Is Herald Good? | Herald MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

Find out everything You need to know about the Herald Rank in Dota 2!

Updated on Aug 16, 2023
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Is Herald Good? | Herald MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

What MMR is Herald?

Herald is the lowest tier in Dota 2. It is usually filled with players who have little to no experience with MOBAs. A player who is between 0 to 769 MMR will be placed in this category. Here is a breakdown of the Herald tier based on MMR:

Is Herald a good rank in Dota 2?

Herald is the lowest tier of Dota 2 ranking system, with approximately 5.52% of all the players being in this category. These players have little understanding of teamplay concepts, picking proper heroes, using proper item builds, and creating solid team composition with their teammates.


The tier is reserved for players who are trying this type of game for the first time. Dota 2 is challenging, and many experts consider it as the most complex MOBA on the gaming scene. The majority of the players within this tier have no understanding of the basic concepts such as items, hero pool, and team play.


Being in the Herald tier is not necessarily bad. It is a tier that allows you to get acquainted with the basic concepts without having to deal with the competitive pressure. However, we would suggest that you start with the unranked games before you start playing matchmaking and climbing to the top of the MMR ladder.

How many hours do you need to play Dota 2 to exit Herald tier?

It is really hard to answer this question. A lot of people who are stuck in Herald are inconsistent with their play and might take long breaks from Dota 2. As such, they might not be acquainted with new patches and changes, making it harder to leave this tier when they get back to playing.


In general, you might need around 100 to 300 hours to exit this tier if this is your first MOBA. You can reduce this time if you’re willing to learn about the concepts outside of the game, and in particular, by watching professional games to pick up little tricks. 

Ways to improve from Herald

Although it is regarded as the initial, basic tier, numerous people are struggling to get out of it. One of the issues with Herald is that there are a lot of casual players who have no trouble abandoning the game or ruining it for others. As they are not committed to Dota 2 and its ranking system, they won’t care if their actions cost them MMR.

Here are some of the best tricks that will help you get out of the Herald tier:

  • Get acquainted with the basic concepts of efficient farming and laning.
  • Learn more about optimal hero builds, hero counters, and heroes that are overpowered in that patch.
  • Given that there is little discipline and teamplay in this tier, try to impose yourself as a leader by giving instruction and trying to force group ups. Getting a microphone can help with that.
  • Play support and play it effectively by warding and using the smoke of deceit. Most players in this tier don't take support, so you would have a competitive advantage over opponents. Also, make sure to take support picks that can either push the towers or scale into the late game.
  • Try to warn your teammates about incoming ganks and enemy smokes. 
  • Try to enforce proper communication and create an environment where players are less likely to rage quit.

Improving from Herald might take you a while. However, why not spend this time while also earning some money?: How To Earn Money Playing Dota 2 [Top 5 Methods]

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