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3 Best Free CS2 Crosshair Generators [All Tested]

Crashz’ crosshair map is the best free crosshair generator for CS2. However, there are two other valuable tools you can look to use.

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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3 Best Free CS2 Crosshair Generators [All Tested]

A good crosshair is essential to help you improve in CS2. Here are the top three crosshair generators you can utilize to make the perfect crosshair.

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Crashz’ Crosshair Generator v4 Workshop Map

Most intermediate to advanced CS2 players have heard of Crashz and his amazing community workshop maps. His most popular map is his crosshair generator map, a free-to-download workshop map that helps you customize your crosshair.

Once you load into the map, you will be greeted with an interactive menu with options to change your crosshair. You can adjust and customize the following crosshair options:

  • Length

  • Thickness

  • Gap

  • Outline

  • Dot

  • Style

  • Color

Crashz’ Crosshair Generator v4 Workshop Map 1

Additionally, you can set your crosshair to follow recoil, turn on dynamic gaps, change sniper crosshair thickness, and turn friendly fire warnings on or off.

You can also see an image of different CS2 competitive maps and switch through the gallery to see how your crosshair looks on all the maps and angles.

My favorite part about this crosshair generator map is a wall showcasing the crosshairs of the best CS2 players in the world. You can see the crosshairs of all five players from the top sixteen teams in the world. All you need to do to copy them is shoot at their crosshairs.

Crashz’ Crosshair Generator v4 Workshop Map 2

After messing around with different crosshairs, you can go to the Crosshair Manager section of the map, where you can share your crosshair code, show your crosshair commands, or restore your crosshair to the one you were using the first time you loaded into the map with.

The most significant part about this workshop map is it can immediately save and apply the new crosshair you’ve chosen; no extra steps are needed!

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Profilerr Crosshair Generator Website

The next crosshair generator can be found on a website, so you don’t have to launch CS2 to generate your new crosshair.

Once you open the Profilerr site, you are immediately greeted with some crosshairs of the top CS2 players, such as s1mple and ZywoO. Though you don’t necessarily have to copy the crosshairs of these players, you can use them as a reference and start customizing your new crosshair from there.

If you don’t want to base your crosshair off any professional players, you can also select from a handful of presets the website offers you.

The fantastic thing about this crosshair generator is that you have sliders to adjust the different settings. The sliders make it straightforward to adjust and play around with the crosshair settings, allowing you to see the different changes easily.

Profilerr Crosshair Generator Website 1

Another cool thing about the site that you cannot find on Crashz’ Crosshair Generator is you can set your custom crosshair color. You can select your crosshair color using their “Custom Color” feature, which allows you to search for any color using the RGB system.

Profilerr Crosshair Generator Website 2

Your current crosshair will be displayed in an image with backgrounds of Counter-Strike 2 maps. You can shuffle through the maps to see how your crosshair looks on each of them.

Additionally, you can check how your crosshair appears in different CS2 aspect ratios, including 16:9 and 4:3. I find that extremely helpful since you’re not customizing the crosshair in the game.

Once you’re done generating a crosshair, you can copy the crosshair commands into your CS2 console and apply the changes. This is an extra step you’ll have to take, which is a little annoying in my opinion.

Profilerr Crosshair Generator Website 3

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TotalCSGO Crosshair Generator Website

The third and final crosshair generator on the list is also on a website. If you’re looking for a crosshair generator to use in the game, there’s no better map than Crashz’ Crosshair Generator!

The TotalCSGO Crosshair Generator has similar features to the Profilerr Crosshair Generator, but there are some extra features I find very helpful.

At first glance, you won’t see any professional player crosshairs to base your new crosshairs on, but the website does provide some presets of commonly used crosshairs, which should be more than enough for a starting reference.

TotalCSGO Crosshair Generator Website 1

The TotalCSGO Crosshair Generator mainly focuses on the five different crosshair styles and provides different options for each. I really like this approach, as I think the crosshair style is the most important component to start designing a crosshair with.

After choosing a starting preset crosshair or crosshair style, you can edit the crosshair using slider options on the right-hand side of your screen, like Profilerr. Using sliders makes adjusting your crosshair settings a breeze and is much appreciated, something you can’t find in Crashz’ Crosshair Generator!

At the bottom of the options, you can set the crosshair dot, decide whether you’d like a T-shaped crosshair, determine “Use Weapon Values”, and toggle Target ID on or off.

Of course, you’ll be able to see how your crosshair looks on CS2 maps. The best part is that you can view the crosshair with all the best CS2 resolutions, including the 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, and 16:8 aspect ratios. This list of resolutions is way more complete than Profilerr’s Crosshair Generator!

TotalCSGO Crosshair Generator Website 2

Like the Profilerr Crosshair Generator, you can copy and put the list of crosshair commands into your developer console.

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