Where are Dota 2 Players Playing From? Region Population Analysis

Curious about the different regions in Dota 2? Here is a breakdown of the Dota 2 population, divided into their respective regions!

Updated on Jul 18, 2023
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Where are Dota 2 Players Playing From? Region Population Analysis

Dota 2 is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Just like any other online game, players will have to play in their respective regional servers for the best ping experience. Have you ever wondered how many Dota players are actively playing the game in different continents and regions of the world? Check out some statistics here!

Total Population of Dota 2 Players Worldwide

The number of active Dota 2 players worldwide that log into the game monthly is around 9.45 million! It’s pretty awesome to see that this game still has a healthy amount of steam accounts who are queuing up ranked matches and games on an active basis.

Concurrent Players in Dota 2

We now know that this game has over 9 million players who log in monthly, but how many players are actually playing at the same time? This statistic is called the “concurrent players,” and the number will give us an idea about how many people are looking for a match, or currently playing a match at the exact same minute.

The daily peak number of concurrent players playing the game is over 1,290,000, which is around 13.7% of the player base. This is actually quite a high number, as people will be playing the game in different time zones around the world, as people would be sleeping and working at different hours.

The average concurrent players that play the game surfaces around 450,000 to 480,000. The number does seem quite low, but we will have to understand that not everyone has the free time to be on this game all day.

Region Population Breakdown

Now we’ll cover what you all have been waiting for. Refer to the table below to understand a complete breakdown of the Dota 2 region population!

The following paragraphs will cover the specific regions and which country their players are coming from.


The European region consists of both West Europe and East Europe, and both of these combine to create the most populated region in all of the Dota 2 game, partly because there are many countries in Europe that play Dota. 

Europe picture

The total number of active players from Europe totals up to a staggering 4,062,954! This number means that 43% of worldwide Dota 2 players come from Europe alone. With such a high population, the current professional Dota scene has lots of European pro players that are standing on top of other regions.

Since Europe is heavily populated, ranked games and skill groups of European players are much more skilled compared to other regions. The MMR distribution in this region is spread out really well, especially in the Immortal leaderboards. Your calibration games will be very crucial if you’re looking to competitively play in this region.

It’s not a surprise that lots of Dota 2 tournaments and events are held in European countries, as these venues are usually packed with passionate Dota 2 fans.

Check out the populations in the different European countries on the table below:

We can see that the highest populated country when it comes to Dota 2 players is Russia! This MOBA game is extremely popular in Russia and over 2 million players play the game on a monthly basis. How awesome is that?


Both North America and South America will be put together, as they also share the same ranked leaderboards. Surprisingly, there are actually lots of Dota 2 game fans in both American regions, helping the Americas region reach number two on the most populated Dota 2 regions, with a total of 1,946,229 Dota 2 players!

Americas Picture

If you’re looking to see how many players play the game in each of the North and South American countries, refer to the table below: 

Shockingly, a total of over 1.25 million players in North America actively play the game Dota 2! A few North American legends have been born in the NA region, such as Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Clinton “Fear” Loomis.

South America has a total number of players close to 700,000, and their pro scene has been slowly growing over time, and is also receiving more players every day as beginners.

Unfortunately, the Americas region hasn’t found too much success in professional games, but have shown signs of improving their games to be able to compete at the top.


Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the Chinese region, and Chinese pro players are treated like Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan! This is all possible due to the incredibly high population of Dota 2 players in China.

There are around 1,817,145 active Chinese players that play this game! This is a massive number because China is only one single country, compared to the other regions including tens of countries. 

Unlike other continents and regions, Chinese players actually have their own dedicated matchmaking servers, so you can expect to meet only Chinese players on your team when you play on their servers.

Fun fact: Tickets to The International 2019, which was held in Shanghai, sold out in 53 seconds! The venue had around 18,000 available seats and all of them were bought out instantly. The purchases for these tickets just show how many Dota 2 fans reside in China and support their local team!

Asia and Oceania

Asia and the Oceanian region will be combined for this article, as they’re relatively close and share the same ranked leaderboard. Dota 2 as a game seems to be very popular particularly in the Southeast Asian region. 

SE Asia Picture

With all the Asian and Ocenian countries combined, we get a total population of 1,626,990 active players who play the game.

To understand the spread of players between countries, here is a table to help you visualize the figures:

The two largest Dota 2 countries in Asia and Oceania are Indonesia and the Philippines! Both of these countries add up to a total of over a million players alone. You can find lots of players from Indonesia and the Philippines playing the game in internet cafes around the country! Expect to see lots of these guys on your team!

If you were ever curious about the game and its player base and where these players are located, then we hope that this article has helped you find the answer! We hope that the Valve Corporation team will do their best to release fun updates and new features on how the system works that will bring the player base up even higher!

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