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Athena Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Who is Athena, and what are some of the things she is best known for in the Rocket League community? Find out in this article!
Athena Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Alejandra, better known by her Rocket League nickname Athena, is an American-born Rocket League content creator and occasional caster. Alejandra was born on August 13th, 1996, and we'll take a look at who Athena is and what role she plays in the Rocket League community.


Athena has been one of the staples of Rocket League, and as one of the most well-known content creators, very few people haven't heard of her. Her Youtube channel has well over 200.000 subscribers, and she is a presence at most of the official LAN Rocket League tournaments.

Her signature move, the "Athena flick" has become a meme as one of the funniest running jokes in the community. In case you are unaware, Athena has inadvertently come up with her own shot, and it is as follows:
Athena flick refers to being close to the net, having a fairly easy shot, and hitting the crossbar instead of the net, effectively missing your shot.

It was not her intention to make this her signature shot of course, but other content creators have labeled it as such.

Athena Flick

Apart from the Athena flick, she is also known for being the real-life girlfriend of Rizzo, a former Rocket League pro who is now also a content creator. Alejandra and Rizzo often make videos together, making fun of each other and threatening one another to unplug their partner's computer in the middle of a game.

Athena's rank is usually Champ 3, so as far as popular Rocket Players go, she is one of the weakest in terms of skill. With that said, Champ 3 is still in the top 5% of the player base.

She has appeared in many other content creators' videos, including Musty, John Sandman, Mertzy, and of course her boyfriend Rizzo. Occasionally, she is called to cast pro Rocket League matches, though this is not something that happens regularly.

We personally enjoy watching her videos, as most players would be unable to compete with extremely high-ranked content creators such as Musty, so there is an element of relatability and enjoyment in her content.


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