What Does a Hilichurl Without a Mask Look Like (Unexpected)

Unless you have strong guts, you really do not want to know what's beneath a hilichurl's mask!

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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What Does a Hilichurl Without a Mask Look Like (Unexpected)

"Sinning" Creatures Dating Centuries Back

Hilichurls are the humanoid monsters that can be found all around Teyvat, which based on the current lore, are known to be cursed creatures that roam the wild fields.

With records of the hilichurls' existence dating back over a thousand years back. The hilichurls' origin might derive from ancient civilizations and increased in numbers due to Teyvat's major events, such as the cataclysm and the destruction of Khaenri'ah.

However, have you once stopped and wondered what hilichurls without a mask would look like, despite killing so many of them with your favorite DPS character?

Caribert Quest - Father's whose son turned into a hilichurl

What's Under The Mask - Not Yet Revealed

I'm sorry. I too am as curious as to what a hilichurl looks like behind its mask, but Genshin Impact has never explicitly shown what it looks like in the game.

However, many hints imply a hilichurl's true appearance to be extremely disturbing - to the point the hilichurls themselves choose to wear masks to hide their true faces. The reason is that hilichurls cannot bear seeing their reflections, further supported in the Caribert world quest. The next part explains the sad truth about hilichurls.

Caribert - Insight to Hilichurl Transformation

Hilichurl Knowing who its True Parent is

The Caribert quest also reveals that any other beings that were not "pure-blood Khaenri'ahns" would also turn into monsters. With all these details in cutscenes, make sure you know how to fix black screens in Genshin Impact so you don't miss out!

Due to the curse, the hilichurls' memories about human life gradually disappear as they also slowly turn into the hilichurls we see in the game. Hilichurls also lose their human intelligence, losing their ability to speak the Teyvat language they once knew.

The immortality that comes with the curse also does not allow hilichurls to die due to natural death. Instead, their physical and mental state continues to decay until an unnatural method of death is brought upon them, so it might be the perfect way how to level up fast in Genshin Impact.

Hints from Dainsleif

A quest in the Chasm that involves Dainsleif, a fellow citizen of Khaenri'ah, confirms that the hilichurls found inside the Chasm were former citizens of Khaenri'ah - confirming the God's curse on the citizen of Khaenri'ah (if you know how to skip Genshin Impact dialogues, you might have missed this detail). 

Hilichurl Trying To Take Off its Mask

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