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How To Change Crosshair in CSGO

Check out four methods to change your crosshair in CSGO!
How To Change Crosshair in CSGO

Setting the right crosshair is crucial in CSGO and almost any other FPS game. And well, the default crosshair is just not good, and if we want to climb ranks, we would need the best crosshair there is, personalized for our needs.

That said, we have prepared four ways to change crosshair in CSGO, so you can choose the most comfortable one for you! Without further ado, let’s get yourself a new crosshair!

How To Change Crosshair in CSGO

crashz Crosshair Generator Workshop Map

Let's start with what we think is the best method to find yourself a perfect crosshair in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and it will be the free Workshop map made by crashz.

This map is basically a collection of crosshairs used by professional players, which you can try out by shooting at one of them. Apart from that, the map also contains a menu with all of the available crosshair styles and colors that looks like this:

You don't have to go into any settings – just download the map, jump into the private server and replace your default crosshair with the one you like best. The map also allows us to test the crosshair on bots and background from Dust 2 to see how you feel about it. 

<full-button>GET CRASHZ CROSSHAIR GENERATOR MAP <full-button>

Game Settings

Another popular option to change crosshair in CSGO is to simply do it from within the game settings. To accomplish that, all you have to do is:

  1. Open CS:GO
  2. Press on the gear wheel in the main menu of the game (Game Settings)
  3. From all options available, choose “Crosshair”
Game Settings CSGO Crosshair

From there, you will have 14 crosshair settings you can adjust to your tastes. Here are all of them explained:

Crosshair StyleWith this crosshair setting, you can choose one of the five crosshair style presets
Center DotFrom here, you can choose whether you want to have a small center dot in the middle of your CSGO crosshair or not (Default setting: On)
LengthSets the length of your CSGO crosshair
ThicknessSets the thickness of your CSGO crosshair
GapSets how close you want sight lines to be to each other
OutlineSets how big you want the crosshair outline to be. It’s worth noting that you have the option to turn this setting off entirely
Red/Green/BlueFrom here, you can choose the color of your CSGO crosshair
AlphaSets the transparency index of your CSGO crosshair
Split DistanceAdjusts the dynamic magnification of your CSGO crosshair
Inner Split AlphaAdjusts the transparency of the inner part of your CSGO crosshair
Outer Split AlphaAdjusts the transparency of the outer part of your CSGO crosshair
Split Size RatioAllows you to change the split size between the inner and outer parts of your CSGO crosshair
T StyleBy having this option on, you remove the top line of your CSGO crosshair
Displayed Weapon GapBy having this option on, your crosshair size will change accordingly to the weapon you are currently using

This option even works well in combination with the previous one, as you can adjust different crosshair settings to your taste. For example, you can pick a crosshair from the crashz Workshop Map, and then adjust its crosshair style of it by choosing one of the five available crosshair styles in the settings.

game settings csgo crosshair

That said, this is probably your go-to way to get the best crosshair settings personalized just for you without wasting an eternity. One thing that is very personal and depends on many factors such as the monitor, the distance of your eyes from the monitor, or even your eyesight itself is the crosshair size, and adjusting it from Game Settings is definitely the best option to do it. Learn everything about the spray control in CSGO: How To Control Spray in CSGO? 

Developer Console Commands

There is an option to change your crosshair through a Developer Console, although it would not be the most convenient way to do it.


But still, you can adjust any settings that are also available in Game Settings by using specific commands. If you want to check them all out, we invite you to check out our article with all crosshair commands available: CS:GO Crosshair Commands Explained

Editing Your CFG File

Lastly, probably the least convenient option for changing your crosshair – editing your CFG file. However, it can be handy if you need to have your settings saved because you are about to use different hardware than you usually do.

If you want to change your crosshair settings by editing the config file, you would have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg
  2. Turn off Read Only mode in your CFG file properties
  3. Open the file and scroll down to find crosshair commands
  4. Adjust crosshair commands to your needs
  5. Save the file and turn on Read Only mode back

If you want to learn more about how to use config files, check out this article: How To Install a Config in CSGO

What’s The Best Way To Change Crosshair in CSGO?

In our opinion, the best way to change the crosshair in CSGO is to choose one of the Crashz Workshop maps and then adjust it to your preferences in the Game Settings. These two console methods are more for people who want to "export" their crosshair, whether to share with other players or to save themselves in case of options to play on different hardware.

What’s The Best Way To Change Crosshair in CSGO?

But well, some people just prefer to use the console methods regardless, and if you are one of them, be sure to also check out our listing of the best crosshairs from Counter Strike Global Offensive pros: The Best Crosshairs in CSGO

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