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Best Smokes on Overpass

Overpass is one of the popular maps that has not experienced a rework, so the community has dug into the best smokes on the map. Let's find out these smokes!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Best Smokes on Overpass

Overpass is one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s largest maps in the Competitive map pool. Since there are lots of paths and angles that you’ll need to go through, learning some handy smokes can really help you get to where you want to be safely. If that sounds about right, continue reading this article to learn some of the best smokes that can help you elevate your game on the map Overpass.

A Bomb Site Smokes

The A bomb site on Overpass can be quite a tricky site to hit as a Terrorist, as you will need to walk long distances to reach the site, while the CT Side has many ways to quickly rotate to the bomb site. Here are some smokes that can help your A executes become smoother!

A Dumpster Smoke from A Short

The Dumpster is one location in bombsite A where rotating Counter-Terrorists often peek from, so it is a great idea to have it completely smoked off.

First, look for the bench outside of the Toilet area on A Short. Once you have found the bench, stand on the bench seat, and line yourself up in the middle of the bench. The next step is to look up until you spot the blue toilet sign. 

Look for the picture of the person on the wheelchair, then aim your crosshair on the right side of the person’s head. Once the smoke has been lined up, simply throw the smoke normally.

The smoke will land perfectly on Dumpster, which will make entering the A-bomb site much easier as you will have one fewer angle to worry about.

A Bank Smoke from A Long

Aside from Dumpster, Bank is another common angle that Counter-Terrorists love to hold, as it provides them with good cover and a set of stairs to escape with. This makes Bank a location that must be smoked off in order for the Terrorists to have a clean A site execute. The lineup for this one may be tricky, so bear with us.

Look for the brown door on Long A that has the sign saying "MONTAG RUHETAG," then line yourself up roughly between the "A" and the "G" on the word "MONTAG." Then, turn around and look up. You should be able to see that a little pole is blocking the letter “A” in the word “BANK.” If the pole is not blocking the letter “A” properly, continue making slight movements in order to line yourself up correctly. 

Once you have successfully blocked the “A” with the pole, line your crosshair up with where the horizontal line in the letter “A” would be located. Then, simply throw your smoke.

Just like Dumpster, Bank is an incredibly strong position for the CT side to hold. So, if you and a friend are able to combine the two smokes featured above, Counter-Terrorists will have a hard time defending the bomb site.

A Toilets Smoke from T Spawn

Smoking off the Toilets area can be really good if you’re looking to rush out with a fast tempo. This toilet smoke will block off a common angle that CTs tend to use when they are AWPing.

First, line yourself up to the fence by the staircase outside of T Spawn, as shown in the video. Next, the first part of the lineup will be the top right corner of the wall that is directly to your left. The second position to look for is the tip of the leaves that are on the far right. 

You will be aiming to the point that connects both the corner and the leaves. A grenade crosshair bind can be very useful to help you aim correctly. Once everything is ready, run and throw your smoke.

The smoke will land on Toilets and allow you and your team to run out quickly and gather control over the Toilet and Party area.

B Bomb Site Smokes

The B bomb site in Overpass involves more short-ranged gun fights through B Short and Monster, as opposed to the A bomb site. However, you may need to worry about some long-ranged duels against Counter-Terrorists who have just rotated into the site.

B Heaven Smoke from Water

The Heaven position in the B site is a good angle that CTs abuse, especially with the AWP. It is a really good idea to have Heaven smoked off so you won’t get picked off by a sniper unnecessarily.

To get the B Heaven smoke lineup done, you will first need control over Water, which is usually not that difficult to obtain. Once you’re there, bump yourself onto the wooden plank with “B” sprayed on it. 

Then, look for the horizontal pole directly above your position. Aim for the first quarter of the pole, starting from the left side. Then, simply throw the smoke normally.

The smoke will land perfectly on B Heaven and will help the Terrorist side advance into the bomb site without worrying about Heaven.

B Bridge Smoke from Water

Smoking off Bridge on the B site can be a good idea as you can wall off a common point of contact. Counter-Terrorists usually arrive on the Bridge area once they have rotated, so you can almost never go wrong with smoking the angle off.

Once again, for this smoke, you’ll need to safely make it to the Water area. Look for the two sewer tubes. One tube should be bigger than the other. Once you have located them, slide yourself in between both tubes. You should fit almost perfectly in the middle of the two. 

Then, look up and find the tallest pole, which is located in the middle of the other poles. Simply line your crosshair up with the top of the pole, and throw your smoke normally. Simple, right?

This smoke can be incredibly helpful if you push through B Short, as it will result in Terrorist players having one less area to worry about.

B Site Plant Smoke from Water

A smoke can be placed on the B site to cover the gap between the wooden boxes and the sandbags that can be found on the site. This will block off the CT’s vision from Heaven and allow Terrorists go get more room in the bomb site.

First, you will need to take control over the Water area. Then, look for the corner that is next to the sewer tube. Simply bump yourself all the way onto the corner. Next, look for the pipe that is sticking out of the yellow building, then use it as a reference to go upwards to find the extension details on the bridge, as shown in the video.

Aim for the top left corner of the detail and go a little bit outwards of the corner. Once you have lined it up properly, simply throw the smoke normally. 

And that will conclude it for some of the best smokes on the map Overpass! If you found these Overpass smokes helpful, consider checking out our other articles that will teach you more smokes on the different Active Duty Competitive maps:

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Hopefully, you’ll be able to memorize these lineups quickly so that you’ll have an advantage over your enemies!

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