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How To Open Console in CSGO?

Learn how to open and use the console in CSGO with our in-depth guide!
How To Open Console in CSGO?

Developer Console is one of the most useful tools in CS:GO. We've put together a few step-by-step guides, and a list of frequently asked questions about the most common issues players have with the console in CS:GO, so that you can use this handy tool at its full potential.

How to open console in CS:GO?

First, we'll look at a matter that a large portion of new players has trouble with — how do you even open the console in CS:GO? 

To use the console in CS:GO, you must first enable it in the game settings:

  1. Launch CS:GO
  2. Click on the gear wheel on the left side of the screen (Settings menu)
  3. On the top bar of the settings menu (the one to the left of the search bar) select Game
  4. Find “Enable Developer Console (~)” — It should be the fifth position from above
  5. Change the “Enable Developer Console (~)” setting from “No” to “Yes
How To Enable Console CSGO

From now on, every time you press the tilde (~, that key to the left of 1), the Developer Console will open. However, if you press the tilde key again while the console is on, the console will disappear.

How to change keybind for opening the console up

If you have trouble opening the console with tilde or want to use a different key, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch CS:GO
  2. Click on the gear wheel on the left side of the screen (Settings menu)
  3. On the top bar of the settings menu (the one to the left of the search bar) select Keyboard/Mouse
  4. Scroll down to UI Keys
  5. Change the Toggle console setting using a key of your choice
console different key csgo

You can also change the key bind for opening your console by typing a single command; here's how:

  1. Open the console
  2. Type bind (key of your choice) toggleconsole. For example; if you want to open console with F3, you type “bind F3 toggleconsole”
  3. Confirm the command by pressing Enter

What can I use CS:GO console for?

The Developer Console is the text-based input/output interface in CS:GO. It allows you to control global game settings with the use of text commands. 

Why can’t I open CS:GO console?

The most common reasons for the Developer Console not opening up are:

  • Disabled access to the console in the game settings
  • Console toggle set to another key
CSGO Console Guide

Check your game settings and try the ways we presented above. If that doesn't work, try uploading a different config or contact Steam Support.

What does the “quit smoking” command do?

The “quit smoking” or “quit job” prank is one of the most popular ones in the gaming community. Players still fall for it and wonder why it kicks them out of the game after typing these commands. Well, it is just due to the word quit — whatever you “quit,” by the mere presence of this keyword, it will always throw you out of the game.

Whatever you need the console for, we hope this article has solved your problems, and you can now enjoy using this great tool. Consider checking out our other articles, like the one about sv_cheats commands you can type into your Developer Console to make your gameplay experience more interesting. 

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