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How To Make Black Carpet In Minecraft

If you love the mystery of the black color, using Black Carpet to decorate may be an option! In this article, we'll show you how to craft Black Carpet.
How To Make Black Carpet In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Black Carpet

Black Carpet is one of the variations of White Carpet in Minecraft. With many usages like covering up the ground, placing on the fence to allow the player to jump higher, or to prevent mobs from spawning, to craft Black Carpet, you should have a good supply of Black Dye.

  • 2x Black Wool
  • OR 8x White Carpet and 1x Black Dye

How to craft Black Carpet in Minecraft

#1 Collect 2x Black Wool

Black Wool can be naturally generated in the Woodland mansion. You can find up to 150x Black Wool within it and the room with the most Black Wool is the Cat statue room.

You can also kill Black Sheep for 1x Black Wool, they’re usually spawned in the Plain biome. If you use shear on them, you will get 1-3x Black Wool instead.

black sheep

Another way to find Black Wool is to look for villagers' chests. They have a 33% chance to contain 1-3x Black Wool.

black wool

Alternatively, you can craft 1x Black Wool by using 1x White Wool with 1x Black Dye.

craft black wool

#2 Collect 8x White Carpet

White Carpet can be found in the Village, igloos, and Woodland mansions.

woodland mansion

But the best way to get White Carpet is to set up a village trading system. You can trade with the shepherd villager for 4x White Carpet using 1x Emerald.

#3 Collect 1x Black Dye

Black Dye can be crafted by placing 1x Ink Sac or 1x Wither Rose in the crafting grid.

ink sac to black dye
wither rose to black dye

You can also trade 1x Emerald with the wandering trader for 3x Black Dye.

#4 Finish off crafting a Black Carpet

When you have 2x Black Wool, put them in a row in the crafting grid to craft 3x Black Carpet.

black wool to black carpet

If you have 8x White Carpet and 1x Black Dye, right-click on the crafting table and put the Black Dye in the center, then 8x White Carpet around it to craft 8x Black Carpet.

craft black carpet

What is the give command to get a Black Carpet?

The command to give yourself a Black Carpet is: /give @p black_carpet 1

Now you have Black Dye, let’s decorate your secret room with it!

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