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CSGO Best Molotovs on Nuke

Nuke isn't the most beginner-friendly map, so having some useful molotovs up your sleeve will definitely help you out!
CSGO Best Molotovs on Nuke

Nuke is one of Counter Strike's classic maps that received a fresh rework. It'd be a sin for any CSGO player to have never played Nuke before. The map is known to be heavily CT sided, but knowing a few handy molotovs on the Terrorist side will greatly increase your chances of success on the offensive half. Here are some of the best molotovs on Nuke, for both the CT and T side!

Terrorist Side Molotovs

The Terrorist side on Nuke is super tough, as CTs can play on lots of tough angles to clear out. So, it is important to abuse molotovs to clear out these common angles and get some easy kills. 

A Site Molotovs

Here are two molotovs that will help you clear two common angles that Counter-Terrorists love abusing on Nuke.

Top Hut Molotov

Lots of CTs like hiding on the top of Hut as it's a tough angle to clear out.

For this molotov, climb up to the roof of the building in front of T Spawn, then jump on to the position shown on the video. Next, face forward toward the Outside area, where you'll notice this breakable glass on the roof. You'll have to break the glass first by shooting it.

Next, aim for the top right corner, then prepare to run and throw your molotov. Run about halfway, then throw your molotov. This lineup will require some practice before taking it into a real game. 

Vent Molotov

Another common angle to play in the A Site is behind the vent.

For this molotov, you will have to be in Squeaky, where you'll have to open the door to throw this molotov. Hug the right-side wall of the Squeaky area, next to the red sign on the wall.

Then, aim your crosshair at the general top right corner of the Hut. Once you've gotten the right crosshair placement, prepare to run and throw your molotov. This lineup is quite simple and doesn't require you to be extremely precise.

Outside Area Molotovs

The Outside area on Nuke is super important, as the Outside area covers a massive percentage of the map. Here are some molotovs that can help you contest Outside control early into the round.

Red Box Molotov

This molotov will help you clear out the Red Box area which makes fighting for Outside control much easier.

On the outside area, line yourself up in front of the gap between these two fences shown in the video. Then, turn around and face toward the Outside area.

You'll notice a tall light pole directly in front of you. Aim your crosshair along the pole, and in between the two electrical wires on top. The last step is to throw your molotov normally. 

B Site Molotovs

Hitting the B site becomes twice as easy when you have molotov lineups to clear out angles and protect your bomb planter. Check these two molotovs out.

Dark Molotov

Dark can be a tricky angle to clear especially when you're doing a B split execute.

If you're the player coming in from Ramp, then this is a good molotov for you. On the Ramp, hug the left side wall and push yourself until this red sign and fire hydrant is visible on the middle of your screen.

Next, aim your crosshair on the top right corner of the fire extinguisher picture on the sign. Finally, all you need to do is throw your molotov normally. There isn't an exact spot that you can stand in front of for this lineup, so be sure to practice this molotov a few times.

Doors For Plant Molotov

CTs tend to camp the Doors area when Terrorists break in, and a common play is to open the door and kill the bomb planter once the sound cue hits. Protect your bomb planter with this molotov. 

Once you have entered the B site from Ramp, break the left window pane and stand in the general area across the fire extinguisher we used for the previous lineup. 

Next, aim your crosshair close to the right-side wall, and don't aim too high. Once you think you've got it, run and throw your molotov. This molotov will burn the other side of the door so CTs can't deny the plant through that angle.

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

By default, the CT side on Nuke is undoubtedly easier compared to the Terrorist side. However, learning some molotovs can make your defense even easier. Check out some CT side molotovs you can apply to your matchmaking games. 

A Site Molotovs

A can be a heavily contested bomb site when it comes to Nuke. Here are two molotovs that can help you slow down pushes and plants.

Hut Fast Molotov

Terrorists often do fast A executes through Hut and Squeaky. Here's a molotov to prevent any Hut pushes.

You can throw this molotov as soon as you climb up the ladders to Heaven. Once you've climbed up, look for this corner right under Heaven. You will be running and throwing this molotov, so make sure to aim for the lower side of the corner.

When your crosshair is lined up correctly, the last step is to run and throw your molotov. The molotov will bounce off of the wall and land right in front of the Hut's exit.

Default Plant Molotov

Here's a useful molotov that can help you deny the Default bomb plant on A site.

Once again, we will be standing in Heaven for this molotov lineup. The first step is to look for the corner with the fire hydrant next to it. You will be bumping yourself into this particular corner shown in the video.

Next, look for this square on the right hand side of the wall. We will be using the top of the box to line our crosshair horizontally. Then, move your crosshair to the part where the gray wall meets the yellow part of the wall. Then, throw your molotov normally.

Outside Area Molotovs

Silo Molotov

Silo is arguably one of the most common positions that you can find a T side AWPer on. So, throwing a molotov early into the round can help you contest Outside safer.

This molotov will be thrown from the Outside area, where you will need to stand on next to the corner of the big building, right in front of the A bomb site sign as shown in the video.

Next, aim your crosshair slightly above the top of Mini, and move your crosshair slightly away from the wall on the right side. Finally, the last step is to throw your molotov normally. 

B Ramp Molotovs

Since molotovs on the B site don't require any difficult or precise lineups, we'll be featuring a molotov for the B ramp instead of the site.

Control Room Molotov

When it comes to a fast B execute, you'll find Terrorists rushing from Control Room to B Ramp. Here's a molotov that will slow those kinds of pushes down.

You can throw this molotov super early into the round, as this lineup will be thrown from the CT Spawn entrance to B Ramp. On the corner of the other side of the wall, aim your crosshair on the top part of the orange wall in between two white billboards.

Once your crosshair is aimed at the correct position, prepare to run and throw your molotov. The molotov will bounce off of the corner and land right on the pathway towards B Ramp, slowing down any possible pushes.

That concludes it for the best molotov lineups on Nuke! If you're looking to further learn more about this map, then check out our article on the best smokes on Nuke. However, if you're looking for other awesome molotovs on other CSGO competitive maps, check out our articles on the best molotovs on Cache, Vertigo, and Ancient!

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