Most Fun Characters to Play in Genshin Impact

Spice up your experience with some of the game’s most fun characters so that you really enjoy Genshin!

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
Most Fun Characters to Play in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a wide variety of characters, and picking the most fun characters is a tough job because fun does not equate to being the best DPS character or the best support character.

As such, it's important to note that characters have been selected based on their design, aesthetic, lore, and how satisfying their kits feel to use both in Abyss combat and the overworld.

1 /5


Venti, also known as the Anemo Archon, is more commonly known by the people of Mondstadt as the tone-deaf bard.


He is a 5-star Anemo archer and is the first Archon introduced to the player in the story, which is why players who spend time in Mondstadt generally get to spend a lot of time getting to know him. His character embodies the freedom he wishes to see for the people of his region.

Elemental Skill

The real appeal of Venti comes from his versatile elemental skill and extremely satisfying elemental burst. Venti's elemental skill can be held to create a pillar of wind to glide in the air for several seconds. In our opinion, it has a lot of utility outside combat as it is used for overworld traversal, climbing mountains, and even wholly ignoring some boss attack phases by staying in the air.

The skill, when pressed, knocks enemies up for crowd-control and causes a swirl elemental reaction that generates a lot of elemental particles. Thus, we believe that you should generally run Venti with high energy recharge, so these particles recharge his elemental burst quickly.

Elemental Burst

Venti's elemental burst is one of the most useful abilities in the Genshin Impact as he shoots an arrow that generates a vortex similar to a black hole, pulling enemies into itself while dealing constant Anemo damage to them.


You can further add in your elemental abilities to create a colorful display of powerful elemental reactions and completely wipe out entire groups of enemies in one go. It's a fantastic skill that can be spammed for constant element reactions.

2 /5


Beidou is a 4-star electro claymore user who is found sailing the seas of both Liyue and Inazuma as the captain of her pirate crew.


Her design is fairly unique and stands out from most of the other female characters in the game. Her personality is also likable as she is bold and confident even in the face of authority.

Elemental Skill

Beidou can be played as both a main DPS, or a sub-DPS character mainly by using her extremely unique and fun elemental skill. Her elemental skill is one of the only functional parries in the game and requires timing to be used effectively. This makes it highly satisfying for players who enjoy timing their moves more precisely.

Upon activation and hold, Beidou raises her sword as a shield, and when she gets hit, she deals the damage back in a wide AoE around her as electro damage. This makes it very satisfying to use against mobs of enemies who dare challenge you.

Elemental Burst

Her elemental burst also plays into the theme of providing an electro aura around you that inflicts electro damage to enemies and discharges damage to enemies that attack you. It also reduces the damage taken.

In our opinion, this kit makes Beidou perfect for people who enjoy playstyles that involve charging headfirst into the enemies, prepared to parry and mow down everything in front of them.

3 /5


Mr. Zhongli AKA Rex Lapis AKA Morax AKA the CEO of GEO is a 5-star polearm user and the Geo Archon of Liyue. Zhongli has probably one of the best-looking designs in the entire game. His suit is stylish, has a lot of detail, and perfectly fits his personality.


Personality-wise, he is exactly what you expect from a several millennium-old Archon, which reflects quite a lot in his mannerisms and way of carrying himself.

Build Affinity

Regarding combat, Zhongli is arguably the best shielder in Genshin Impact from our experience. He has excellent HP% ratios on his shield that provide safety to your entire team and can withstand just about anything if you invest in him. You can take this shield and be confident whether you face a boss or even the final abyss floors.

While most people primarily use him as pure shielding support, he can also be run as a sub-DPS with an elemental mastery-focused build or even a main DPS with a physical damage-focused build. Furthermore, let's not forget that his elemental burst drops a giant meteor from the atmosphere, truly a sight to behold. It is one of the coolest elemental bursts in the game, provides valuable crowd control, and has very high multipliers for players who enjoy nukes.


Learning Curve

While slightly underused, Zhongli can also create a Geo pillar which can come quite handy as a platform and improves the quality of life experience in your overworld explorations.

Players who struggle with dodging and having enough healing should try to add Zhongli to their teams. He alone will simplify the combat experience as you can focus on doing your best to deal damage. Many players will inevitably find this style of play much more fun as you can laugh at enemies trying to damage you.

4 /5

Kaedehara Kazuha

Kaedehara Kazuha is a samurai from Inazuma who fled the nation after his clan's fall. He is a 5-star Anemo character who uses a sword as his primary weapon. Kazuha is a temporary member of Beidou's crew and is one of the more popular characters despite his quiet and reserved personality. He is the number 1 most used character in the spiral abyss.


Elemental Abilities

Kazuha has a very satisfying and powerful kit. His elemental skill is a jump followed by a plunging attack that pulls enemies in together and deals massive Anemo and plunging attack damage. In our experience, in most comps, this will almost always be followed by his elemental burst ability, which is a powerful sword slash.

This slash deals massive AoE Anemo damage and creates a field that functions similarly to Venti's ultimate as it gathers and swirls all elements within itself. We've already explained why that's a fun playstyle with Venti, and Kazuha just takes that to the next level.



Moreover, his design is quite unique and has a very cool theme, with the autumn leaves making his animations look even more flashy. So, Kazuha ends up being a great character for players who enjoy getting big elemental reaction chains while using very satisfying abilities.

5 /5

Raiden Shogun

Our number one spot goes to the Raiden Shogun herself. She is a 5* electro polearm user serving as Inazuma's Archon. In the story, she is the 3rd Archon introduced and is by far one of the most imposing feeling characters from Genshin Impact.


Her design is amazing, with the color scheme and outfit giving her an air of regality befitting an archon. Her personality is also quite interesting and gets fleshed out throughout the story.

Top-Tier Kit

Her attack animations are incredibly crisp and fluid with just her base polearm moveset, and you can weave in her elemental skill seamlessly within your normal and charged attacks.

However, where Raiden truly begins to shine is with the usage of her elemental burst, which is one of the most potent abilities in the game. She pulls out her signature sword for a massive AoE electro slash and for the duration of the burst, gains an entirely new moveset with the sword for both normal and charged attacks. These attacks are flashy and powerful while also infusing electro damage.

Team Value

When Raiden uses her ult, she provides some of the best energy recharge in the game to the rest of her team and herself. This makes her one of the best battery characters in the game while also providing massive DPS.

This means you can spam all your other abilities immediately as her burst ends and rotate through your team without delay back into her low CD burst for a very powerful loop. This makes her a fantastic character that can elevate any team to the next level and speed up your gameplay by leaps and bounds.

Everyone has their preferences, but we hope you found this list useful and are looking forward to using these characters in your journey through the world of Genshin Impact. And if you want to learn more, check our article on how to get Genshin Impact characters for free.

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