Best CS:GO Agents to Invest In

Interested in Agent skins but not sure which ones to buy? Let’s take a look at which Agent skins are worth buying!
Best CS:GO Agents to Invest In

CS:GO Agents are the newest additions to the skins market, which has allowed players to further pimp out their in-game customization. However, players with Agent skins are unable to see their own Agent models for themselves, unlike normal weapon skins. 

This makes players question whether Agent skins are actually worth spending real money on or not. For those of you who think that spending a few dollars on Agent skins is no problem, then we have handpicked the best Agents, on both CT and T sides, that you can invest in!

Best CT Side Agents to Invest In

Do you enjoy holding down Bombsites in style? Here is the list of the best CT Agents that are worth your money! If you’re interested in investing in skins such as Agent skins, have a read of our article on our guide to investing skins.


Special Agent Ava

Special Agent Ava from the FBI, was the first female Agent that came out in CS:GO, and is currently one of the few female Agents that the game has to offer. This automatically makes her a very unique choice compared to other Agents.

Special Agent Ava

She is wearing very dark clothing, which can allow her to blend into many dark areas on different maps. For more about Agents that blend in, we have just the article for you. Purchasing Special Agent Ava also comes with funny voice lines and an amazing character design.

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Lt. Commander Ricksaw

Lt. Commander Ricksaw hails from the Navy Seals and is one of the bulkiest boys out there for you to buy. Though he is a calm, collected, and reliable leader, he doesn’t stop hyping up the team by yelling "Hooyah!" in many of his voice lines.

Commander Ricksaw

Ricksaw carries so much gear and looks prepared for any possible situation, suiting his role as a leader. He is also not shy about rocking that light blue cap, which looks completely out of place. That says a lot about his character!



‘Two Times’ McCoy

‘Two Times’, coming from the USAF TCAP, is one of the agents that does not actually carry a huge backpack, but looks like he’s ready to carry his team instead. He isn’t called ‘Two Times’ for nothing, as he rocks the two B’s, his beard and binoculars make him look special compared to the other CT Side Agents.

Two Times

McCoy wears balanced clothing in terms of its darkness and brightness, which can be beneficial for hiding in certain spots in different maps. Check out our article on the topic to find out who the best Agents for each map! The blue touches around his character make for an extremely refreshing look as well.


Best T Side Agents to Invest In

Do you like to blow places up and look good while doing it? Here are the best T Side Agents that you should look out for!


Number K

Number K from The Professionals is probably the funniest looking Agents that has ever been released in CS:GO, and will probably stay as it is for a year or a very long time. The biggest highlight for this Agent is probably very noticeable at first glance, the questionable choice of “accessories” that he chose to use on his head. He also casually smokes a cigarette at all times, even while rushing B. What a chill lad.

Number K

Members of the CS:GO community have found it extremely funny that this Agent was released, and there was a lot of hype surrounding his skin’s announcement. This makes Number K a strong investment with great value, as his concept will forever be enjoyed by the Counter-Strike fans.

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Sir Bloody Miami Darryl

Darryl, released in the Broken Fangs update, is the leader of The Professionals, and is currently the most expensive Agent skin on the market. At first glance, he is probably the funkiest Agent in the game and looks completely out of place compared to his peers.

Sir Darryl

He wears a hockey mask with antennas, as if he couldn’t afford a cooler looking mask with all the banks he has robbed. The casual floral shirt accompanying his gold chain just shows his lack of fashion sense, but he will shoot you down if you make fun of him. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Sir Bloody Miami is a great choice to get your money’s worth.



‘The Doctor’ Romanov

‘The Doctor’ is probably one of the coolest Agent design ideas in the entire game. He is a very goofy looking character, with cool shades and an evil doctor hairstyle, as his name suggests. Romanov wears a fashionable coat that really makes him look like a boss.

The Doctor

The greatest part about this Agent is that you can see his doctor's uniform under the sweater that he is wearing. This gives us the idea that ‘The Doctor’ became a Terrorist as a side job or treats exploding Bombsites like something he does as a hobby. To top it all off, Romanov has CS:GO’s favorite accent, the Russian accent.

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Are Agents Generally Worth Investing In?

Though CS:GO weapon skins and stickers are most likely where you would want to pool your money, Agents can be a small and fun bonus to purchase if you have extra funds. The most expensive Agent is currently selling for $21.50 on the Steam Market, so don’t expect too much return on your investment. If you want to learn more about agents, we have an article on the topic of Agent hitboxes for you to read!