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7 Worst Weapons CS2 (CSGO) Has To Offer [Ranked]

The AK-47 and AWP are some of the best weapons in CS2 (CSGO). However, some weapons are so bad that nobody wants to buy them.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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7 Worst Weapons CS2 (CSGO) Has To Offer [Ranked]

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R8 Revolver

When the R8 Revolver was released in Counter Strike, it was the most broken weapon in the game. The weapon was incredibly accurate on release and had minimal delay upon firing. At that time, players would prefer the R8 over the AWP, as the R8 was only 16% of the AWP's price, making the R8 one of the most used weapons in CS2 (CSGO).

R8 Revolver

However, Valve quickly fixed the weapon and applied major nerfs to the weapon. The R8 takes a very long time to fire, and you only get 86 damage from a connecting shot.

Though the R8 is $200 cheaper, 99% of CS2 (CSGO) players prefer the best pistol in the game over the measly Revolver, making it the worst weapon in this weapon tier list.

2 /7


The M249 is one of the few choices of light machine guns and is easily the worst. The biggest issue with the gun is the Negev is an easy choice over the M249 for almost every CS2 (CSGO) player.

First, the M249 costs a whopping $5,200, making it the most expensive weapon in the game! Meanwhile, the Negev will only cost you $1,700 and has many more benefits than its competitor.


You'll only get 100 magazine capacity with 200 reserve ammo on the M249, while you can get 150 magazine capacity and 300 reserve ammo on the Negev. The $1,700 gun is also infinitely more accurate than the M249.

These reasons are enough to make the M249 almost untouched by players of all skill levels.

3 /7

PP Bizon

The PP Bizon is easily the worst SMG in the game, both for the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist sides. The Bizon has inadequate damage per shot, limited armor penetration, and is horrible at range.

PP Bizon

These features can already make the Bizon unappealing, but it's important to note that it costs $150 to $350 more than better alternatives like the MAC-10 and MP9.

The PP-Bizon is also chained by limited versatility, as the only viable time to buy it is for anti-eco rounds or against full ecos, which only happens a few times per match. Still, if the enemies are performing eco rounds, the MAC-10 and MP9 are way better cheap SMG options for players due to their superior value over the Bizon.

4 /7

Sawed Off

Almost all CS2 (CSGO) players agree that the Sawed Off is the worst shotgun in the game. Fortunately, you'll only find this not-so very good weapon on the Terrorist side, so you will at least have a better option on the CT side.

Sawed Off

Though it is intended that shotguns have short effective range, the Sawed Off, in particular, is only effective at point-blank range, while other shotguns like the MAG-7 and XM1014 will still give you some room to work with.

It's also important to remember that the Sawed Off has one of the longest rates of fire in the game. It will take you so much time to get another shot in. If you miss your first shot, you're most likely done for.

5 /7


The CZ75 used to be one of the most prominent pistols in CS2 (CSGO), as you'd basically have a miniature AK-47 for $500. Back then, getting headshots from this pistol would be lethal against an opponent with a helmet, making the CZ75 an amazing weapon choice to win CS2 (CSGO) aim duels. Going against anti-ecos was scary as you'd be running into players abusing this broken pistol.

CZ 75

However, the CZ75 era ended years ago, after Valve applied heavy nerfs to the full-auto pistol. The CZ75's recoil and fire inaccuracy increased, but most importantly, its base damage was reduced.

Since the nerf was applied, the Tec-9 and Five-SeveN became way better alternatives to the CZ75, and we almost never see this pistol in the professional scene anymore. We also don't recommend this pistol to beginners, as you'll run out of bullets very quickly, especially in the pistol round.

6 /7


The UMP-45 is available to both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. The submachine gun is one of the cheapest SMG choices at $1,200. Though being affordable usually means the weapon has decent value, the UMP-45 is different.

UMP 45

The weapon will only cost you a little because it's simply not worth the money. Among all the weapons in the SMG category, the UMP-45 has one of the lowest fire rates, making it a lousy option for close-quarter battles, which defeats the entire purpose of an SMG.

The UMP-45 could be better in the run-and-gun department too. One of the best ways for an SMG to defeat a superior weapon is to run-and-gun, and the UMP-45 doesn't offer this due to its CS2 (CSGO) spray pattern and slow fire rate, making other SMG choices much better.

7 /7


The Nova is the most affordable shotgun on both sides, and there's an apparent reason why: it's almost worthless.

We've discussed that the Sawed Off is the worst shotgun in the game, but thankfully, that piece of junk is only available on the Terrorist side. The Sawed Off has allowed the Nova to become the second-worst shotgun in CS2 (CSGO) and the worst on the CT side.


One of the main issues with the Nova is its uncertainty. The damage from the Nova can be very inconsistent at any range, close or far. The rate of fire on the Nova isn't the best either, so failing to kill an enemy in your first shot (considering its inconsistent damage) can put you in big trouble.

The weapon is so bad that Valve gave it one of the highest kill rewards in the game at $900.

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