Is Genshin Impact Dying? How will the player base change in the future?

After its successful launch in 2020 Genshin Impact became extremely popular. Let's discover if the game is still loved or is it dying.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Is Genshin Impact Dying? How will the player base change in the future?

Genshin Impact took the internet and gaming world by storm after its launch in 2020. The game hooked many gaming enthusiasts from their first play. Its eye-catching graphics and lovable characters generated massive revenues for Hoyoverse. But the question is, is it still loved and accepted after two years? Or is the game dying?
The answer is quite clear and the gacha game continues to thrive. It is still well-liked and rapidly growing in terms of both player base and revenue.

Current Scenario

Recently a few people on Reddit forums (e.g outro art sauce), Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube tried to point out that Genshin Impact is dead. The quality, events, and services are caught in a downward spiral. Regardless of all that negativity, the game has shown nothing but progress, people playing it don't question the game anymore.


Fascinating areas like The Chasm and Enkanomiya were added to the existing regions this year and with the recent release of a highly anticipated nation, Sumeru the Genshin Impact community has been thrilled. With the latest character doing better than expected and well-desired characters like Nilou and Cyno coming out soon, creators hope to see a successful release.

Is Genshin Impact Dead?

Some people have voiced out that Genshin Impact is in a period where usually a game dies. But statistically speaking, that’s not the case. With such successful sales and an active player base, Genshin Impact is nowhere near dead. If anything it is rising and thriving like never before.

The Causes of Exploding Popularity

Almost two years later the game and its player count are still booming. During its launch in September 2020, Genshin Impact had 16 million monthly players. Today the game has approximately 70 million registered users and the numbers show no sign of stopping. Let’s find out the core reasons for the gacha game’s soaring success.

Engaging Quests and Lore

The primary factor of a good game that keeps the new and old players hooked is its appealing story and development. With each quest, we get an opportunity to understand and unravel the complex lore of Teyvat. The element of suspense keeps the players waiting and wanting more.


With each quest, we get an opportunity to understand and unravel the complex lore of Teyvat. The element of suspense keeps the players waiting and wanting more.

Interesting Characters

The biggest selling point for gacha games like Genshin Impact is captivating characters. Currently, there are 47 playable characters and the majority of them have a separate fanbase. With so many characters present and many future banners to come players have infinite play styles and combat techniques to try. New players too get captivated by new characters and join the fandom.


Some of the character banners are exceptionally successful and have made millions like Raiden Shogun's launch banner which made approximately 25 million dollars and Kamisato Ayaka’s rerun banner which generated a revenue of 33 million dollars.

Regular Updates and Events

No matter what time of the year it may be, there is always an event going on in the game. Unlike many games that make you wait a few months for new features, Genshin Impact gets updates regularly. The new content and events expand the number of features to keep the player base engaged.


New updates are released every thirty days or so, which is more than enough time to finish ongoing events. However, during some slow patches, the veteran players playing Genshin Impact may take a break. However, for a new player who has been playing the game for a very short time these patches are a perfect opportunity to save resources.

Infinite Exploration Opportunities

There is so much to explore in the Genshin Impact world that players never run out of new things to try.


The vast lands of Teyvat are filled with new domains to try, respawned bosses to fight every week, and delicious dishes to cook! If you have completed all the quests you can play the spiral abyss to test your combat skills, farm ascension materials, or hunt for treasure chests. There are also new commissions every day.

Free to Play Friendly

Unlike tons of popular games, Genshin Impact for the most part just as fun for free-to-play gamers as it is for the whale community (players who spend money to win). You can obtain free Primogems and other in-game currencies by doing quests, completing daily missions, opening treasure chests, and wishing.


The only exception is Genesis Crystals, you can only buy them with real money. However, you can easily enjoy the game and have fun with your favorite characters without buying them as they are not a primary currency.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Genshin Impact isn’t just a mobile game. Players can also access it on PS4, PS5, PC, Android, and iOS devices. This gives players a diverse choice and they can even use multiple devices according to their comfort.


If you want to enjoy Genshin Impact's world on Android then make sure your software version is 8.1 or higher. For iOS devices, the minimum software requirement is 9.1. Also, keep in mind you will need at least 8 GB of free space to download Genshin, or don’t expect it to work.

Mesmerizing Music

Something that sets Genshin Impact apart from most RPG games is its well-composed music. Yu Peng Chen’s compositions have greatly contributed to attracting players and many accept the fact. The music has helped develop a suitable atmosphere for all the in-game regions and give more personality to the characters in their respective demo trailers.


The majority of renowned musicians on Youtube have expressed their liking towards the music by creating covers and remixes of the original pieces.

Accomplishments and Revenue

Thanks to all the amazing factors Genshin Impact blew among the gaming community and landed prestigious awards which proves the gacha game’s popularity is unstoppable.

In 2020, Apple recognized Genshin Impact with the "iPhone Game of the Year" award, and in 2021, it won the Apple Design Awards for Visuals and Graphics. Furthermore, the game won Google Play's "Best Game of 2020" award over many famous games. It also got a nomination for the "User's Choice Game" award at the Best of 2020 contest.

When we measure the game’s popularity in terms of sales, Genshin Impact is one of the fastest titles to make 1 billion dollars, doing so in a mere time frame of 6 months. With over 3 billion dollars of revenue from the mobile app alone, the game continues to skyrocket in sales. These stats are not that of a dying game and prove that people still love Genshin Impact.

How Will the Player Base Change in the Future?

Genshin Impact currently has a big and very active player base. The release of new regions like Sumeru is usually capable enough to attract veteran players back, as there are still three more nations Fontaine, Natlan, and Snezhnaya to be released. Lastly, there is the final trial waiting for the traveler in Khaenri'ah.

Hoyoverse releases one new region every year, it is safe to say the game’s storyline will continue for the next four years. With new characters and events getting introduced every now and then Genshin Impact is not likely to die anytime soon. If anything the player base seems to be growing in the future as Genshin’s popularity continues to rise.

Maybe some veteran players will quit the game during a slow patch but will naturally be replaced by bigger numbers of new players. With all the present accomplishments and prosperous sales and a supporting fandom, Genshin’s future seems just as bright as its present.

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