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Top 5 Best Warmup Maps In CS2 [Free To Download]

Aim Botz and the CSStats Training Map are excellent community workshop maps for warming up, but there are three more maps you should check out!

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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Top 5 Best Warmup Maps In CS2 [Free To Download]

Aim Botz

Every intermediate to advanced CS2 player has heard of Aim Botz, as it is the most popular aim training map that has been out for God knows how long. Aim Botz was created by Mr. uLLeticaL and has over 1.8 million subscribers.

The Aim Botz map is an elementary 360-degree warm up map where bots spawn around you.

Aim Botz Map

You can customize your warm up routines with these key features:

  • Moving bots that you can turn on or off, helping you track moving targets.

  • Turning Kevlar + Helmet on or off on the bots.

  • Peek and spray behind walls to warm up and practice your peeking shots.

  • Turning infinite ammo on or off to warm up to real-game situations.

  • Choose from all of the most used weapons in CS2.

  • Turning sections of the map on or off.

One trendy thing that has been around in the CS2 community is the "Aim Botz Challenge". In the Aim Botz map, you can go through the map's challenge: getting one hundred bot kills as fast as you can. You will be timed on how long it takes to kill a hundred bots, and you can compare your results to the leaderboards on the map.

Aim Botz Challenge

Overall, Aim Botz is the most popular warm up map in CS2. It's a very simple map, making loading in and shooting bots highly effective before hopping into a Premier or Competitive CS2 match.


CSStats Training Map

The CSStats Training Map was created by, a highly popular statistics tracking website for CS2. Though it is relatively new, it has almost 1 million current subscribers and is chasing down Aim Botz's title of being the best warm up map.

Honestly speaking, I've just recently learned about the map, and am completely in love with it. Unlike Aim Botz, which is super plain, the map has a really cool design. The best part about the CSStats Training Map is the map's customizable options.

CSStats Training Map Settings

You have three training modes, which are:

  • Range: Bots will spawn in front of you and stand still. In this shooting range, these bots can spawn close or far from you so that you can warm up your flicks and accuracy.

  • Rush: Bots will constantly run at you. This training mode allows you to help with your spray training. You can also turn on infinite ammo to help you deal with the swarm of bots.

  • Shuffle: You will be teleported into the middle of the arena, where bots will spawn around you. These bots will constantly be strafing, so you can warm up your tracking skills on moving targets.

Like other warm up and aim training maps, you can set up a "Headshot Only" mode and enable or disable armor on these bots. You can also adjust how many bots will spawn in front of you.

You can set up obstacles and different terrains to give you an immersive experience. Bots will be standing behind boxes and on top of platforms, making the aim map highly effective for a warm up session.

CSStats Training Map Shuffle Mode



The CS2_Aim map is advertised as "a feature-rich, yet lightweight warm up map." It was created by community member azy and has half a million current subscriptions. After testing out the map myself, I can agree that the map is filled with awesome features.

I'm a big fan of the CS2_Aim map because of its complete bot settings. Though other aim maps also provide similar options, the CS2_Aim bot settings menu makes it easy to choose what you want.

CS2_Aim Settings

I personally love the miscellaneous settings, which allow you to mess with the bots' settings and provide the following actions:

  • Uneven ground

  • Bot look

  • Instant respawn

  • Bot crouch

  • Bot jump

You can also adjust the bot strafing settings to:

  • ADAD Spam

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Sprinting

Another setting that cannot be found on most warm up maps is you can adjust where the bots will spawn. You can have them spawn in the front, middle, far away, or all the way at the back.

Like Aim Botz, CS2_Aim also has its "ripoff" version of the Aim Botz challenge, called the "100 kills" game mode.

CS2_Aim Challenge

One cool feature that cannot be found in Aim Botz and the CSStats Training Map is that you can select any knife in the game and use its vanilla version while on the map! Though it doesn't really help the warm up process, it's definitely a welcomed feature.


Fast Warmup - Bot Training

The Fast Warmup - Bot Training map is a new one in the workshop and was created by community member leander. The map only has 213,000 current subscribers but is gaining popularity by the day.

As the name suggests, the Fast Warmup map is a straightforward community workshop map with basic settings, which isn't necessarily bad. I'm a pretty simple guy, so I'm a big fan of simple stuff.

This map doesn't have too many features like the other maps on the list, but it gets the job done if all you look for is a quick warm up.

The map is aesthetically pleasing, with incredible skies that make you feel cozy while warming up. Like the CS2_Aim map, you can select any vanilla knife to use while warming up. 

Regarding the map's features, you can adjust the bot speed to standing, walking, and running. You can also change the bots' spawn distance and movement patterns and the number of bots that spawn in front of you.

Additionally, you can set up boxes, walls, and railings to help you warm up and practice for different types of peeks.

Fast Warmup - Bot Training Map

I've got good news for all you movement enjoyers out there, as the Fast Warmup map has a KZ section, allowing you to parkour around the outskirts of the map. Many players like to warm up their movement before playing Competitive, so the option of doing so is available on this map!

Fast Warmup - Bot Training Settings


GGPredict Training Hub

Finally, we have another newly released map, the GGPredict Training Hub, created by community members Lion Doge and Angel.

If you've played that "other" first-person shooter game, you might notice that the map resembles The Range. So, if you're coming to CS2 from Valorant, this is probably the map you're looking for!

GGPredict Training Hub Map

The map follows a very simple indoor design and has a helpful menu panel to help you adjust all your warm-up settings. Also, you can pick whichever vanilla knife to use while warming up on this map.

You can edit the bot movement settings to:

  • Static: The bots do not move at all.

  • Shuffle: The bots make small strafe movements left and right.

  • Rush: The bots will begin running at you.

You can increase or decrease the number of bots, which is always lovely. Additionally, a feature you don't see on the other maps is "Damage Scale", which allows you to adjust how much damage you deal to these bots.

GGPredict Training Hub KZ

Like Aim Botz and CS2_Aim, you can set up kill challenges. But this time, you can do a 50-kill challenge instead of 100.

We talked about the Fast Warmup map having a KZ warm up. Well, in the GGPredict Training Hub, they have a Surfing Course instead, which is another way for players to get movement training.

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