How Big is Genshin Impact's Map Size? (Massive!)

Genshin Impact's Map Size is large enough for hundreds of hours worth of gameplay, so sit tight for a lengthy grind!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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How Big is Genshin Impact's Map Size? (Massive!)

Humungous Map Size

Zoomed Out Entire Genshin Impact Map

With Genshin Impact's recently released region Fontaine, it has become impossible to see the entire map in-game, even when you zoom out to the max. I have to admit that after playing many open-world games and similar medieval fantasy realms, Hoyoverse has stepped up its game production. I also like the bigger updates - it gives me more opportunity to get free Primogems in Genshin Impact!

Exclusive Element-Themed Regions

Each region possesses and exhibits one of the seven elements found in Tevat. With that, you should bring the appropriate elements and get familiar with the Genshin Impact elements guide.

It is also recommended to bring specific characters where coincidentally the most fun-to-play characters in Genshin Impact are best for specific zones of the game.

1 Pixel is 1 Meter

Although no official map scaling is provided by Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact Reddit Community member "jasonl663" has discovered that 1 pixel in a full-resolution map equates to 1 meter in Genshin Impact. With Hoyoverse Community member "Vincent_243"'s contribution to the super clear resolution of the full Genshin Impact map, he has compiled a 25572 to 23647-pixel image as of version 4.0.

It's, therefore, safe to say that Genshin Impact's map size is within (a very rough estimate) 604,701,084 square meters or 604.70 square kilometers. The number is smaller, as the complete image did not disregard the large amount of sea surrounding the existing region of Teyvat. I also need to point out that there is a large blank ocean separating Inazuma that we cannot travel around.

But with that said, we also have not included other underground and additional regions, such as Enkanomiya, The Chasm, region-exclusive maps, domains, and many more explorable terrains and gorgeous maps that we as the Traveler can run and swim around.

Region Size Ranking

With five out of seven regions currently playable, there has been a noticeable trend with the newer regions and map size. The later-released regions are bigger than the previous ones (some community members even estimate that newer regions can roughly double in size compared to the previously released ones). With that said, I anticipate the following ranking to be accurate (ranked in descending order):

RegionUnique Explorable Subareas
1. Fontaine29 (Incomplete)
2. Sumeru48
3. Inazuma44
4. Liyue38
5. Mondstadt24

Guyun Forest Genshin Impact

With that said, do you know which region has the highest altitude point in Genshin Impact? I bet you the answer would surprise you! It's honestly worthwhile to just sit back and enjoy the engaging storyline while the soothing soundtrack accompanies you while you sightsee the insane world design Hoyoverse's artists have created for us players.

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