How Do You Change Servers In Genshin Impact?

Want to restart your Genshin Impact journey? Or perhaps your friends are on a different server? Everything you need to know on how to change servers!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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How Do You Change Servers In Genshin Impact?

Wait, There Are Different Servers in Genshin Impact?

That is correct! Genshin Impact currently has 4 dedicated servers allocated for different parts of the world. This allows Genshin Impact to provide its game services to a wider audience!

In order to see what your default server is, please follow this link. On the other hand, there is another method to identify your current server, which is through the first digit of your UID. The list below shows the first digit of your UID that correlates to the server you are currently playing Genshin Impact in.

  • Europe / EU server: 6

  • America server: 7

  • Asia server: 8

  • SAR (TW / HK / MO) server: 9

  • Chinese server: 1

How To Change Server In Genshin Impact?

If you are on a different server from your friend, this just might be the section you are looking for - and no, you do not need to log out or sign out of your account nor link or unlink your account! It is actually a very simple process for one to change servers, so relax and continue reading!

How to Change Servers On Mobile Devices (Applicable for Android and Apple Users)

Step 1 - Launch Genshin Impact

First, you would need to launch Genshin Impact. Once you are on the "START GAME" screen, press the Server buttonwith a checked box. The server buttonshould be located below the "TAP TO BEGIN" sentence.


Step 2 - Select Your Preferred Server

A list of available Genshin Impact servers should appear on your screen. Choose the server that you would like to play with your friend!


Step 3 - Confirm Your Server Selection

Lastly, press the "Confirm" buttonto switch servers.


How to Change Servers on PC

Step 1 - Launch Genshin Impact

Similar to the one on mobile devices, launch Genshin Impact first. Once the "START GAME" screen has appeared, click the Server buttonlocated below the "TAP TO BEGIN" sentence.


Step 2 - Select Your Preferred Server

A list of available Genshin Impact servers should be in front of your screen. Continue by selecting the server that you and your friend would like to play on together.


Step 3 - Confirm Your Server Selection

Finally, press the "Confirm" buttonto switch servers.


Why Can't I Find My Friend On My Current Server?

To provide an example, imagine that servers in Genshin Impacts are huge rooms that people go into to play Genshin Impact. If the first digit of your UID does not match the first digit of your friend's UID, it means that both of you are on different servers. Your friend is playing in a different room from you, and therefore the both of you will never meet inside the same room.


In order to enjoy your Genshin Impact journey with your friends, you and your friend have to be on the same server. Your UIDs' first digit has to be the same - if you and your friend wish to play together and are in the United States, both of you should choose the America server, and both UIDs must begin with the number 7!

Why Does It Say "Caution: Data Will Not be Shared Across Servers"?

HoYoverse has made it convenient in a way where you are not required to create a new account to change servers in Genshin Impact; the same account can be used to create 4 different Genshin Impact profiles. This means that you can have up to 4 unique UIDs, each having its own set of characters as you progress in the respective server accounts.

Each player’s UID denotes a unique account whose data cannot be transferred from one server to another. It is therefore crucial to select your server wisely to prevent wasting your time and effort put into your Genshin Impact journey!

How to Transfer Progress to Another Server?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer save data from one server to another. A miHoYo account can only hold 4 different sets of save data that are exclusive to each server. Take this as an example: you already have an AR50 account in the Asia server, but you would like to move it to the EU server, where your friend is located.

Sadly, you cannot move the AR50 Asia server account data over to the EU server, meaning that you will have to restart from the beginning of Genshin Impact. Characters and story progress cannot be transferred as well.

Will There Ever be a "Transfer Save Data" Function?

As of now, save data transfers are not possible. Players from other games have also reported similar "transfer data" problems, where there are numerous servers for players to reside. Hopefully, Genshin Impact can improve their operating system so a "transfer save data" function would be available!

What If I Am Using a Different Device From My Friend?

Do not worry, Genshin Impact has made it possible for their users to cross play. This means that a person with a different device from another player can continue to play Co-Op, add friends, and all other functions in Genshin Impact!


Your data also has the cross-save function, so when you log into a different device using the same account, you can find all your previous progress and characters!

Remember that you need to be on the same server as your friend, and not use the same device to play Genshin Impact with your friends!

We hope that this article has informed you on how to change servers, as well as the significance of choosing servers! Perhaps if you may have accidentally deleted the game while trying to change servers, make sure you have enough space for downloading Genshin Impact.

If you would like to help your friend with their Genshin Impact adventure, you can consider reading how to buyGenshin Impact gift cards to give them a head start!

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