Can You Mod Genshin Impact? [Explanation & Potential Risks]

Even though there are Genshin Impact mods that you can use, it comes with some risks.

Updated on Feb 26, 2024
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Can You Mod Genshin Impact? [Explanation & Potential Risks]

The answer is actually yes, Genshin Impact mods exist, and you can implement them into the game. However, it's not as easy as it  may seem, and it comes with a bunch of risks that we will talk about later. 

There are several mods available on the internet, and among the most popular you can find ones such as: 

  • Skin mods that allow you to design a character's look according to your desires
  • Currency mods that can give you tons of free Primogems and free Genesis Crystals 
  • Mods that allow you to add new playable characters, enemies, bosses and game features

  • Mods with a more elaborate game story

Can You Get Banned For Modding Genshin Impact

In short, it's not too likely that you will get banned for installing mods in Genshin Impact, but it's possible.

Genshin Impact Mod

While many players are modding Genshin Impact and enjoying a risk-free gameplay, there is a possibility of getting banned every time you use third party applications to change in-game files, and that includes all the available Genshin Impact mods. That said, to ease your head to check out the best sites to buy Genshin Impact accounts, to find yourself one to enjoy mods with.

Genshin Impact Mods

Oh, and one more thing! Not every mod will work on your server, so you might want to learn how to change servers in Genshin Impact before modding the game.

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