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Best Smokes on Cache

Though Cache is no longer in the Competitive map pool, many players still enjoy playing it. Here are the best smokes that you can use while playing on Cache!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Best Smokes on Cache

The Ukrainian-based map was one of Counter Strike’s most popular maps, until it was removed from the Competitive and professional map pool. Despite getting excluded, Valve still granted us with a new Cache revamp for us to play in! A new Cache means new smoke lineups. Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be covering the best Cache smokes that you can use!

A Site Cache Smokes

The A site is one of the harder bomb sites to hit, as the CT side has lots of angles to hold from, making it quite complicated for T side players to break in without having casualties. However, with some well-placed smokes, Terrorists will be able to block off lots of positions and have an easier time making it into the site. Let’s check out some useful A bomb site Cache smokes!

A Main Left Side Smoke

Smoking off the left side of the entrance to A can be incredibly beneficial for the T side, as common angles such as Truck and Highway will be completely blocked off. This particular smoke grenade is also quite easy to throw, so let’s see how it’s done.

First off, you will need to be located in A Main to throw this smoke grenade. There, hug the wall on the right side, as shown in the video. Next, look forward and find the box with a green blanket on it. 

You will be aiming your crosshair around the top left corner of the green area in order to throw the smoke lineup. Once you have aimed your crosshair correctly, simply run for a few steps and throw the smoke grenade. 

A Main Right Side Smoke

Smoking off the right side of the entrance to A is very situational, but is still a viable option that can help your A bomb site executes go smoothly. This smoke grenade can be useful to help you get a sneaky plant on the A site.

The great thing about this smoke is that you can throw it from a really safe spot, which is outside A Long. Once you have made it to A Long, you will notice a crate leaning towards the wall. Push yourself onto the right side of the crate, and look up. 

The first step of the lineup is to look for the line that separates the window panes. The second part of the lineup is to look at the little dot sticking out near the top of the light pole.

The grenade lineup crosshair can be very useful for this, as you will need to find the middle of where the two points meet. Once you are able to find the correct lineup, simply throw the smoke grenade normally, which will land on the right side of A site.

Upper Highway Smoke

If you really like taking up the lurking role, then keeping this smoke in mind will prove to be very handy in your future matchmaking games! This smoke, which will land on the upper side of Highway, is thrown all the way from Useless, which is the area to the left of Warehouse.

First, bump yourself to the little corner next to the A site spray. Then, look towards the direction of the A site. You will notice a dot on the white colored wall. Following the position of that dot, move your crosshair all the way up to the top, just below the roof of the building. 

Next, move your crosshair approximately four lines to the left, following the bottom of the roof while you’re doing so. Finally, execute a jump throw to throw the smoke grenade all the way to Upper Highway.

Middle Cache Smokes

The Middle area, like any other map, is an important area that both teams will try to control. Terrorists can go through Middle and take over Vents or Connector. Here are some Mid smokes that can give you the upper hand!

Mid Connector Smoke

The Connector smoke can be thrown directly when you spawn on the T side. Since the smoke grenade can be thrown so early into the round, the T side can make use of the fast tempo to go out to Middle at the start of the round.

There are three parts to the smoke, so bear with us! The first step is to locate the third line from the right on the zebra crossing. You will be lining yourself up with this particular line. Second, you will need to aim your crosshair on the top of the middle line on the blue window. This spot is where you will be aiming your crosshair at.

Last, you will need to run and throw the smoke grenade. You will need to make sure that you throw your smoke once you have run past half of the line, as shown in the video. A successful smoke will allow you and your team to take control over Top Middle.

Lower Highway Middle Smoke

We’ve covered the smoke for the Upper Highway earlier, but there’s a difference between the purpose of the smokes on Upper and Lower Highway. The Lower Highway lineup is more useful for the Middle area, while the Upper one is useful for the A site. With that in mind, let’s figure out how to throw the smoke for the Lower Highway.

We will once again be using the same corner in the Useless area. Once you’ve bumped yourself in, look at the top corner of the leaves for the first part of this line up. Next, look for the line that has the end of the torn canopy, then move two lines to the left, as shown in the video. 

Once both parts have been lined up, throw your smoke normally. 

B Site Cache Smokes

The B bomb site is more open compared to other bomb sites, but a few smokes here and there can definitely help you break into it. Smoking off certain areas can help you gather more control over the B site. Here are some smokes that you must know!

B Main Smoke

The B Main smoke is a straightforward smoke lineup which can help you make your way into Checkers without getting picked off. 

First, locate the door in B Main, then line yourself up with the middle of said door. Then, look towards Sunroom. You will notice lots of white window panes on the wall. We will be using the third one from the left. 

Next up, aim over the top of the window pane, just below the ceiling of the wall. Once everything is set, run and throw the smoke. The smoke will block off B Main and allow you to have space to move around.

B CT Spawn Smoke

Counter Terrorists often hold from CT Spawn with an AWP, which can be quite troublesome for incoming Terrorists. Lucky for you, there is a smoke which can completely block the angle off and make your life easier. Check it out!

Head over to Sunroom, and jump up to the corner by the big box. Next, look up and break the window pane on the far right side. You will now need to look up until two square dots are visible. 

Imagine a line that connects both of these dots together, and aim for the middle of it. Once you’re ready, simply throw the smoke normally. The smoke grenade will land perfectly on CT Spawn on the B site and block it off. 

That will be it for the best Cache smokes! We hope that the videos have helped you memorize these useful smokes. Making use of effective smokes can definitely give you a sign of improvement. If you’re interested in learning more about smokes, feel free to check out our articles on Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno!

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