CSGO Best Molotovs Train

Train is a complex map, but knowing a handful of molotovs can really make the gameplay easier. Check out the best molotovs on Train through this article!
CSGO Best Molotovs Train

Train is one of the more difficult Counter Strike Competitive maps in the map pool, as there are lots of trains that allow enemy players to hide behind and take cover. Terrorists in Train will have to check lots of angles and smoke them off when going into sites, while Counter Terrorists will have to be careful of quick rushes from the T side. The best way to counter these two scenarios is by using molotovs! Let's check out the best molotovs on Train.

T Side Counter Strike Global Offensive Molotovs

While playing on Train, Terrorists will have to clear out close angles as there could very well be a CT hiding behind the the many trains.

A Site Train Molotovs

The most common entry points for Terrorists are through A Main and Popdog. Let’s find out some useful molotovs for both of these areas on Train.

E-Box Molotov from A Main

E-Box on the A Site is a very common angle for Counter Terrorists to hold, as it provides decent cover and they can smoke themselves off if they are in trouble. 

For this molotov lineup, look for the dark green train on the right side of A Main. Then, line yourself up with the line on the far right. 

Once you have successfully done so, turn left and you’ll notice a horizontal line on the exit of A Main. Aim your crosshair on the left end of the line. 

The last step will be to run, then jump throw when the right line of the train track no longer becomes visible on your screen. The molotov will completely cover the E-Box area and force CTs to fall back and play on site.

Sandwich Molotov from A Main

Sandwich refers to the area in between the two trains directly in front of A Main, and is another angle that CTs love playing in. Throwing a molotov will make your life much easier as a Terrorist.

First, find the box on the right side of A Main, then line yourself up with the left end of the box in front.

Then, look for the middle point of the ladder on the train directly in front of you. This point should be lined up with the corner of the wall above it as well. Next, move your crosshair upwards until you meet the point shown in the video.

Finally, simply throw your molotov normally. The molotov will force anyone playing in Sandwich to fall back or use a smoke to extinguish the molotov.

Popdog Molotov from Showers

Popdog is a popular place where Terrorists like to enter A site from, which is why lots of CTs will play a close angle to catch incoming Terrorists who are coming down from the ladder.

In front of the ladder to Popdog, there is a little corner where you can fit yourself into. People tend to slip, so take your time and make sure you’re bumped in.

Next, look for the noticeable dot which is right under you. Line your crosshair up with this dot. Then, run and throw your molotov around the time your crosshair touches the red and white line. 

The molotov will cover 90% of the Popdog position and prevent any CTs from comfortably camping for your eventual drop down the ladder and force them to smoke it off. You can also use a HE Grenade with the exact same lineup.

B Site Train Molotovs

B Site is quite tricky because the entrances to the site are pretty tight. Make sure to make use of molotovs to clear out close angles and play post plants!

White Train Molotov from B Main

Behind the White Train is one of the best positions to mow down Terrorists pushing from Lower B. Making sure nobody is there will help your B executes become more successful.

In the back of B Main, line yourself up with the railing that is next to the B sign. At the top of the wall with the B sign, aim your crosshair at the lamp which touches the same wall. Then, move your crosshair upwards until it meets the horizontal line of the railing.

Then, throw your molotov normally. The molotov will land on the back of the White Train.

Post Plant Molotov from Upper B

One amazing thing about T side on Train is that you can have a really easy molotov lineup for a B Default post plant, which you can throw from a very safe angle.

From the back of Upper B, line yourself up with the backside wall, then move until the doorknob on the left door meets the wall. 

Next, aim for the top of the right side door. Move your crosshair to the middle of the door’s horizontal distance. Finally, run and throw your molotov.

This molotov will land perfectly on the default plant position, and can be a great method to stall time for the bomb to explode.

CT Side Counter Strike Global Offensive Molotovs

CT Side train is relatively easy to play, but knowing a few molotov lineups will make it even easier.

A Site Train Molotovs

Since Terrorists like to rush out through A Main and Popdog, learning some molotovs for these positions can help you slow the push down.

A Main Molotov from A Site

A Main on Train is the best route for Terrorists to go quickly to push the site. Slow it down with this molotov we’re about to teach you. 

First off, make your way on the default bomb train, and look towards the direction of the box on the back side which is facing away from A Main. Look for the line that is poking out of the right side of the box.

Then, turn around and look for the top left corner of the second line, which is under the roof of the house. Then, normally throw your molotov. The molotov will land right at the exit of A Main and force a smoke to be used.

Popdog Molotov from A Site

Mollying off Popdog on Train can be a great idea if you want to shift your focus towards A Main.

For this lineup, we will again be using the default bomb train. Once you walk through Connector, you can see the escalation steps to help you get on top of the train. Bump yourself into the right corner of it as shown in the video.

Then, aim your crosshair on the corner of the box, where the roof of a house can slightly be seen. Finally, throw your molotov normally. The molotov will bounce off the wall and completely burn the exit of Popdog and force Terrorists to smoke it to extinguish the flames.

B Site Train Molotovs

The B Site is relatively easy for CTs to hold, but they should be wary of fast B rushes through Lower and Upper B.

B Lower Molotov from CT

A nice molotov to slow down the Lower B push can be thrown all the way from CT Spawn. 

For this lineup, make your way to the B Platform, where you’ll notice a vertical line separating the metal rectangle. Then, move forward until you’re standing on the white line.

Next, using the line in the middle, move your crosshair all the way up, until you have passed the trapezium ventilation sticking out of the wall. Finally, run and throw your molotov.

The molotov will land perfectly in front of B Main and force Terrorists to wait or use a smoke.

B Upper Molotov from White Train

The last molotov in this article about Train will be used to burn the exit of Upper B.

First, make your way behind the White Train. Line yourself up along the left side of the train track, but make sure to keep some distance and not bump into the train itself.

Then, look upwards toward the direction of Upper B. You will notice a gray wall right next to the white brick wall. Use the line that separates the two, then aim your crosshair around the middle of its vertical distance.

The last step is to run and throw your molotov, make sure to only run for a very short distance. The molotov bounces off the wall and blocks off the entire exit of Upper B. Terrorists will have to waste a smoke just for this molotov.

That concludes it for the best molotovs on the map Train! Paired up with the best smokes on Train, you’ll be able to add this map to your map pool quickly! If you’re looking to learn about more molotovs on other maps, check out our articles on Dust II, Mirage, and Inferno!