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A guide to CS2 (CSGO) Sticker Scraping

Anyone who owns even one skin with a sticker may have noticed an option to “scrape it.” But what does that actually mean?

Updated on Nov 22, 2023
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A guide to CS2 (CSGO) Sticker Scraping

What is sticker scraping in CS2 (CSGO)?

“Scraping” a sticker means gradually removing it from the weapon. With each scrape, you’ll have a smaller and smaller portion of the sticker, and the final scratch deletes it from the skin.

We could compare the quality of the sticker to the condition of the weapon skins. Bought on the marketplace or dropped from a capsule, the sticker is always Factory New, and you click on it to increase its usage status until you remove it for good.

How to scrape a CS2 (CSGO) sticker?

The sticker scraping process itself in CS2 (CSGO) is super simple. It's basically just 5 steps:

  1. Launch CS2 (CSGO)
  2. Select the inventory icon on the left side of the Menu screen
  3. Right-click on the skin with the sticker you want to scrape
  4. Left-click on “Scrape sticker”
  5. Now all you have to do is left-click on the sticker graphic underneath the weapon. One click = one scrape.


With each click, the sticker will become more and more damaged. Click wisely, as you cannot undo this process.

Contrary to what you may think, once you remove the sticker from the skin, you will not get it back in your inventory. The sticker will disappear completely with no trace of it.

Why would you scrape a sticker?

We could say that sticker scraping is a kind of visual personalization method. After all, some people decide to buy Battle-Scarred skins just because they like them better than Factory New ones. CS2 (CSGO) stickers have many elements on them by default, so scraping will primarily be of interest to minimalists.

Scraping tournament stickers

When scraping off tournament stickers, you first remove things related to the tournament organizer, and eventually, the team logo is the only thing that remains.


It's the same for stickers with autographs of professional players — the more scraping, the less background, and at the very end, you're left with the pure signature itself.

Scraping feral predators stickers

Each scrape on the Feral Predators stickers brings you closer to seeing the animal's skeleton, and you usually need 8 or 9 scrapes for it.


If you only care about this effect, it will not make much difference whether you buy a regular, hologram, or foil sticker; the final result will be almost identical.

Scraping regular stickers

On most regular stickers, the scraping process mainly involves removing the background and unnecessary elements from them. With each click, the sticker becomes much more minimalist and barely visible. Sporadically, we may even think that the sticker is just a part of the weapon skin.

AWP Lore MLG Sticker

Some stickers hide hidden messages behind them, which you can discover by scraping. Such an example would be Queen of Pain, where you can read the hidden message “You’ll suffer, fool” at the last scraping stage.

Counter Strike Queen of Pain Sticker Scraped

This is just one of many examples; stickers are a regular place where players find so-called “Easter Eggs,” often referring to inside jokes known in the Counter-Strike community.

Alright, now let’s give some answers to some frequently asked questions about sticker scraping in CS2 (CSGO):

How do I know if the sticker on a skin I want to buy has been scraped?

If you see that a skin you would like to buy has some stickers, and you wish to check their condition, simply press the “Inspect in Game” asson on the marketplace where you want to make your purchase.

How to inspect skins for scraped stickers

This will open up CS2 (CSGO), and it will show you precisely what the skin you want to buy looks like.

How many times can you scrape a sticker?

You can scrape the sticker up to 10 times in CS2 (CSGO). The tenth scraping removes the sticker from the skin.

Where can you see what each step of scraping the sticker looks like?

For now, there is no place where you can check out what each scraping phase looks like for a given sticker in CS2 (CSGO). YouTube and Reddit may be helpful for you, but every so often, you'll just have to test it out yourself.

How does a scratched sticker affect the skin value?

As we mentioned earlier, scraping stickers is actually a matter of visual personalization. Therefore, a skin with a “new” sticker will virtually always be more valuable than one with a scraped one.

AWP Dragon Lore With Stickers

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That's all we'd like to tell you about sticker scraping! We hope that you've found the information you were looking for. Be sure to also get yourself some Counter Strike skins that will match your scraped stickers.

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