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How To Change Name in CS2 (CSGO)? (Two Easy Methods)

It’s impossible for any CS2 (CSGO) player to stick with one nickname throughout their entire CS2 (CSGO) career, and it’s fun to mix it up a bit.

Updated on Nov 22, 2023
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How To Change Name in CS2 (CSGO)? (Two Easy Methods)

Here are the two easy methods you can follow to change your desired nickname in CS2 (CSGO)!

Changing CS2 (CSGO) Nickname Through Steam Client

Your CS2 (CSGO) nickname will follow your Steam nickname, so changing it through the Steam Client is the first method to change your CS2 (CSGO) name.

On your Steam Client, head over to your Steam Profile page. You can do this by clicking your nickname next to the Community tab on the top-left of your client.

Going To Steam Profile

Once you’ve reached your Steam Profile, head over to Edit Profile.

Edit Profile

Under General, you will see your Profile Name. To change your nickname, simply type in your new desired nickname. Feel free to include any kind of CS2 (CSGO) slang or some reference to CS skins into your new nickname to fit in!

Changing Name

Once you are finished, scroll all the way down and hit Save.

Saving Name

After saving your settings, your new nickname will immediately be applied, and your new name will be displayed for all your friends to see. All CS2 (CSGO) players will also see the new name you’ve chosen.

Changing CS2 (CSGO) Nickname In-Game

You can also change your CS2 (CSGO) name while the game is open. This means you can change your name in the middle of a match without having to close the game. 

While in a CS2 (CSGO) match, click Shift + Tab to open the Steam In-Game Overlay. Then, open your Friends List by clicking on the icon showing two people on the bottom of the screen.

Friends Tab

Next, click on the downward arrow next to your Steam nickname. There will be an options menu to Edit Profile Name.

Edit Profile Name

A new Edit Profile Name menu will pop up, where you can put in a new name you want to change to. Once you are done with your name, simply click Confirm.

Changing Name

After changing your name, all players in the game will be notified through the CS2 (CSGO) chat that you have changed your name unless they have their chats muted. Everyone can see your new name immediately, and you can change your name as many times as you want in a game.

Is Changing Counter Strike Nicknames Free and Unlimited?

The answer is yes, it is free and unlimited! Steam has put no paywalls or limits to changing your name. Since your Steam account name will be your CS2 (CSGO) name, you can change your name any time you want for free! 

You can even play under the names of the best CS2 (CSGO) players. However, make sure you don’t put any inappropriate names as other players can report you to CS2 (CSGO) and Steam.

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