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Best Smokes on Dust II

Dust II is the most iconic map in all of CS:GO, and the map has been out for many years. Learn smoke lineups in this article so you don’t look out of place!
Best Smokes on Dust II

This guide will aim to teach you some of the most impactful smoke spots that you can use in the Counter Strike Competitive map Dust 2. The map has received a re-work, so smoke lineups from the old version won’t work anymore. Continue reading to find some of the most useful, updated smoke spots that you can take advantage of in Dust 2!

A Long Smoke Spots

A Long is an incredibly vital part of Dust 2, as it consumes a massive area of the entire map. This makes players want to smoke Long Doors and other positions in A Long to take map control, and having proper lineups for smoke spots can give you the best odds of doing so.

A Long Corner Smoke Spots from T Spawn

The first lineup to be covered will be the Dust 2 A Long Corner smoke spots, which will land on the left corner of A Long. This is a useful smoke spot that can allow Terrorists to safely run out of A Long Doors and fight for control of A Long.  

The first step to the lineup is to line up your character at the end of the second large staircase. Next, look right, then up, until you see a dark brown patch on the wall. 

You will need to aim your crosshair on the bottom left part of the lowest area of the patch. Once you have successfully done so, jump, then throw your smoke grenade, and it will land right in the corner. 

You will not need to do a running jump throw for this lineup, which makes it easier.

Having a jump throw bind for the A Long Corner smoke can be incredibly useful to land the smoke grenade ten out of ten times. Learn how to set up the jump throw bind by reading our article.

CT Spawn Smoke Spots from A Long

If you have successfully gained control of the A Long area, you will have time to line up this CT smoke spot, which will land on CT Spawn. 

This particular smoke spot will help your teammates cross to the bomb site safely.

The smoke lineup for this one is quite simple. First, line yourself up in the middle line that separates the square details with X’s inside them. Then, turn right and look up. You will be greeted with a small, vertical rectangle. 

The next step is to crouch, then line up your crosshair on the top right corner of the rectangle. Once that has been lined up, stand up, and simply throw the smoke grenade.

The smoke covers CT Spawn and will not allow enemies to pick you off on the cross with AWPs. 

This can be an alternative to the double-cross smoke, as you will only need one smoke to block off CT Spawn.

A Short Smoke Spots

A Short is another way that Terrorists can go to the A site from. However, unlike A Long, A Short is quite small and compact. Here is a smoke that can help you cross A Short safely and get to the bomb site with minimal casualties.

A Short Cross Smoke

A common angle that Counter-Terrorists love playing is A Ramp. Ramp is a strong position that allows CTs to often hold incoming Terrorists from A Short with an AWP. 

This is enough reason for Terrorists to try to smoke off the entrance and avoid getting picked off unnecessarily.

This smoke in particular is quite simple, as you won’t need the lineup to be pixel perfect. First, push yourself to the corner of the box on A Short. Then, look for the elevated wall on the left side just after the stairs.

Once you have identified the correct wall, aim around the top right corner of the wall, and slightly go inwards towards the center of the wall. When that’s all lined up, simply throw the smoke.

The smoke will cover off parts of the entrance, which will make it harder for Counter-Terrorists to get free kills upon the entry of Terrorists.

Mid Smoke Spots

The Middle area of any map is important, and is no different with Dust II, as it allows Terrorists to have a path to both the A and B site. Players can make use of smokes in order to get to positions safely. Here are two useful smokes for the middle area!

XBox Smoke Spots from T Spawn

Terrorists use XBox smoke to walk up Catwalk without being sniped by Counter-Terrorists on CT Spawn. 

It is one of the best smokes that can be used in Dust II, so learning the XBox smoke lineup can be extremely crucial.

The first step is to push yourself all the way to the corner of T Spawn. First, similar to the CT Spawn lineup, you will need to crouch to set up the line ups for this XBOX smoke lineup. 

Next, you will need to line up your crosshair vertically with the line that separates the dark and light parts of the wall. Finally, you will horizontally line up your crosshair with the top of the rectangular detail above the building. 

Once you've lined them up, stand up and jump throw the smoke grenade, which will land directly on top of the X Box. This will block off the vision from CTs who are looking through Mid Doors.

The grenade crosshair bind can be put to use to accurately line up this smoke. If you’re interested in learning how you can set it up, check out our article on bind commands.

CT Spawn Smoke Spots from X Box

Instead of rushing B through tunnels, Terrorists can hit the B site through mid. However, they will be exposed to CT Spawn. This smoke line up will help you execute Mid to B strategies with ease!

The lineup is quite simple. Push yourself to the corner of XBox, then look left, then up. Look for the wall that appears to be the brightest of them all. 

There are three visible dots on that wall. Aim for the middle one, then simply throw your smoke grenade. It's probably the easiest lineup in this guide, but it's extremely effective!

This smoke will help Terrorists run through Mid Doors without worrying about players who are rotating from the A site through CT Spawn.

B Site Smoke Spots

Every Counter Strike: Global Offensive fan knows about the "Rush B No Stop" strat that is always expected to work out. There are some smoke spots that can make this process much safer, so it could be a good idea to check them out. Check out these useful smokes for the B site.

B Entrance Smoke Spots from Upper Tunnels

Smoking the front of the entrance to the B site can be a good idea, as it can limit the vision of Counter-Terrorists that are waiting in the B site and B Window. 

This smoke grenade can help you enter the bomb site in a safer manner and can force Counter-Terrorists to reposition themselves.

The first step is to line yourself up with the center of the pillar. Don’t worry, as you won’t need pixel perfect lineups for this one. Then, face towards the direction of B Tunnels. 

There are many dark patches on the wall, but try to look for the one that appears to be in the middle both vertically and horizontally. If you have successfully found the right patch, then simply throw the smoke.

One cool thing about this smoke is that it allows you to jump on top of the box and catch your enemies that are in the open by surprise. This is one of the smoke positions that can be a substitute to the B Site Platform Smoke.

B Double Doors Smoke Spots from Tunnels

The last smoke lineup to be covered in this article is the B Double Doors smoke, which can help you improve your B executes. 

The smoke is intended to land in the middle of B Doors, which is a common angle that Counter-Terrorists like to hold. This will force them to push through the smoke or waste time repositioning themselves to other angles such as B Window.

To properly throw the smoke grenade for the Doors smoke, the first step is to line yourself up with the lock that can be seen on the box. Next, look up and find the area that connects the pillar to the wall.

Now, you will line your crosshair up in the middle of the area between the connector and the bottom part of the dark patch. 

If you have successfully found the line up, the last step is to jump throw the smoke.

This smoke will cover B Doors, which is one of the two annoying angles that CTs like to hold. Once you have blocked B Site Doors, you can shift your focus towards B Window.

There you have it, folks! These are some smokes that any aspiring player should know. The smokes featured on this list can be crucial in your matchmaking games, and can be considered a requirement if you’re looking to reach The Global Elite. If you’re looking to learn smokes on other maps such as Mirage, then we have the perfect article for you!

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