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Change Your Mic Quickly In CS2 (CSGO) [2 Solutions]

CS2 (CSGO) doesn't provide an in-game setting to change your microphone input. But, that doesn’t mean that the option is that far away from it.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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Change Your Mic Quickly In CS2 (CSGO) [2 Solutions]

The most common issue with microphone input in CS2 (CSGO) is that the game typically defaults to the wrong microphone. Windows can be tricky by setting random mics as defaults, which will frustrate you once you hop on a game and your teammates hear robotic sounds. To fix this, you can either change your system’s default input device or choose the microphone Steam should use for all games.

How To Change Microphone Input on Steam for CS2 (CSGO)

Using your Mic isn't the only way to communicate in CS2 (CSGO) as there are radio commands as well, but as we know how little attention those get, getting your mic to work should be a priority.

To change your mic input while CS2 (CSGO) is running:

  1. Press Shift+Tab

  2. Click on the Settings icon on the bottom

  3. From the Steam Settings Menu on the left, choose Voice

  4. In Voice Input Device, choose the mic you want Steam to use

If you want to change it without running CS2 (CSGO):
  1. Open Steam
  2. On the top left, click on "Steam" and then select Settings from the drop-down menu
  3. While in settings, focus on the left side and scroll a bit down until you see "Voice"
  4. In Voice Input Device choose the mic you want Steam to use

Microphone Input Settings CS2 (CSGO)

Just below the Voice Input Device setting, there is an option to hear how your microphone sounds. You can use this option to verify whether the selected input device is the correct one. On top of that, you can also verify if the audio is "loud" enough, and depending on the result you can use the sliders below to adjust your microphone volume as you please. If you can't hear your microphone in the microphone test, you can check out our guide on Counter Strike microphone troubleshooting and try to get it to work.

How To Change Microphone Input in Windows Settings

If you wish to completely avoid this issue in the future, you might want to select the microphone you wish to use as the Default Input Device in your system.

Here’s how to do it quickly:

  1. Click the Windows hotkey

  2. Type in Sound Settings and click Enter

  3. Overview the input section located on the bottom side of the screen

  4. Select your desired mic shown in the list of available devices

After changing your voice input device in Windows, it's advisable to restart Steam to make sure the voice changes get applied quickly. 

Windows Microphone Input Settings

By doing this, you will select the microphone you wish to use as the default one for all of the games that you play. Keep in mind that if a game has its own audio settings it will override the default ones and use its own instead. Similar to the Steam audio settings, there's a volume slider here as well that can help you increase or decrease your microphone volume to help you get to that optimal range so that your teammates can understand you well. 

In a high-tense game like Counter-Strike, communication is key, and being understood well has a lot to do with microphone volume & quality. Make sure to not abuse your voice coms as your trust factor can get a hit and that's not what you want. In case you were a bad boy, and you unleashed your full anger on someone and want to change your nickname for obvious reasons, check out our guide on how to change your nickname in CS2. That’s it, quick and easy! You can finally scream at your teammates on a good-quality microphone, and click heads in peace.

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