How to Fix Failed to Connect to Server - Genshin Impact Error Code [Solved]

Want to play Genshin Impact but you are failing to connect to the server? Find out more here so you can start playing Genshin Impact again!

Updated on Sep 12, 2023
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How to Fix Failed to Connect to Server - Genshin Impact Error Code [Solved]

Genshin Impact also provides you the opportunity to play together with other people - from random strangers in Genshin Impact's Co-Op Match-Up mode, to crushing domains with your best friends!


However, you may have encountered an error called Error Code 4206 - Failed To Connect To Server. Usually, this happens if there are internet connection problems (also called network connection problems). If you encounter this problem frequently, you should take a look at our list of how to fix this problem, be it on mobile, PC, or PS network (PlayStation Network)!

Method #1: Contact or Check Your Internet Service Provider

Depending on what internet service providers there are where you live, in most cases, there are likely one or two that are particularly problematic. If you often experience problems with your connection, even after you restart your PC or Wi-Fi router, the problem might lie within the internet service provider.

When you cannot establish a connection to Genshin Impact servers or your gameplay is constantly affected by ping while playing Genshin Impact, you should give your internet service provider a call. You should also be able to contact your internet service provider through other means, such as e-mail.

To confirm that it is not a Genshin Impact server issue, you can try to establish your Genshin Impact connection using a mobile hotspot, or by connecting to another Wi-Fi network. If you can successfully connect to Genshin Impact, it may be a sign for you to consult with your internet service provider, or, to change your internet service provider!

Method #2: Internet Connection (Network Connection) Issues

It is very possible for your internet connection to be so slow to the point that Error Code 4206 - Failed To Connect To Server appears. There are a few potential reasons why your internet connection may be slow.

Firstly, it may be due to too many people being connected to the same network. If you live with your family and everyone is home while you are trying to log on to Genshin Impact, there is a chance that you cannot connect to the server. Why does this occur? It is because you are sharing the same bandwidth with everyone else in your house. If you have your siblings watching YouTube on their iPads and your parents are watching Netflix on TV, it is likely for everyone to suffer from a slow internet connection.


Secondly, it may be because your device is downloading or updating something in the background. Usually, updates and downloads are prioritized on every device, channeling more bandwidth and device performance to ensure that the installation or update is done faster with no faultiness. This network focus shift towards downloads and updates can affect your online game sessions - Genshin Impact included.

On another note, if you suspect that your Genshin Impact account is about to be banned, you do not have to worry about your IP address. Genshin Impact bans cheating users through their accounts, not their IP addresses, so if you're encountering issues connecting, you can eliminate your IP address from the list of possibilities.

Method #3: Confirm that Genshin Impact Servers are Up

As online games have dedicated servers to allow players to save their progress and play with other people, these servers may occasionally be unavailable at times due to unforeseen circumstances, such as server overloads or server maintenance (server errors). This results in you being unable to connect to the server, thus not being able to play the game and obtain Error Code 4206 - Failed To Connect To Server.


If you are able to access and play other online games aside from Genshin Impact, or perhaps watch videos on YouTube, then it might be a Genshin Impact server-side error. Ask your friends to try to log in to Genshin Impact so that they too can confirm if it is a server-related problem. If they are able to connect, then it is most likely an internet connection issue that needs to be solved.

Method #4: Consult a Friend or Community for Help

If you have tried the three troubleshooting steps above, but the same problem persists, then your next best choice would be to find other people who are currently experiencing or have experienced the Error Code 4206 - Failed To Connect To Server problem. They may have the solutions to fix this error!


To find help from others, you can post a question on online gaming forums such as IGN, or Reddit's Genshin Impact subreddit. You can also try to join the Official Genshin Impact Discord server to ask around for Genshin Impact representatives or players alike for help. Another method you can try is to go on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter to find previous posts regarding the same problem.

If they have encountered the problem and fixed it so that their Genshin Impact game can be working properly like normal, then you should be able to too!

Tried all the steps above but still have the same problem happening? You might have to contact an IT expert, or perhaps consider changing some hardware related to your internet connection issues, such as changing your modem or even consider resetting your device system as a whole to find a potential solution.

Also, if you are facing other problems when playing Genshin Impact such as missing audio, freezing screens, or cutscene lags, make sure to take the proper steps so that you do not have to suffer from them ever again!

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