How to Save Up Primogems in Genshin Impact?

Guarantee your favorite characters by knowing these tips and tricks that will help you save up enough Primogems!

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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How to Save Up Primogems in Genshin Impact?

If you play Genshin Impact, the word "free Primogems" alerts you, doesn't it?

As you may have already known, Primogems are the precious currency that is obtainable across Teyvat. With Primogems being limited, it is with no doubt that you will think twice before spending them. Regarding whales and Genesis Crystals purchasers aside, this forces you to choose which banner you will pull - and which of the hottest characters you can bring home to your party.


With that said, you might be wondering how exactly you can save Primogems for wishing on an upcoming character. Well, let's take a deeper dive into how you can start saving Primogems for new characters!

Method 1 - Doing Your Daily Commissions

If you are not doing your Genshin Impact daily commissions every day and feel like your Primogems amount is not coming along the way you like, then you should try to complete the daily commissions all the time.


Finishing all your daily commissions and claiming the Adventurer's Guild daily reward from Katheryne gives you 60 Primogems a day. If you complete your daily commissions for a month, that adds up to 1,800 Primogems! For a free game, this is actually a decent amount of Primogems, and it is certainly enough Primogems a month for you to save and pull for your favorite character.

If you also happen to have the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, you can receive up to an additional 3,000 Primogems, making it 4,800 Primogems in total.

Method 2 - Doing Event Quests

Genshin Impact has unique and fun Event Quests for players like you because they want you to have more free Primogems to spend and more content to enjoy! Spending your time doing these quests not only rewards you a good amount of Primogems, but it also lets you get to know the playable characters better.


Every version also has the main Event Quest that contains many great rewards if you complete them, such as a Crown of Insight, plenty of Mora and Experience Books, and other Weapon and Ascension materials that you can use to upgrade your characters!

Also, every new version comes with a test run for each limited five-star character. Each test run rewards 20 Primogems, so do not forget to play and claim them!

Method 3 - Opening Chests

The open world of Teyvat contains hundreds and thousands of chests lying all over, waiting for you to uncover them! Whether it is a Remarkable, Luxurious, Precious, Exquisite, or Common chest, make sure that you open all of them! Leave no unopened chests closed, as it's very likely that these small amounts of Primogems will play an important part in bringing home your favorite five-star.


Method 4 - Completing the Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss is Genshin Impact's hardest content that tests character and team-building skills. Arguably the most competitive part of Genshin, the Spiral Abyss actually provides players with nice Primogem rewards!

Clearing floors 1-8 for the first time gives you a guaranteed 2,400 free Primogems. This makes it absolutely a must-clear content for all players.


The best part about the Spiral Abyss is Floors 9-12, where we can claim the Primogem rewards again and again after each cycle. On every version, there are 3 Spiral Abyss cycles, and there are up to 600 Primogems per cycle. This means that you can earn up to 1800 Primogems per version!

Method 5 - Completing the Achievements

Genshin Impact is filled with surprises and easter eggs - which come in the form of achievements! What's even better about it? Genshin Impact rewards you with Primogems for finding out their secrets!


Achievements have a range of Primogem rewards, ranging from 5 to 20 Primogems, and by completing all 780 achievements, you can earn a total of 6,180 Primogems!

Method 6 - Doing HoYoLab Web Activities

Genshin Impact has a daily check-in system that has simple rewards but also contains Primogems. If you check in with the HoYoLab attendance for at least 18 days, you can claim 60 Primogems.


Genshin Impact also has a few web events online that are interactive and cute. The activity varies a lot, from minigames to even simple link sharing. You can expect to earn around 30 to 150 Primogems per web event.

Method 7 - Don't Spend Primogems on Anything Except Limited Banners!

Many players that are new to the Genshin Impact community tend to mismanage their Primogems. Here are some "Don't"s that you should practice for securing your favorite limited characters!

  • Don't wish on the standard banner. Everything in the standard banner is included in the limited banner, so maximize your Primogems by allocating them in the limited banners! If you are desperate to wish on the standard banner, use your Acquaint Fates instead.
  • Be patient and don't spend your Primogems on refilling resin. Unless wishing is none of your concern, you should understand that the resin is unlimited - you just need to wait!
  • Only wish for characters you like. Limited five stars are hard for free-to-play players to secure. If you have a guaranteed, limited five-star pull on the limited banner, make sure that you are rolling with your favorite character on the banner! Four-star characters come by easier than five-star characters, so please be patient!


If you feel that you do not have enough Primogems, check out Genesis Crystals' prices to ensure you can bring home your favorite character to make the strongest team in Teyvat! If you're wondering how to get Genesis Crystals for free, check out our guide, whereas if you're planning to help your friend or family member get a character, consider finding out how to get Genshin Impact gift cards.

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