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All CS2 (CSGO) Hide and Seek Commands

Doesn’t a game of hide and seek once in a while sound enjoyable? Well, if it does, this article has you covered with hide and seek commands you need to know!

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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All CS2 (CSGO) Hide and Seek Commands

Sometimes, CS2 (CSGO) Competitive matches can be quite stressful and tilting. It can be a great idea to take a break to remember your childhood memories and reminisce about the moments when you were happy. Well, lucky for you, you can do exactly that by having a fun round of hide and seek with your friends! Continue reading this article to learn all you need to know about playing this hide and seek in CS2 (CSGO)!

All Hide and Seek Console Commands

The following paragraphs will include a list of all the commands that you will need, in order to run a hiding game smoothly in CS2 (CSGO). You will need to be able to open the console to apply these console commands.

sv_cheats 1This command will enable cheats, which is required.
This command can be used to kick bots out of the lobby immediately.
sv_alltalk 1
The sv_alltalk command allows players from different teams to speak and listen to each other through the voice chat.
mp_roundtime 5
This command will set the round time to last 5 minutes.
mp_roundtime_defuse 5
If you are on a Defuse Scenario map, this will set the round time to last 5 minutes.
mp_maxmoney 60000
This command is used to allow players to have unlimited money.
mp_afterroundmoney 60000
This will allow players to maintain infinite money.


Since we now understand what all the commands do and why they are required, we can input all of these commands quickly by copying and pasting the config into the console.

sv_alltalk 1 ;mp_roundtime 5 ;mp_roundtime_defuse 5 ;mp_maxmoney 60000 ;mp_startmoney 60000 ;mp_afterroundmoney 60000 ;mp_maxrounds 9999 ;sv_cheats 1 ;bot_kick

How to Play Hide and Seek

This part of the article will give you the step-by-step instructions on how you can set up the server, and the rules that you will have to follow.


Setting up the server

Follow the steps below to be able to start your own server to play with your friends.

  1. Grab at least 3 friends to make the mode fun.
  2. Gather up in a lobby together and load into any Valve map or community workshop maps you want to play on.
  3. Apply all the commands featured above, then you’re good to go.

Rules for for the game

Just like in any minigame, a certain set of rules will have to be followed to ensure that the server is balanced and fair.

  1. The recommended round length is 5 minutes.
  2. The hiders will have 30 seconds to disperse.
  3. The seekers should be Counter Terrorists.
  4. While the hiders are running away to find positions, the seeker must stare at a wall.
  5. Hiders can run away when they have been spotted, but they cannot shoot at the seekers.
  6. Hiders can hold onto non-lethal grenades, such as flash grenades to run away.

Downloading Counter Strike Workshop Maps

It may be a good example to download CS2 (CSGO) community workshop maps that have a dark and gloomy atmosphere that features bloody walls for a better gaming experience.


Why should you download workshop maps?

These maps can easily be downloaded with just the click of a button, and will make the game mode more fun, as you will be able to hide behind a random object there.

Well, there you have it! Hide and seek can always be a fun game mode to just cool off after a stressful CS2 (CSGO) match which can help you relax and refresh your mindset. Try to look into joining community servers that offer this game mode for extra fun with more players!

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