4 Highest Altitude Must-See Points in Genshin Impact

Discover the highest altitude must-see points in Genshin Impact, from Dragonspine's breathtaking snowy peak to the serene sky island of Qingyun Peak.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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4 Highest Altitude Must-See Points in Genshin Impact

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Dragonspine is originally based on the Matterhorn located in the Alps - if you were not sure, the Alps is the highest and widest mountain range in the whole of Europe (doesn't that sound familiar to what Mondstadt was based on?).

However, Genshin Impact has incorporated its own twist, having the Skyfrost Nail that floats above the highest peak of the mountain.

Dragonspine View

Dragonspine is the tallest icy mountain that can be found in the Mondstadt region. It is strongly tied with the main story quests, a plethora of world quests, as well as limited-timed events in the past!

Despite the majestically snow-white crown, Dragonspine can be a challenge to climb for inexperienced travelers, however, reach the highest point and you will be rewarded with a bird's-eye view of Mondstadt.

Travelers who plan to ascend Dragonspine for any story or world quest (or perhaps the Vindagnyr domain) should be prepared with a pyro character to ensure that their entire party is kept warm against the Sheer Code accumulation under Subzero Climate. Characters that help with energy consumption reduction while running or climbing will certainly help you complete your goals as well.

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Qingyun Peak

Hoyoverse's gamification of China's world-famous Zhangjiajie (张家界) really does not miss capturing the natural beauties its inspiration was based on.

However, the highest point known to players in the Liyue region is a man-made island called Dwelling in the Clouds built by Cloud Retainer (an Adeptus residing in the Liyue mountains).

Qingyun Peak

To reach this sky island you will need to solve a puzzle, which after solving, travelers will be rewarded generously with a chest containing a decent amount of primogems, and a serene view of Qingyun Peak and the Liyue skyline that will have you feel like you're on cloud nine.

While ascending up all the way to Dwelling in the Clouds, it is strongly recommended to bring anemo characters to activate wind currents that usually require anemo to start them.

Specific characters like Kirara and Kazuha can also significantly help with vertical exploration - something Qingyun Peak is notorious for especially if no waypoints have been activated before.

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Seirai Island's Peak

Located in the Inazuma region, Seirai Island holds the highest peak. It is part of a long puzzle that rewards you nicely with a lot of primogems once finished. On top of that, you can snap a few pictures around the summit as an achievement for making it to the deep purple peak.

Standing on top of Seirai Island's peak has this eerie feeling that makes you feel stinked into the abyss, contrasting to all the other points before.

Seirai Island

To explore Seirai Island properly (and comfortably), it is strongly recommended that everyone completes the Seirai Stromchasers World Quest series. We prompt you to do this as the Balethunder that is present will severely affect the rate of survival around Seirai Island.

I mean, no one wants to constantly teleport to a Statue of the Seven just to revive dead characters, right?

Summit of Wisdom

Sumeru City boasts itself with the highest point in the entire Sumeru region. Once you have reached the highest edge of the Tree of Wisdom, you will also be awarded the hidden achievement Summit of Wisdom and a rewarding you with some primogems and chests for the effort put into the climb up, so make sure not to miss them!

Sumeru City

The journey to the top, although quite long, is perhaps the friendliest of them all, as passageways, elevators, and staircases help you reach the summit of Sumeru City before you have to climb the branches of the Tree of Wisdom.

Have you seen these scenic Genshin Impact spots for yourselves? If you have not, make sure to visit them! Also, make sure to learn how to screenshot and record gameplay in Genshin Impact so you can save and share the amazing views that you have with the hottest characters around!

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