around then engaging with them more can reflect well on you.


Always remember that certain regions are much more toxic than others, so you are more likely to lower your score by playing on them (check the best server locations in Dota 2).

Even more so if you befriend them and play with that group. When we do great things in the game like getting a good solo kill or successfully leading an enemy into a Gank then we'd love it if the team recognized that. Don't just wait for someone else to compliment another person on the team, do it yourself. Just a simple "good job" can mean a lot to players and gives you a nice commendation too!


One slightly 'questionable' thing is when there are disagreements or when a player on the team is being harbutted. This requires your judgment in terms of how to respond to this by either ignoring it or getting involved somehow such as speaking up or directly contacting a victim of harbuttment to see how they are. Don't be afraid to report players for being hostile to others in the game even if it's not yourself. When it comes to raising the Dota 2 behavior score, remember this: It gets easier as you raise your score since you'll be placed with better-behaved players.

What you need to know about your behavior score


Behaviour score in Dota 2 is important if you want to avoid playing with lots of toxic players. It's set up so players with similar scores will be grouped together and the only way to avoid as many toxic players as possible to reach a higher score level. Checking your score is simple with the console commands and there's no necessity to actively work on raising it unless your score is low. It's a good idea to put some work into raising it if you're in the F or D brackets since that reduces the chance of a future ban and the proximity to toxic players (and their raging). As long as you're a respectful and courteous player, there shouldn't be any problems with the behavior score. Being polite is the best way to stay on everyone's good side and to also get some commendations from the team. While staying quiet is the best way overall to avoid being reported, there's no 100% method to avoid reports. Remaining as courteous as possible is very important. Nevertheless, some players will report you for any reason which could just be due to a bad mood. There's not much that can be done when this happens but remaining respectful to all players and complementing them for their gameplay will help.

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