Where to trade Dota 2 Items

Find out the best places for trading Dota 2 Skins & Items.

Updated on Jul 04, 2023
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Where to trade Dota 2 Items

Valve company has always rewarded its players with free cosmetic items. The skins are a nice way to change your characters and weapons, so they have a different feel to them. However, a lot of gamers have little knowledge regarding the value of these items. Because of that, they often made unfavorable trades.

Trading cosmetic in-game items has always been tricky. Not only do you have to understand the value of your items, but you also need to trade them through a safe platform. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fishy Dota 2 marketplaces. This is especially tricky for young players who have little understanding of how online transactions work.

Due to this influx of suspicious websites, it is very important for players to learn where to trade Dota 2 items safely. You might think that your trade is in safe hands only to discover that your item is gone forever without getting anything in return.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best Dota 2 trading websites and what makes them so great compared to the competition.


Tradeit.gg is one of the most reputable trading sites for the Dota 2 community. It has some of the lowest fees for all the transactions, one of the best supports, and over 2 million users. The platform works as a third-party intermediary between traders, allowing them to exchange Dota 2 skins in a safe environment. 

When you put your items in the slot, you will get an approximation of their value, and you will also be able to see the current market value of other player's items. That way, you can rest assured that the trade your getting is fair. They rely on a simple yet efficient interface that will not overwhelm you with information but instead will only provide the necessary data. 


  • Fees: 2% regular fee and extra 0% - 13% depending on the item (you can lower it by 3% by adding “tradeit.gg” to your Steam user name upon login)
  • Languages: English, Russian, Chinese
  • Available payment methods: Visa and Mastercard


  • You can choose your language and currency when trading 
  • There is an interactive FAQ that also allows you to submit a ticket
  • You can always know how much your item is worth and how much other trader's items are worth
  • Probably the best trading market for Dota 2 items
  • A lot of price filters make it easier to find the right skin
  • You can use the balance function to get a more favorable trade 


  • There aren’t a lot of information about the previous trades or price fluctuations
  • You have to withdraw the items within the first 14 days


By going to www.reddit.com/r/Dota2Trade/, you are able to access a Reddit page dedicated to trading Dota 2 items. Keep in mind that this is not your regular marketplace; it is just a page meant to connect potential traders with each other. 

While this isn't the fastest way to make trades, nor is it the safest, it can put you in touch with gamers who are willing to exchange their skins with you. Once you get in touch, you would have to connect via Steam and make a trade there. So, as long as you're able to set up a good trade beforehand, and there is no misuse during the trade itself, you should be fine.


  • No fees 
  • A lot of new potential trades every day 
  • Everything is moderated by the page owner


  • With Reddit Dota 2 trade page, you are able to circumvent popular platforms
  • You don’t have to think about fees as you’re trading directly via Steam
  • There is a limit to how many posts you can place, thus preventing spamming 


  • There isn’t enough data regarding the actual and historical data of items
  • It isn't the safest solution, and finding the right match can be quite slow at times

CS Money 

CS Money is one of the best, most comprehensive platforms for trading Dota 2 items. When making a trade, you can access a lot of different filters that would allow you to make a knowledgeable transaction. Furthermore, you can click on an item to get additional info about it, such as rarity, pattern, fluctuation, view it from a different perspective, and so on.

Although there are a lot of options when trading Dota 2 items through this platform, the company provides a video tutorial that should help you out. In most cases, the trades are almost instantaneous, although there might be some delays from time to time. 

The platform has a very nice, clean UI, and the majority of gamers are satisfied with the overall experience. You can even change the size of the item cards on the screen. Furthermore, some of the biggest streamers use this platform.


  • Fees: 4% - 7% trade commission. Trade lock markup can go from 0% to 13%, depending on the item’s unlock time 
  • Available payment methods: Visa and Mastercard. You can choose between various currencies 
  • The site has personal verification for all users
  • Languages: 19 different languages available 


  • Great interface and color schemes 
  • It provides a lot of filters and information about every item
  • The majority of trades are done within 30 seconds 
  • Every trader has a personal account with an additional layer of security protection 
  • You can choose between different languages and currencies 
  • A lot of insights regarding previous transactions 


  • Sometimes, it takes a bit extra time for trades to be executed 


Dmarket is a premium site for exchanging Dota 2 items and items from some other games. During trading, you will see the value of your items compared to the value of other trader's items. It also allows you to buy, sell, and bid on specific cosmetics. And, if you ever get confused, there is a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial that should help you out.  

Dmarket has a relatively simple user interface, but it might seem a bit crammed at times, given there is so much information on a small surface. When you trade items, you will see the difference between your offer and the other offer. If the exchange is not equal, you will be charged for the difference. Keep in mind that you have to deposit the item before it can be traded on the market. 


  • Fees: 1% to 7% variable fees. You don’t have to pay money for withdrawal
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Paysafe Card, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Payoneer, Netteller, WebMoney, Etherum, Klarna, UnionPay, Bitcoin
  • Fairly secure platform


  • There is a live feed with real-time trades
  • It has its own trading API
  • The platform can be used on mobile devices
  • One of the lowest trading fees of all the platforms 
  • Registered on blockchain NFT, thus providing unrivaled security for everyone involved 


  • Sometimes, the information on item cards can feel a bit crammed 


Unlike other platforms on the list, you can’t actually trade Dota 2 skins via Skinport. However, you are able to buy and sell items, thus making an exchange of sort. The reason why we mentioned (even though it lacks an exchange feature) is that it is simply too good for us to pass it. Even without the ability to exchange cosmetics, Skiport is one of the best options for trading Dota 2 items. 

The site has an amazing UI. It is very pleasant to the eye and provides a lot of information. Among others, you can see historical data, item ratings, transaction history, and many other things. Skinport has various payment options, and you can change it to various languages. 


  • Fees: 12% fee per sale, 0% fee per purchase. Players don’t have to pay for withdrawal 
  • Languages: 11 different languages 
  • Available payment methods: Visa, Apple Pay, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, Klarna


  • Probably the best UI out of all the Dota 2 marketplaces
  • The website provides you a lot of data about each and every item
  • You can also see ratings for different items
  • A lot of payment methods and languages to choose from
  • Good protection for all the players 


  • Page loading speed, as well as transaction speed, can be slow at times
  • It doesn’t allow you to trade directly 


Safety is the most important thing when exchanging expensive skins. This is why you need to know where to trade Dota 2 items. Each one of these sites has an excellent protection system that would prevent any misuse. They also have guides for new users and prices that would allow you to make a fair trade. 

As you can see, trading Dota 2 cosmetics can be really easy. However, if this is your first exchange, we suggest that you avoid trading larger items. Instead, go with something smaller just to see how a specific platform works. Although every website is safe, and they provide price estimates for items, it is much better to get acquainted with everything before exchanging one of your most valuable possessions. ‍

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