Is Guardian Good? | Guardian MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

Everything You need to know about the Guardian Rank in Dota 2!

Updated on Aug 16, 2023
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Is Guardian Good? | Guardian MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

What MMR is Guardian?

Guardian is the second-lowest tier in the Dota 2 ranking system with around 13.43% of all the players being in this category. It is located between Herald and Crusader tiers. Most players within this tier have learned to play a few heroes but are still struggling to find optimal item builds and implement proper team coordination. This category goes from 770 to 1539 MMR, which is far below the top of the MMR ladder. Here is a breakdown of the Guardian tier based on MMR:

Is Guardian a good rank in Dota 2?

Most people within the Guardian tier are struggling to understand objectives. For example, they might not be aware of the importance of grouping up and playing as a team. They might also not be aware of the importance of tower pushing and how destroying the towers can affect the game by opening new possibilities on the map.


Guardian is not a good rank to be in. If you’re just started playing Dota 2, and you managed to get to Guardian relatively quickly, this is a good sign for your future progress. The tier provides that initial competitive feeling, where the whole team is trying their best to win games. However, team composition is often lacking, and players are unwilling to get heroes according to the current meta.

How many hours do you need to play Dota 2 to become Guardian tier?

Your ability to enter the Guardian tier depends on several factors. Most players who have dedicated themselves to Dota 2 for a few months will be able to reach the Guardian category. In order for players to get into this tier, they need to be consistent with their playtime and team effort. Moreover, they must avoid rage-quitting.


The majority of players will need between 300 and 700 hours to reach the Guardian tier. It is imperative that you continue playing the game despite the initial problems. 

Ways to improve from Guardian

Like all other tiers, Guardian presents its own set of challenges. While it's better than Herald, it isn't that better. The players within this category are more consistent with their playing time but might not be fully committed to the game. They might still suffer from the same problems as they were in the Herald tier. 

If you wish to get to the next Crusader level, here are some of the things you should start implementing in your game:

  • Start learning how to move as a team and use the smoke of deceit
  • Try to group up in order to take objectives such as towers and barracks
  • Learn how to farm in the lane
  • If playing as a support, do not interrupt carry’s farming, but instead, try to boost it. 
  • If playing as a support, try to create enough space for your core positions so they can get their items.
  • If playing as a carry, get carries with simple mechanics that you can execute from game to game.

If you haven't managed to get out of Guardian rank, there's always a chance to start fresh following a ranked reset.

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