CSGO Best Molotovs Cache

Cache is an incredibly fun CSGO competitive map, but learning some cool molotovs can make the map even more fun! Check out the best molotovs on Cache.
CSGO Best Molotovs Cache

Though Cache has been rotated out of the Competitive map pool, the map is still a popular choice for players to play in. If you’re looking to add Cache into your pool of maps, then quickly learning some useful molotovs on both the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist side can be an amazing choice. Here are some of the best molotovs that you can use on the map Cache!

Terrorist Side Molotovs

Though Cache is one of the more T-sided maps compared to other maps, knowing a handful of molotovs can greatly help your performance on the Terrorist side. Check out some of the best T side molotovs on this map!

A Site Cache Molotovs

Check out some effective molotovs to clear out common angles that CTs love to play on the A site!

NBK Molotov

The NBK position refers to the area between Squeaky and Quad. It is quite difficult to clear this angle when you’re entering the site, as it will leave you open to lots of angles.

To throw this molotov, you’ll need to hug the right side wall on A Main, until you’ve found the bench. Next, look for the middle line that separates the four circles.

Once you’ve done so, move your crosshair upwards until you’ve reached the tip of the tree that can be seen in the background. When everything is ready, run and throw your molotov.

Quad Molotov

Quad is arguably the most common position that CTs hide in when holding A Site.

Once again, hug the right side wall on A Main, but this time, stop at the white locker and stand in front of the middle of it. When you face forward, you’ll notice a silver star located on the green wall. Using the line connected to the star, move your crosshair upwards until you’ve once again reached the tip of the tree behind it. The last step is to run and throw your molotov.

Mid Cache Molotovs

Gaining control over Middle can benefit the Terrorist side, as it will give them more options when hitting either bomb sites. Check out some useful Mid molotovs on the T side!

White Box Molotov

Lots of CT players love playing on the White Box in Middle, especially when they’re using the AWP.

For this molotov, locate the lone barrel that can be seen outside of A Main. You will line yourself up with the middle of the barrel for this lineup. Next, face forward towards the boost spot. There, you’ll notice a line between the arrow and the brown lines.

Line your crosshair up with this specific line, then jump throw your smoke. To do a proper jump throw, the jump throw bind is highly recommended for a 100% success rate.

Under Boost Molotov

Some CTs prefer playing under the boost spot as this position often goes unchecked.

First, use the same barrel that was used for the previous lineup. But this time, you’ll need to bump yourself into the front corner of the barrel. When you face towards the boost spot, you’ll notice two brown lines. Look at the one on the right, and use the left end of the line.

You’ll notice a bump under the tip of the boost. That’s where you will be placing your crosshair at. When everything is set up correctly, throw your molotov normally.

B Site Cache Molotovs

B can be an easy site to hit if you have some molotov lineups. Check them out!

Headshot Angle Molotov

The Headshot angle is a favorable position that Counter-Terrorists love playing in. It is recommended to throw a molotov directly on that position!

First, make your way into Sunroom and break the third glass from the left with your weapon. Next, climb up to the top of the large box that is located by the left-side wall and STAY CROUCHED!

Aim your crosshair slightly to the left of the third vertical line from the left, and move your crosshair towards the horizontal line as shown in the video. The last step is to stay crouched and throw your smoke normally.

Back Site Molotov

Pairing up the previous molotov with this Back Site molotov will essentially help you almost clear out the entire bomb site area.

Again, you’ll need to be located in Sunroom to throw this molotov. On the left side wall next to the front entrance, you’ll notice two sets of dots on top of each other. Line yourself up with these dots, then look upwards.

On top, you’ll see a dominos-shaped square, with circles poking out of it. Aim for the lowest circle on the left, then throw your molotov normally. Since the molotov’s projectile will be slowed down from breaking the glass, you need to make sure that the glass has not been broken yet.

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

Cache is considered to be a rather T-sided map, so slowing down pushes with molotovs on the CT side can make up for the slight unfairness that the map offers. Here are some must-know molotovs for the CT side on Cache!

A Site Cache Molotovs

We have some useful molotovs that can slow down bomb plants and pushes, check them out!

Default Plant Molotov

This molotov can be thrown from Truck to cancel out any bomb plants on the Default plant position.

On Truck, line yourself up on the left side of the front window of the truck. Next, look for the bottom part of the crane, and also look for the roof of the building that is slightly poking out on your screen.

Now, roughly move your crosshair to the middle of these two points. Once everything is set up correctly, throw your molotov normally. This molotov forces out any planting Terrorist to wait the duration out and delay the plant.

Highway Molotov

Since Mid is an important part of Cache, Terrorists can hit the A bomb site through Highway. Here is a handy molotov to help you with that.

This molotov will be thrown from Quad. Bump yourself into this corner which is next to the green tube, then look towards the direction of Highway. Next to the line in the middle of this box, you’ll notice a little square on the left hand side.

Aim your crosshair on the top-right corner of this small square, then throw your molotov normally.

Mid Cache Molotovs

Most of the time, Terrorists will try to contest the Middle area as soon as the round starts, so throwing a molotov to buy yourselves time on the CT Side can be a great idea.

Boost Molotov

This molotov will land on the Boost spot, which is a common angle that Terrorists love playing in early into the round.

In the Z Connector right outside CT Spawn, look for this line on the right-side of the wall, then line yourself up with it. Next, face forward and aim for the top right corner of the rectangular box directly in front of you.

To throw the molotov, you will need to run, then jump throw. This is a relatively difficult molotov to throw, so make sure you practice it a few times before hopping into a match!

B Site Cache Molotovs

Finally, here are some CT side molotovs that will help you on the B Site.

Default Plant Molotov

Here is a molotov that you can throw from Heaven to cancel out any plants on the Default position.

At Heaven, stand on top of these boxes and look for this stain on the right side of the platform. When you look forward, you’ll notice two rectangles on the left side wall of the exit. Aim your crosshair in the middle of the upper rectangle.

Once you’ve done it correctly, move your crosshair to the left, until you’re roughly in the middle of the entrance. When everything is set up, throw your molotov normally.

B Main Molotov

Since we’ve discussed earlier that the Headshot angle at B is a common place for CTs to play in, here is a nice molotov for B Main from Headshot!

Lean yourself to the back wall, and line yourself up in front of the line on the right side of the barrels. Then, aim your crosshair on the corner of the entrance of B Main.

When you’re lined up correctly, the final step is to slightly run, then throw your molotov. This molly will slow down pushes from B Main and give you breathing room on the site.

There you have it folks! Those are some must-know molotovs that can help you improve your gameplay on the map Cache. While you're at it, check out our article on the best smokes on Cache to master the map further. But if you’re looking to learn more about molotovs on other maps, then check out our articles on the best molotovs on Mirage and Inferno!

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