Where to find agents Genshin Impact? (Every Way You Need To Know)

Do you need Fatui Pyro Agent's materials in Genshin Impact for ascending your weapons or characters? Here is how you can locate them with ease in no time.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Where to find agents Genshin Impact? (Every Way You Need To Know)

Fatui Pyro agents are one of the elite enemies in Genshin Impact, as they significantly drop valuable ascension items. If you need to farm some of these items for ascending your characters or weapons, here are some locations and tricks that can help you look for the debt-collecting spinning knife guard.

How to find Fatui agents by using Adventurer's Handbook?

Unlike weekly bosses, elite enemies like the agents are found in more than one location. The best and easiest way to track down all Fatui pyro agent locations is using the Adventurer's Handbook. To use the handbook for finding the agents, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Adventurer's Handbook.
  2. Go to the enemies section.
  3. Select Fatui Agent.
  4. Click on navigate
  5. Now you will have agent locations displayed on your map one by one, use a teleport waypoint to reach your destination swiftly.


Fatui agents locations

The agents are always found in the following areas, you can use the handbook to guide yourself to the exact location locations:

  • Yaoguang Shoal
  • East of Dunyu Ruins
  • North of Mingyun Village
  • On an Island in Guyun Stone forest
  • Duyun Ruins
  • Luhua pool
  • Lingju pass and more.


The agents respawn after 11-12 hours, you can check these locations again after that time for more material drops. If you run out of agents to defeat in your world, then you can use the co-op feature and join someone else's world to hunt agents. The locations in their world will remain the same as yours.
Also, take note that if you end up defeating a Fatui agent while he is in his stealth mode you may even unlock a new achievement called "...Till Debt Do us Part"

Fatui Pyro Agents drops

Fatui Agents drop a lot of vital materials for characters and weapons. Characters like Diluc, Rosaria, Yelan, and Childe use materials dropped by these enemies. Weapons like Prototype Rancour, Elegy of the end, Moonpiercer, Lion's roar, Black Cliff series, etc are some weapons that also require items dropped by these agents.


Following are the items dropped by them:

  • Hunter's Sacrificial knife
  • Agent's sacrificial knife (dropped only by level 40+ agents)
  • Inspector's Sacrificial knife (dropped only by level 60+ agents)
  • Recruit's insignia
  • Sergeant's insignia (dropped only by level 40+ agents)
  • Lieutenant's insignia (dropped only by level 60+ agents)

How to craft Agent's sacrificial knife and other items?

Sometimes you might have an abundance of a certain kind of materials and might want to convert them into something else. This is possible by using a crafting table.
To craft a material you first need to go to a crafting table in any of the main cities of the nations, next make sure that you have enough Mora for the process, without any Mora you won't be able to perform crafting. Once these two things are done you can start crafting.


You can convert three Hunter's sacrificial knives into one Agent's sacrificial knife and three Agent's sacrificial knives into one Inspector's sacrificial knife. Similarly, you can use three Recruit's insignias to make one Sergeant's insignia and three Sergeant's insignias to make one Lieutenant's insignia. 
Since you will need to perform a lot of combats to collect these materials it's best that you avoid using any of the useless artifacts, terrible team compositions, and some of the worst weapons in Genshin Impact to save yourself some time and effort. 

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