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Why Does My Call of Duty Game Keep Updating?

Although important for keeping the game running, it can be frustrating to have yet another update when you want to play. Here is why COD updates so often!
Why Does My Call of Duty Game Keep Updating?

In recent times, it seems Call of Duty update issues have plagued the Call of Duty franchise and its player base. 

Whether on a game console or PC, the Call of Duty update loop glitch is a nightmare, and of all the Call of Duty update issues it is arguably the worst.

Unlike insufficient storage space, server maintenance, or graphical glitches, the update loop makes it so that Call of Duty updates are unending, even if there isn't actually any huge updates to download.

This can make the Call of Duty game unplayable, as every time you try to load in, the game says it needs to update, no matter what. Many gamers may be fooled into thinking these game updates are legitimate new updates or DLC packs, but they are not.

Here are all the ways you can try and fix the Call of Duty updates loop so that you can get back to the warzone.

What To Do If You Have A Call of Duty Update Loop?

COD Warzone Gameplay

When players load up the Call of Duty game, they may be presented with a "Update Requires Restart" message, however upon restarting this game update does not go away. 

The first thing to do, of course, is restart your game and then console or Windows PC - it is possible it is a legitimate update, or a temporary glitch.

In rare cases, some players have reported that they have needed to delete the game completely and re-install, ensuring they have the latest version for their PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. 

Of course, this is not ideal, so here are some other fixes you can try before contacting Activision support or deleting the game from your hard drive space.

Fix The Issue In Settings

COD Update Requires Restart

If restarting your device doesn't work, the other way to fix the issue on console is to turn of the "keep checking for update" box in your settings.

This works because the Xbox and PlayStation consoles have a setting that forces them to constantly check for a new update for each game, and this can often be the cause of an update issue.

Unfortunately for PC players on any operating system, this is not the case, and so a different fix will be needed.

Install Any Extra Packs

COD Warzone New Gun

For this fix, you will need to make sure you have enough storage space, as these will bring some pretty meaty updates. To find out why this is, check out our article on why COD updates are so big.

To help players save on storage space, most Call of Duty games allows you to only download the multiplayer as the original installation package, with other elements included in optional packs.

Unfortunately, sometimes missing these packs leads to lost data and server issues. To rule this issue out, players should download any optional packs for Call of Duty. As long as your internet connection is strong, this shouldn't take too long -to fix connection issues, read our article on how to fix high ping in Call of Duty Warzone.

Luckily, COD campaigns are usually pretty good - check our article on the best COD campaign missions, so it's not like this extra download is useless.

Complete A Hard Reset On Console Or PC

PS5 Hard Reset

Unfortunately, this one will only work for those on Console, unless your computer can also hard reset. This is essentially turning everything off and on again, and often fixes most issues.

Make sure to keep your games and apps that are installed when you complete the reset, otherwise your console will delete everything!

And that's why Call of Duty is constantly updating, along with the issues it can bring and how to fix them! The most important thing is not to panic, and calmly search for solutions if there are any update issues.

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