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CSGO Best Smokes Mirage

Mirage is one of CSGO’s oldest maps in the Active Duty pool. Check out some of the most useful smokes that you can use in your matchmaking games to win more!
CSGO Best Smokes Mirage

Mirage is one of Counter Strike’s staple maps that is yet to receive a rework, so it would be a sin for any Counter Strike Global Offensive player to not know any smoke spots on this map! Since Mirage is one of the CT-Sided maps in CS, knowing where to throw your smoke grenades can really help your Terrorist side get into those bomb sites with minimal casualties. This article will cover all the smokes that you need to know for Mirage!

A Site Smoke Spots

The A Site on Mirage is considered to be the easier bomb site to hit out of the two, and correct usage of smoke grenades can make getting in much smoother. Let’s dig in to the best smokes that you should use on the A site.

A Site CT Spawn Smoke

CT Spawn and Ticket Booth is an incredibly common angle that Counter-Terrorists love to hold from, as it provides them with good cover. CTs will often hold from Ticket Booth with an AWP as well, as CT Spawn allows for long ranged duels to occur. It would be very wise to smoke it off before entering the site. Here’s how:

The first step of the CT smoke grenade is to position yourself directly in front of the line on the right side of the door. Next, you will need to look forward and face the wall. Upon careful looking, you may notice that there is a square shaped patch which does not follow the dark-brown color scheme.

Now, move your crosshair and aim it on the bottom right corner of the square patch. Once you have successfully done so, jump throw your smoke. The smoke grenade will land perfectly on CT Spawn, and will block off any CTs that are playing there.

This CT smoke spot will force the enemy team to either push through the smoke grenade or waste time repositioning themselves away from Ticket Booth.

A Site Jungle Smoke 

The Jungle area is a huge compartment of the A site, as CTs can come in from both Window and Connector. You can expect lots of CTs to be around this area from multiple angles when you are hitting the A site, so smoking it off can never go wrong.

To throw the Jungle smoke, you will first need to go to the top platform outside A Ramp. Next up, you will need to line yourself up with the middle line in between the two windows. After that, turn around and look at the trapezium detail that is poking out of the wall. 

The first part to lining up your crosshair is on the middle of the height of the detail. The second part of the lineup can be found on the bottom left corner of the detail. Once both of the parts have been lined up, simply throw the smoke.

The smoke will land on Jungle, completely blocking off the vision of CTs that are playing around the area.

A Site Stairs Smoke

A Site Stairs is located very close to the Jungle area, and since the area is really big, two smokes will be needed to completely block it off. That’s where the A Site Stairs smoke grenade comes into play, as it is most effective when both the A Site Jungle and Stairs smokes are being utilized.

The lineup for this one is very straightforward. First, line yourself up with the line that is located on the first step of the T Spawn stairs that leads you to the upper platform. Next, you will need to look to the right, until wooden scaffoldings can be seen. 

Once you have located the scaffoldings properly, you may notice that a rectangle shape can be seen between the wood and the edge of the building. We will be using the upper rectangle for this lineup. Simply aim in the middle of the rectangle and throw the A Site smoke.

This simple lineup will land exactly on the top of A Site Stairs, and will make your A site executes way easier. 

Mid Smoke Spots

Control over the Mid area on Mirage can be quite crucial, as the Mid area covers a large part of the entire map. Making it to Mid without taking damage would be ideal in preparation to fight for control, and smoke spots are the perfect way to make your way up there unscathed.

Top Mid Smoke

Counter-Terrorists frequently use the Mid Window position with a sniper rifle to pick off Terrorists who are entering Top Mid. This can pose a big problem for Terrorists to be able to go to Mid safely. However, Terrorists can make use of smoke grenades to get to their positions without harm.

At T Spawn, there is a garbage bin located on the corner. For this lineup, you will need to jump on top of it and bump yourself onto the corner. When you look up, you will notice two antennas that are sticking out of the houses. We will be using the right antenna for this smoke. 

Aim your crosshair on the right side of the longest antenna line, then simply throw the smoke. The smoke grenade will land right on Top Mid, which will prevent CTs from being able to see players crossing from T Spawn to the Top Mid connector.

The good thing about this smoke is that you can quickly throw it as the round starts and have it land by the time you finish walking up to Top Mid. 

Mid Window Smoke

Smoking off the Mid Window position can benefit Terrorists greatly, as this will give them lots of wiggle room in Mid without getting picked off from the most common angle that CTs like to hold. You will need to be at Top Mid to throw this smoke, so consider pairing it up with the previous Top Mid smoke that we have covered.

At Top Mid, there are two Mid Boxes that are sandwiching a cart. For this smoke, you will need to push yourself onto the corner on where the right side box meets the cart. There will be two parts to this smoke lineup, so stay with us.

The first part of the smoke will be on the top corner of the opened box, which will be used for the horizontal lineup. Next, you will notice an antenna pole that is visible from the angle you are in. The second part of the smoke will be to line your crosshair up with the antenna pole on the right. This will be the vertical lineup. Once you have lined both parts up correctly, simply throw the smoke.

This particular smoke lineup can easily be replicated with the grenade crosshair bind, which can help you line the smoke up easily.

B Site Smoke Spots

The B bomb site is a tricky site to hit, as Terrorists have limited paths of actually getting into the site. This makes the use of smoke grenades quite crucial in order to break into the site efficiently. Here are the most useful smoke spots for the B site!

B Market Window Smoke

B Site Market Window is a common angle that Counter-Terrorists hold with an AWP, as it allows them to get easy pickoffs on Terrorists who are advancing through the B Site Apartments. Smoking off the angle completely is the best course of action for Terrorists, and here’s how you can do so.

First, bump yourself onto the corner on the wall near long door that has a bunch of paperwork on them. Next, look for the tallest building that is visible. 

We will be aiming at the top corner of the building, just under the roof of it. Once you have settled on the lineup, the last step will be to jump throw the smoke. The smoke grenade will land right in front of B Site Market Door, covering the entire angle. 

This particular smoke grenade is quite easy to line up, and has significant impact when thrown properly. Definitely one of the best smokes on Mirage overall.

B Market Door Smoke 

B Site Market Door is where most rotating Counter Terrorists come from, so it is safe to say that Market Door is a highly contested position on the B Site that should be smoked off for good. This particular lineup may be the most complicated one, so bear with us.

To position yourself for this smoke, you will first need to bump yourself onto the trash bags that are in front of the stairway near long door. Next, look for the windows that are placed on the wall by the staircase. There should be a total of three visible windows, where the middle one is not entirely visible from where you are standing from.

We will be aiming at the top right corner of the separation of the second and third window from left to right order. Once the lineup is settled, jump throw the smoke.

This will force rotating CTs to either pick an uncomfortable position or push through the smoke into the B Site blindly.

There you have it! These are highly recommended smokes that every Counter Strike Global Offensive player should know. If you have found this article helpful, try leaning incendiary grenades to pair up with your smokes, and also make sure to check out our smokes articles on Dust II and Inferno!

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