Most Popular Genshin Impact Content Creators

Here are the most popular Genshin Impact content creators!

Updated on Aug 15, 2023
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Most Popular Genshin Impact Content Creators

The Genshin Impact online community is a massive ecosystem filled with many talented and highly entertaining content creators. The content spans a wide spectrum of genres, such as gameplay, lore, guides, and simple entertainment.

Due to this massive diversity in the Genshin content creation ecosystem, it’s hard to choose which creator is the right one for you to follow. So, today we’ll be looking at a handful of content creators on youtube and twitch whose channels you may find yourself reasonably interested in.

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Zy0x is a channel on youtube with above 500K subscribers. His Youtube videos generally receive above 500k views on average, and he follows a consistent weekly upload schedule.

He also has above 170k followers on Twitch and is among one of the most watched streamers. He uploads almost daily, and his streams average above 50k viewers.

Type of Content

I will primarily be talking about his Youtube content as that is what I am most acquainted with. His twitch content features the same quality of work; however, it covers a broad spectrum of topics.

His youtube channel has a more defined branding, being a guide-oriented channel. I have personally used his guides a fair bit to help me understand many of the characters and their unique kits. He provides character builds and entire team setups to help you determine the best picks for your team composition might be - he makes it clear what makes a good and a bad team. His content is 10-15 minutes in length, with very clean editing.

This channel is perfect for people who enjoy learning about how to optimize their combat experience and build the strongest teams with the most efficient character builds. His character showcases are informative and fun to watch, always paired with neat gameplay footage.

So, for those who like watching big numbers pop up on their screens, Zy0x is the channel for you.

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Mtashed is one of the oldest and most famous Genshin Impact content creators, currently sitting at above a million subscribers on YouTube. His channel currently has above 2000 video uploads, most of which are related to Genshin Impact. His videos average above 100k views.

He has also had a prominent presence on Twitch with a following of above 400k users. He streams regularly and uploads videos on youtube almost daily, so you won’t be running out of content to watch anytime soon.

Type of Content

As stated earlier, his Youtube channel has a very large amount of uploads. However, this does not mean any of it is low quality. His video style is pretty quiet and ambient, with the focus being on his voice. This atmosphere lets you pay attention to what he’s speaking quite easily, with clarity similar to that of a podcast.

He delivers information in a very calm and simplified manner to try and make it easier for all sorts of players to understand. The videos also have a modest length of 8-14 minutes and are easy to watch. This ease of viewing is one of the primary reasons behind his popularity as an expert in all things Genshin Impact related.

His videos and streams have something for everyone to watch. He makes guides for F2P players and also creates very entertaining whale content. He has one of the most expensive accounts and understands the game mechanics quite well. Not only this, but he’s also known for providing important information on Genshin Impact updates, talking about the game's story and what comes after.

With all this, it’s pretty easy to see why he’s one of the most famous content creators on both Youtube and Twitch, providing something for all sorts of players.

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Bwaap’s youtube channel has above 800k subscribers, but he uploads on an inconsistent schedule. Regardless, his videos generally garner 800k to 2 million views on youtube for Genshin Impact. This channel is where he uploads most of his main content.

He also streams on Twitch, with his channel having above 200k followers there.

Type of Content

Bwaap is not solely a Genshin Impact content creator; he creates content for MihoYo’s other games, such as Honkai Impact too. Where he differs from other creators is the type of content he uploads.

We mentioned how he has an inconsistent schedule, but this is because his videos are generally one to several hours in length and take a long time to produce. Yet, they still get millions of views regularly.

His style of content creation focuses on playing through the story of Genshin Impact while providing commentary on the dialogue and gameplay. This commentary, paired with high-quality editing and a very laid-back sense of humor, creates a relaxing atmosphere that lets you absorb and enjoy the story.

This is why he’s so popular with players who are mainly interested in the more fun characters that drive the main plot of Genshin Impact. The videos are pretty entertaining and fun to watch despite their length.

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Itspaikon is a popular Youtube channel with almost half a million subscribers. Despite the relatively low number of subscribers, some of his videos get a million views and above. His upload schedule is also quite consistent, with multiple videos almost weekly.

He also has a respectable following on Twitch with above 130k followers and a consistent 10k viewers (atleast) on his regular streams.

Type of Content

As you might have seen in the image above, his channel is focused on creating fun and entertaining content. This involves creative ideas where he collabs with friends and viewers in order to create interesting video premises.

His videos are short and have snappy editing, making them feel quite energetic. Paikon himself is quite enthusiastic in his commentary, and the focus is on fun and positive vibes.

All in all, it’s a very fun channel for those who want to enjoy well-edited Genshin Impact videos with a lot of creative production behind them. The ideas are entertaining and attract a lot of viewers due to their uniqueness.

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Similar to Mtashed, Enviosity is one of the oldest content creators in Genshin Impact.

Enviosity is simply the king of Genshin Impact Twitch streamers, with above 700k followers on Twitch alone. He gets crazy numbers on his stream viewership, with some streams hitting around 700k viewers. He sometimes does very long marathon streams that are very popular with his fans.

His Youtube channel is also quite popular, with above 430k subscribers and his videos averaging above 50k views each. He uploads almost daily to Youtube.

Type of Content

Enviosity is considered by the community to be one of the most friendly content creators out there. Unlike a lot of prominent content creators, his videos are generally aimed toward F2P players; this is because he is a F2P player himself (despite how much money he earns). This allows for F2P players and even non-F2P players to feel invested in his journey through Genshin Impact.

His content consists of many things but primarily guides and preparation videos for ongoing and incoming events and updates. He does reactions to streams and reveals from Mihoyo and talks about what players can look forward to and how to best prepare for an upcoming event.

One major thing he does is focus on how to most efficiently obtain primogems because of how valuable they are to F2P players. He will also talk about other best options for weapons and team builds that F2P players have access to get the most out of Genshin Impact.

All in all, he’s an entertaining and friendly person who has earned the respect of the entire Genshin Impact community.

Genshin Impact has thousands of talented content creators, and it’s hard to rank any of them objectively. However, we hope you found our content creator reviews helpful and that someone from here will fancy your tastes. As always, see you in the next guide.

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